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Nailaholics, Hey Sugar!, and Ooh La Lash finally at Unimart in Greenhills Shopping Center

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon

There are different methods of removing body hair which range from plucking to the costly laser hair removal.

Except for my underarms and eyebrows, I undergo either sugaring and/or waxing for the rest of my body parts. This is because having an expert that does hair removal ensures that my skin remains flawlessly smooth.

Based also on my previous experience, shaving is indeed effortlessly quick and easy. However, it just offers short term results since the roots remain intact. The problem arises in doing it often because it causes dry “chicken skin.” Chicken skin is the numerous tiny red bumps on the skin.

Plucking, on the other hand, is not only painful. But it also causes minor abrasions. Meanwhile, depilatory creams i.e. Veet, work by dissolving hair with chemicals. The toxins present in it come with side effects which can include irritation, discomfort, or allergic reactions. Thus, it is best to avoid utilizing such method as well as beauty products that have chemicals in it.


On Sugaring and Waxing…

I’m sure you have heard some people describing their waxing experience as an extremely painful process. But with Hey Sugar! waxing salon, you will not scream in agony. This is because they only use 100% naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax.

Hey Sugar!
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As the chemical free sugar wax wraps thoroughly around the hair and allows for a cleaner pull, pain is greatly reduced. Side effects usually associated with such procedure is minimized as well due to the absence of artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and other chemicals which may harm the body.

Hey Sugar! offers two sugaring methods:

  1. ColdA cool sugar paste is applied against the direction of the hair growth and pulled off with it. This slowly exfoliates hair from its roots.
  2. HotLukewarm sugar is applied to hair with wooden sticks. Cloth strips are then rubbed onto the area and pulled off quickly. Indeed, it is similar to waxing. The key difference is that sugar is utilized instead of beeswax or paraffin. So there is no risk of getting burnt and scarring. Plus, its initial application is more comfortable.

Regardless of which method you choose, so long as you have it done regularly, the treatment becomes bearable if not pleasant. Both method also guarantees that you will be free from unwanted hair even if it’s located down under.

Each treatment also ends with an application of VCO (virgin coconut oil) on the waxed area.



Hey Sugar! also offers threading which is ideal for facial hairs. So instead of having the eyebrows waxed or be plucked with tweezers, you can opt for this.

Hey Sugar!
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Those who have a low pain threshold may find this eye watering for the first time. What the specialist does to remove hair is to roll twisted cotton thread over the hair while you pull your skin based on her instruction. Such technique can precisely shape the brow and also rips every single hair.

I personally have this done on my eyebrows and upper lip because even the tiniest hair can be removed. I love how it gives amazing results.


With Hey Sugar’s recent opening at Unimart, drop by there to expect a clean and beautifully decorated wax haven.
Hey Sugar

You’ll also be assured of amazing results using all-organic hair-removal methods by specialists.

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has 25 locations nationwide. Follow them on facebook.com/HeySugarWaxingPh, twitter.com/HeySugarPhils, and instagram.com/HeySugarPhils.

For bookings, contact: 0936-642-0530.

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  1. I’ve tried Nailaholics and yeah, they are superb with their services. But to be honest, I found their services more expensive than other counterparts. I like their color and I like the ambiance. Having said that, I am just DIYing my nails lately because I don’t have much time for leisure. Baby is so fussy because of growing teeth.


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