Open Kitchen Food Park

What you can buy at Open Kitchen Food Park with a P1000 budget?

There is another new food park in town! What allegedly makes it distinct from others is that each of their thirty-five purveyors has an open kitchen. This enables customers to see how their order is prepared. At the same time, it whets the appetite of customers waiting for their order or of Open Kitchen food park goers.

With a PHP 1, 000 (or USD 20) budget given to us for two people,  we ordered food that was appealing to us.


PHP 150 (or USD 3) | Bonito from MOMO DUMPLING BAR


Six (6) pieces of Japanese gyoza are shaped into Korean rounded mandu dumplings. Japanese mayonnaise and a brown sauce that is sweet and tangy is drizzled all over it. And then it is generously topped with bonito flakes which are what it is named after.

The fusion between a Takoyaki topping and dumpling is surprisingly a great combination. We have just found a new comfort food to add to our list.


Momo Dumpling Bar
Momo Dumpling Bar

A brother and sister who are both foodies put this up. Freshly made dumplings are served in innovative ways that are at par if not better than the traditional ones.



Momo Dumpling Bar Menu

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PHP 380 (or USD 7.52) | Beef from THE MEAT PUB

Momo Dumpling Bar

The Meat Pub’s concept is that they let their customers grill their own beef. So what they provide are the meat and the Shichirin, a small charcoal grill.

Beef cooked over charcoal certainly has a distinct smoke flavor. Thus, I can understand that this tends to be costlier than the one cooked in gas grills.


The Meat Pub dipping sauce

Both Lloyd and I can agree though that this is more of a novelty. There is nothing spectacular with the special sauce glazed over the raw meat. Moreso with the three complimentary condiments that we chose with the order: sweet, garlic paste, and spicy. So it’s just good to try for one time. Well, an exception for it is when you’re badly craving for grilled meat, of course.


The Meat Pub Menu
The Meat Pub Menu


PHP 220 (or USD 4.35) | Butter Chicken from SENYOR ROTI 

Butter Chicken of Senyor RotiFor this dish alone, we would gladly brave the Cubao traffic to eat it. Their freshly made naan bread is chewy, tender, and is really perfect with the butter chicken.

Meanwhile, the butter chicken itself is not the normal one you will find at an Indian Restaurant. Their version is geared more on the Filipino taste buds which can easily explain why we found its heat more tolerable. We also heard from the owner that their version is based on Malaysian spices.

We love its slightly sweet taste, creamy texture, and balanced spiciness of the curry. It is absolutely delicious that Lloyd licked the plate clean and didn’t leave anything behind for me.


Senyor Roti
Senyor Roti

Senyor Roti is located on the upper level of the Open Kitchen food park. It will be hard to miss their cheerful yet warm stall decked in color yellow and brown.


Senyor Roti Menu
Senyor Roti

Senyor Roti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

PHP 100 (or USD 2) for large Slush Mix and PHP 120 (or USD 2.37) for large Milo Milk Tea from THE JUICE JOINT

The Juice Joint

Choose the slush mix for something refreshing and can help cleanse your palate. Its base is lemonade in different varieties: original lemonade, cucumber lemonade, blue lemonade, and pink lemonade.

On the other hand, the milo milk tea is great for chocolate lovers. Those who really have to stick with their budget can treat it both as a thirst quencher and a dessert.


PHP 25 (or USD 0.5) per piece from K-POPS


Okay, so if you order all four of these, you’ll exceed the thousand peso budget. What we tried from left to right were the following:

  • EOMUK – It is a rolled fish cake.
  • KIMBAP – It is a seaweed rice roll filled with assorted ingredients.
  • ODENG – A skewered fish cake that is commonly submerged in a warm, flavorful broth.
  • GIMMARI –  It is a seaweed roll filled with Korean glass noodles.

We aren’t sure if they can serve it either steamed or fried. What we were sure of is that, when we ordered and it was served to us, everything is fried. If they are keen on serving it as fried, Lloyd and I think it’s better if the dip is a savory ketchup-based sauce.

TOTAL: PHP 995 (or USD 19.74)

That is not such a bad price to spend for a visit in a food park. Don’t you think so?

Anyway, what we liked about Open Kitchen Food Park is that they have a lot of parking spaces. So, yes, we can conveniently return for Senyor Roti, Momo’s Dumpling Bar, and The Juice Joint which are our top three picks.

If you’re looking for other food parks in Quezon City, you may also check our highly recommended The Food Hive.


Open Kitchen Food Park

Open Kitchen Food Park

34-36 P. Tuazon Blvd., Brgy. Kaunlaran,Quezon City, Philippines.
Operating Hours: Mon. to Thurs. 4 PM to 12 MN and Fri. to Sun. 4 PM to 1 AM

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