Crispy Hong Kong Chicken

Make Celebrations More Festive with Oriental Palace’s New Dishes

Chinese restaurants are the reasonable choice for large celebrations whether one is a Chinese, Filipino, or both (like Me-An). They usually have round tables that have a lazy Susan, more commonly known as a rotating table placed on top of a table. So, aside from large servings being offered, families or large groups can share food with ease not to mention such kinds of table help create an atmosphere of conviviality and enjoyment.

Oriental Palace Seafood Restaurant

With the abundance of Chinese restaurants though, one may wonder which among it is great for any kind of celebration. We are thankful to God that we got an invitation for a post-Chinese New Year feast. Thus, we got to discover Oriental Palace Seafood Restaurant & Banquet Hall which we can share with you guys.

Oriental Palace traces its roots to Wah Yuen (or Chinese Garden), a small noodle and dimsum shop established by Mr. Henry Chua from Hong Kong. With its location just across the iconic Love Bus Escolta station, his establishment became frequented by office workers. This led him to continue his passion for good food and excellent cooking so families in Manila can enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine. It eventually became a family affair with Mr. Henry Chua involved in sourcing the freshest ingredients especially the seafood and his son, Mr. Chris Chua, continuing his legacy much to the satisfaction of loyal patrons and new customers.


New Collaboration with a Master Chef

If you already know about Oriental Palace, you’ll be interested to know that they collaborated with Master Chef Chiu-Fai Tsoi from Beijing, China.

Master Chef Chiu Fai Tsoi

He is known to be a popular chef for VIPs including Jackie Chan whom he served for three (3) months. His stints in the food industry include five-star hotels and three-Michelin-star restaurant, The Langham Xintiandi – Shanghai. Finally, he already has a series of five published cookbooks which are also written in English.

With over thirty years of Chinese cooking experience, he crafted new dishes for Oriental Palace’s guests to enjoy a sumptuous feast.


Oriental Palace’s New Dishes

  • Fresh Prawn Salad in Golden Cup (金杯蝦沙侓)

We admit we have a strong preference for a a warm prawn salad. Despite this not being it, we love the combined taste of the mixed fresh and tender prawn chunks, fruit cocktail, and savory mayonnaise. Eating it with the crisp wonton cup gives a lovely crunch that is certainly appetizing.


  • Baked Scallop with Cheese (芝士焗帶子)

The rich tasting cheese complements well with the above than average sized scallop. This thereby makes it a pleasure to eat. In fact, Me-An like how this was prepared (orange roe sack was removed) and baked that she finished two pieces of it. You should definitely order this!


  • Tai Chi Seafood Bisque (太極海皇羹)
Tai Chi Seafood Bisque

It’s honestly my first time trying this soup. From its name, its appearance and taste is inspired by Tai Chi’s symbol, Yin and Yang. We can’t determine what seafood ingredients were pureed to make this bisque. However, what we do know is that it is rich and thick with the taste of squash and spinach balancing each other out.


  • Hong Kong Choy Sum with Creamy Squash Puree (濃湯瑤柱時蓅)
Hong Kong Choy Sum with Creamy Squash Puree

This is another first for us. Who could imagine choy sum not only fares well with garlic or oyster sauce but also with a squash purée?


  • Crispy Hong Kong Chicken (脆皮炸子雞)
Crispy Hong Kong Chicken

If you’ll ask us which among the dishes captivated us the most, we’ll pick this in a heart beat. The chicken, for one, is imported from Hong Kong to provide authenticity on the dish. It is succulent from the meat to its crisp skin. We could eat it even without the sauce. It’s that tasty!


  • Beef Short Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce (黑椒牛肋骨)
Beef Short Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce

Although this one is not a seafood dish, Oriental Palace via Master Chef Tsoi Chiu Fai stays true to providing flavorful dishes. The fork tender beef is smothered with the strong black pepper sauce. It’s made more special with the subtle sweet and earthy taste coming from the enoki mushrooms.


  • Steamed Garoupa in Unicorn Style (麒麟東星斑)
Steamed Garoupa in Unicorn Style

More than the presentation, this dish is a delight to seafood lovers. I like how they used only a lightly flavored sauce so I can still appreciate the freshness of the tender grouper. Chewing the shiitake mushrooms with it adds substance and the needed flavor.


  • Special Hong Kong Sausage Rice in Pot (港式腊味煲仔飯)

This was hyped to us as it’s their speciality. It’s mixed rice with cuts of duck liver sausage, duck leg, chorizo sausage, and pork belly. Its taste, to be honest, is too intense for us and we find the duck leg too salty. Perhaps those who are genuinely into Hong Kong cuisine will appreciate this better than us. So, yes, it’s still worth giving a try.


  • Typhoon Shelter Crab (避風塘大蟹)
Typhoon Shelter Crab

We love how plump their crabs are to the point that we weren’t able to resist eating it with our hands. Truly, there is joy in nibbling its coating together with the outstanding crab meat. Me-An went in for the claws since those have the most meat for her.


  • Steamed Salted Egg Custard Bun (奶黄包)
Oriental Palace

We like how the bun is really soft not to mention the sweet and salty custard just oozes right out. However, I’m still biased on the lava pao.


  • Tropical Fruit (水果拼盤)

Tropical Fruits

Beautifully plated fresh fruits are perfect for occassions.


Oriental Palace Experience

Oriental Palace
Photo with Mr. Chris Chua and Master Chef Tsoi Chiu Fai

We can recommend to you guys Oriental Palace. Not just because we got an invitation and our meal was courtesy of Hennessy (a quick thank you to them). But it’s because the ingredients they use are fresh which can be tasted from each dish they serve. In addition, their dishes are exquisite if not authentic thereby making celebrations more wonderful.

By the way, we would like to share an opportunity for you to experience celebrating there. So we are giving away PhP 2, 000 worth of gift certificates to one winner. If you’re interested in joining, just click here to know more about it.

Oriental Palace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Oriental Palace

Oriental Palace 2

148 Tomas Morato Ave. Corner Scout de Guia, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 11AM to 2PM and 5PM to 11PM daily

For reservations, please call 374 06 93.

And if you want to feast on the celebration menu which are the new dishes we featured here, please call 0917 8382511 or 796 5475 because it’s limited for 6 to 10 tables per day. According to Oriental Palace, it will be available from January 27 to February 26, 2017.

23 Responses to “Make Celebrations More Festive with Oriental Palace’s New Dishes”

  1. Merry jane ocol

    The typoon shelter crab.. omg… i want this.. 🍌🍒🥐🍳🍕🍔

  2. Indeed, the atmosphere of the Oriental Palace is inviting. All the dishes looked delicious but one dish that caught my eyes is the Typhoon Shelter Crab because of its name and I have a big love for crabs! 🙂 I`m wondering why is it called Typhoon Shelter, my guess is because your plate would like devasted by a typhoon after eating those crabs with your bare hands. 🙂 Another dish that I would love to try also, my second choice is the Crispy Hong Kong Chicken because I am curious how chicken meat imported all the way from Hong Kong taste like. 🙂 #OrientalPalace #YogoandCream

  3. Jeda Gonzales

    Seafood lover here 😄
    I’m lovin that thypoon shelter crab. Mukang mapapa-extra rice all dyan. 😆

  4. When we go our, husband would prefer Chinese redtaurants, too. I agree on the big serving plus they have tried and tested dishes that my boys learned to appreciate and love. Funny it’s only now that ive learned of the lazy Susan name. Ihihi. Sometimes, I wish we have that kind of table in our house.

  5. The dishes sound and look exotic. That said, sad that there are hardly any options for veggies like me!! The fruit platter looks mouth watering though.

  6. I love that round table! It’s so great for when you want to have dinner with a large group. That way, you can still speak to all of them easily. I love the new dishes. They look great. I like the tai chi seafood bisque. The steamed salted egg looks amazing as well. It’so different from the food I’m used to. But I love it. It looks like a wonderful place. I’m impressed by the dishes.

  7. Oh that beef dish! Even if I don’t eat much of their cuisine, I surely appreciate the artistic way of presenting their food. The plating was done very nicely! I’d like to visit this sometime too but it’s a bit far.

  8. Hi Me-An! I follow you in Instagram and I think your photos are wonderful!

    Lovely to get acquainted with the chef of the restaurant, he seem to make everything delicious. I love that lava pao, we live near the place and because of you I want to visit it soon! 🙂

  9. I find it so hard to find a good Chinese restaurant! They always tend to be greasy loaded plates. The Oriental palace looks wonderful though. Yummy food! Ree love30

  10. Roxane Montierro

    I love soup and I am excited to try Tai Chi Seafood Bisque 🙂

  11. Will be in Manila this May. I might visit this place soon. Seems the food is very delicious 🙂

  12. It looks like an amazing meal! I grew up on Chinese food in NYC but I know it is our own version of Chinese and not always “authentic”. I would love to try the scallop with cheese and orange roe removed. I would also enjoy the Hong Kong crispy chicken!

  13. mjk tabayan

    craving for seafoods. I love to try Typhoon Shelter Crab and Tai Chi Seafood Bisque

  14. I’m fond of seafood dishes! The crab and the scallop caught my eye. Is this a new restaurant because this is the first time I’ve known about Oriental Palace. I joined your giveaway and I hope I win because I really want to try those dishes. <3

  15. The place is super elegant, it seems you’re a VIP when you dine there, the plating and presentation was well arranged and inviting, what caught my attention is the salted egg,it’s design is unique

  16. I have already been in this place for two times already and I still love their food and doesn’t fail to make me eat more than what I regularly eat. I would also recommend this and write a review about their food if I am a food blogger. But like I said if you wanted to have a good Oriental Food in your palate, then this restau is a good place to go.

  17. Wow, everything looks delicious and mouth-watering. I love Chinese food, they are savory and delectable and truly a joy to eat. Everything you featured looks yummy! Any day is always a good day to treat one’s self to amazing Chinese food like these! 😀


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