Pappare PH

Pappare PH: Fusion Noodles in a Cone Opening This Nov 2016

Ready your wallets and tummies Filipinos of all ages! Pappare PH will have us gobbling up its food in no time with its on-the-go, hearty fusion food.

There had been a grand teaser pop-up of Pappare at the The Red Light, Poblacion Makati held by Jarina Gem Tee, owner and head chef of Pappare PH.

Pappare PH

For those who still don’t know her yet, she owns Commissary Kitchen with Ms. Nancy Reyes, WOFEX owner Joel Pascual, and Monday Chefs Consultancy Group. She also has been managing and coaching a team of students that compete in International Culinary Competitions to name a few from her extensive culinary background.

As we were amazed at their Commissary Kitchen’s food at this year’s Ultimate Taste Test, we felt blessed and honored to receive an invitation to be among the first few people to try Pappare’s food. Me-An wasn’t available on the event. Thus, I alone got to sample the food creation that’s a blend of classic Romania flavors and Manhattan’s diverse culture: Little Italy, SoHo, and Chinatown.


These are the some food you can look forward to at Pappare’s opening:

Expect no bowls or plates when getting your pasta fix, Pappare serves it in a cardboard cone. It will require both hands when eating but, trust me, it’s easier to eat pasta in that style. Plus, the sauce embraces the noodles all the more so it’s flavorful with each bite.

Pappare PH

MEE GAMBORI GORENG, mee noodles with shrimp, fishcake, shiitake mushrooms,
special sauce, egg, and crispy shallots

Pappare also uses chopsticks for its utensils, most likely to pay tribute to its asian roots. I found it more convenient to use than a fork as I could scoop the pasta stuck in the deepest part of the cone easily.


Panini de Porchetta

PANINI DE PORCHETTA, aragula, thick porchetta slice, and
Pappare pesto on Brioche bun


Drunken Confucious

DRUNKEN CONFUCIOUS,  gin-based drink with plum
in a plum powder rimmed cup


I’ve only tasted those three food so far and everything taste uniquely delicious. I’m happy to know that the noodles and sauces are 100% homemade down to their bacons and sausages. I can’t stop raving about it to Me-An.

You too can give it a try soon. Pappare PH will have a permanent stall at The Food Hive located at #80 Visayas Ave, Quezon City that is set to open this month.

Pappare PH

6 Responses to “Pappare PH: Fusion Noodles in a Cone Opening This Nov 2016”

  1. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Wow! This is something to look forward to this month! I’ve heard a lot of food hubs in QC area but wasn’t able to try one yet. Though i occassionally visit the place, i really dont have time for food spotting… looking at the photos, it makes me want to try this one soon! I love the idea of food inside a cone. Very handy, perfect on the go! 🙂

  2. alyssa tuangco

    I’ve been messaging them! haha Super gusto ko itry food nila kasi kakaiba presentation and mukhang masarap. Hopefully on their opening I can try it 🙂

  3. Wow what a great concept! Id love to try out their food. Looks so mouth watering. I love how the noodles were served in a cone. Perfect to go food for me hehe. Can’t wait to try!

  4. Another new idea! Looks appetizing to eat. I don’t know how to use chopsticks though so would have to use a spoon! A bit near where I live. Might be able to check it out.

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