Oyasumi Ramen

Oyasumi Ramen: No Leftover Ramen Restaurant

At the heart of San Juan lies Oyasumi Ramen, a seemingly typical Japanese ramen restaurant, or is it?

Oyasumi Ramen

Oyasumi which means “goodnight” in Japanese is a fitting name for this restaurant with its dark, minimalist interior which you should see and feel for yourself, and also for their various delicious ramen that are great for ending one’s night. For this post, we are going to focus on the food that we’ve tried during our visit.



Oyasumi Gyoza

The side dish that we ordered is the fan favorite GYOZA, PhP 150 (or 3.25 USD) or simply Japanese dumplings. Its shape is a little different from the other gyozas we’ve tried in the past as this one is made thinner (or flatter) for it to become crispy which, to be honest, I’m not really a fan of. The dumpling filling taste, however, is fine and comparable with the usual gyoza.


For ramen, according to Oyasumi, their technique in doing ramen is acquired straight from Yokohama, Japan and they make their noodles fresh everyday. We gleaned from their menu that Oyasumi retained the Yokohama-style ramen, a staple of tonkotsu-shoyu broth served with stewed spinach and three (3) nori sheets. However, they made a culinary interplay of Filipino, Japanese and international flavors to make their own unique ramen like La Paz and Tomato as seen below.

Oyasumi menu


During our visit, we preferred trying the authentic flavors.

Oyasumi Ramen

Me-An ordered IEKEI RAMEN, PhP 350 (or 7.59 USD), which is their flagship ramen. It’s a shoyu (soy sauce) based soup with firm noodles, chashu (marinated pork belly) slices, tamago and 3 pieces of nori seaweed paper).

  Oyasumi Black Pepper Ramen

I, on the other hand, ordered the BLACK PEPPER, PhP 370 (or 8.70 USD). Basically, it’s still Iekei ramen. It just has black pepper sprinkled all over the ramen that made it different. It is a little(a lot) spicier compared to Iekei, but at the same time, it adds an additional kick to it. I liked how firm their noodles are and the soup is thick which really adds to the flavor. I still prefer the broth of Ramen Yushoken’s though over Oyasumi’s, but not by much. Meanwhile, I liked Oyasumi’s chashu which are sliced thinly that it’s easy to pick up with the chopsticks. If a customer prefers a thicker chashu, they can just add PhP 80 (or 1.74 USD).


Oyasumi's egg

The egg that comes with each of their ramen is firm, but soft so it can be easily opened. I just found this a bit far from what a ramen egg should be due to the consistency of the egg yolk retained inside. In addition, the color of the yolk resembles the normal egg which made us think that they don’t marinate their egg.


So far, it seems that Oyasumi is just any other Japanese Ramen restaurant right? Well, not quite. They have a hidden ace up on their sleeve.


Cheesy risotto Oyasumi

Whenever a customer finishes eating a ramen and has some leftover soup, he/she has the option for his/her remaining soup to be turned into this CHEESY RISOTTO, PhP 60 (or 1.30 USD). As both lovers of risotto and everything Japanese, this setup is like a dream. Their cheesy risotto tastes really good on the Iekei ramen soup as the soup base matches the mozzarella cheese they’ve included that made it a unique fusion of risotto. However, the same cannot be said on my black pepper leftover soup. The taste of the pepper was too strong that it overpowered the risotto as a whole. So here are some tips we’ve drawn out for you based on our experience:

TIP #1: If you want the Cheesy Risotto, definitely go for the Iekei Ramen! We haven’t tried the other ramen flavors yet, so just drop a comment below as we’ll be very glad to know your experience.
TIP #2: Don’t leave a lot of soup behind. That’s what we did and it made our risotto become like congee.



Overall, we really liked Oyasumi Ramen. Though their offering is comparable to other restaurants, their option of turning your leftover soup into a new meal is a real plus for us. Aside from this, we liked the fact that they make their noodles fresh daily which are excellent by the way. They also give customers an option to change the flavor of their noodles for only PhP 20, (or 0.43 USD). Choices of which include squid ink, curry and tomato. With these and the fact that they introduce new ramen flavors through their board signage (keep an eye for it!), there is every reason to keep going back in Oyasumi Ramen.

Yogo and Cream

As usual, we included a photo of us again.

Oyasumi Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


If you would dine here, what ramen would you choose and why? And if you already ate here, how was your experience?



Oyasumi Ramen

308 P. Guevarra St. corner Seaview St., Little Baguio, San Juan City.
Operating Hours: Open daily 11:00AM to 10:30PM.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OyasumiRamen
Instagram: @OyasumiRamen

25 Responses to “Oyasumi Ramen: No Leftover Ramen Restaurant”

  1. I really like Japanese food especially ramen, great read, thankyou for sharing this.

  2. Gyoza! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! As for the noodles, there is another restaurant, I cannot remember the name, but they serve the same kind of noodle dishes with your choice of how thick you want your soup to be and cheaper by 40%. 🙂 It is along Amorsolo. You could try that too.

  3. Ooh. Giving guests the option to have cheesy risotto is definitely is a first among ramen restaurants here (at least as far as I know). 🙂 What can you say about the serving size? I find that many Japanese restos have ramen servings that are too big for one person. Personally I prefer a reasonable serving size so I can enjoy other dishes available as well.

    • The serving size is big and filling similar to ramen served by other Japanese restaurants. However, at least, when a person dines here, he/she definitely gets his/her money’s worth. A reasonable ramen, indeed 🙂 Maybe you can share your ramen with someone so you can their other dishes without breaking your wallet.

  4. I absolutely love Japanese food, Asian food and all kinds of food with ramen. Soups are one of my favorite dishes. This restaurant would just be perfect for me. I’m craving the food and I wish I could go there 🙂

  5. We are so addicted to ramen. We have been going to a lot of different places that serves ramen. I always order the basic ramen.

  6. Interesting concept in using leftover soup for a new meal..That’s the first time I’ve heard of this..Anyway, I love Japanese food and wi try to visit when we are in the area!

  7. I love ramen. The best I’ve tasted was in Resorts World Sentosa. I’m not very familiar with San Juan area, but if this is somewhere near Wilson Street I’ll be able to visit this. I want to try their Iekei Ramen.

  8. I love ramen! And my mom does too! She always wants us to visit Shinjuku Restaurant in Makati. I’ll make sure to bring her here for a change 🙂

  9. I have never tried ramen before but I’ve always wanted to. That’s part of my bucketlist. Try ramen. Naruto made we want to try it. Lol. Anyways. it’s a pretty interesting strategy for them to avoid leftovers. Turning leftover soup into risotto (which I have not tried to)

  10. Wow, turning your left-over into something else, plus, you can change the flavor of your noodles if desired, made this stand out with its competitors.

  11. Wow the no leftover concept is really new to me–I hope more restaurants give you that option. I love all things Japanese, and their collagen soup looks lush.

  12. It’s really not helping that I’m craving for ramen right now hahaha… I’ve never heard of Oyasumi before and I’ve certainly never heard of a left-over concept. I think it’s genius because even ramen is my favorite I don’t really get to finish the broth. I’d sure love to try it, I’m ordering black pepper if ever because I like my ramen spicy.

  13. Georgia

    I’ve never had Japanese food but have heard a lot of people love Ramen! I can’t get over an egg being in a soup, my mind says no! Haha but the food minus the egg looks delicious and how awesome you can turn the leftover into risotto!!

  14. I am absolutely in love with Ramen. The food looks tempting. I would definitely give this restaurant a try.

    P.S. the best pic of all was where you both were together. You look really cute together. Perfect way to end the post.

  15. Oh my #RamenIsLife! Haha! Thank you for sharing this new spot. I’ve never been to Oyasumi so I’ll probably go there and try their ramen. After all, tasting a bowl of ramen is the next best thing to being in Japan. It’s also good to know that they make their own noodles. The egg in their ramen looks a bit like the normal boiled egg though. I guess you are right that they don’t marinate their egg in soy or tea.


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