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Nailaholics, Hey Sugar!, and Ooh La Lash finally at Unimart in Greenhills Shopping Center

Great news for those who reside within the Greenhills area! NailaholicsHey Sugar!, and Ooh La Lash is finally open at the Mezzanine level in the newly relocated Unimart Greenhills.

This means…

  • You can treat yourself to a pampering session after scouring for good finds amidst tiangges (shopping bazaar).
  • On a trip to the grocery, you can conveniently do wife duties while still finding time to maintain your beauty.
  • The next time your boyfriend/ husband go to Greenhills for gadgets, you can ask them to drop you in one of the salons or lounges. It saves gas and saves time.
  • Most importantly, if you will be undergoing a pampering or beautification session, you entrust your precious body parts to the experts.


Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa

Nailaholics is the Philippines’ no. 1 go-to nail and pampering destination with over 70 branches nationwide.  I personally have been frequenting it for my nail service needs since I was in college.

Nailaholics Nail and Spa

Going there is like having gone through the door of Narnia. The other side is a quick getaway from city life due to the air and bright feel of it.


Nailaholics Nail and Spa

Photos of island life also add to the tropical getaway feel. They have comfortable two-seater sofas perfect for having a service done with a significant other or a best friend.


Nailaholics Nail Spa and Salon
Photo credit to Via of https://encyclopevia.com/.

Aside from the relaxing ambiance, service is quite faster compared to the nail salons I’ve tried. Two nail technicians attend to customers when manicure and pedicure are both availed. Their nail service also includes a free massage after they carefully and skillfully care for your nails.

If that didn’t convince you yet to visit Nailaholics for your regular nail care, you will be delighted to hear this. I mentioned in my previous post that when you avail one of Nailaholics’ packages, you’ll have an opportunity to have a 5D 4N trip to London.

To book your appointments today, contact 0956-846-2352.

One Response to “Nailaholics, Hey Sugar!, and Ooh La Lash finally at Unimart in Greenhills Shopping Center”

  1. I’ve tried Nailaholics and yeah, they are superb with their services. But to be honest, I found their services more expensive than other counterparts. I like their color and I like the ambiance. Having said that, I am just DIYing my nails lately because I don’t have much time for leisure. Baby is so fussy because of growing teeth.


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