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Using the Passion of Two to Change the Filipino Mindset for the Better

After being past the “honeymoon” stage as they call it as a BF-GF couple, we sought to make our relationship alive by exploring together new food and places which are our respective passions – Lloyd on food and Me-An on travel. We eventually realized that it’s all about finding the right balance in spending so as to experience good stuff, but, at the same time, save money for the rainy days. Hence, we are after reasonable food, travel, and etc.

Saturdate Grill

As we pursue both our passion, we ended up creating a blog that provides information on reasonable food, travel, and stuff that readers may need to know. We think this is helpful for our fellow Filipinos as most of us are after seeking the best value for our money.

Yogo and Cream

A lot of the Filipinos though are going for very low prices or cheap finds that drive small to medium sized restaurant businesses to lose money. Or going after a really low budget in traveling thereby making them miss the whole point of visiting a place as they miss out on what they could have experienced. Meanwhile, some of them spend too much money on a restaurant or a place that is merely a fad and overcharges stuff.

We find that, by using our passion for reasonable food, travel, and etc., it changes that Filipino mindset for the better which thereby creates a more sustainable Philippine business environment and street smart Filipinos. 

Now, our readers can get inspirations and valuable information on reasonable food, travel, and etc.

Day Tour at Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

Additionally, we help and inspire our fellow bloggers to promote small-medium sized restaurants, not just the big ones. It also helps showcase the diversity of the food here in the Philippines which foreigners could try.

Finally, we help promote local tourism as well as encourage Filipinos to explore the world to gain a wealth of experiences.

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We do think that make the Philippines better by changing the Filipino mindset through reasonable food and travel information.

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