TBEX Manila Accommodation Idea: Pink Manila Hostel

TBEX or Travel Blog Exchange is finally happening in Manila. It is the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, social media savvy travel industry professionals and so on. With that, I want to stay close to the event venue, Philippine International Convention (PICC), to enable me to save time and effort. Good thing I saw Pink Manila Hostel as I was researching on the internet.

Since there were mixed reviews on TripAdvisor on Pink Manila Hostel, I went there to see it for myself.


3 Reasons Why Pink Manila Hostel is a Reasonable Choice


1) Location

This is the primary reason why I want to stay at Pink Manila Hostel. It is located at 2551 Don Pedro St. Cor. Bautista St. Malate, Manila 1004. This is just 15 to 30 minutes away to PICC depending on the mode of transportation chosen.

I made a simple map for easier reference on going to and from the location.

Pink Manila Hostel


How to get to Pink Manila Hostel from LRT Vito Cruz

  1. Walk towards Gil Puyat. (Note: You’ll know you are in the right direction if you are walking away from De La Salle University-Manila or De La Salle – College of St. Benilde on the other side.)
  2. Turn right when you see Jollibee fast food chain.
  3. Walk straight and after 3 blocks turn right.
  4. After you see Central BBQ, turn left on the next street.
  5. When you see an open gate with a gym, go inside and take the elevator to the 5th floor.
Pink Manila Hostel


How to get to PICC from the hostel

  1. Just return to Jollibee fast food chain.
  2. Cross the street towards Starbuck’s.
  3. Keep walking until you see the terminal of orange jeepneys in front of the Rizal Memorial Stadium. (Note: I tried waking from Pink Manila Hostel to the terminal It took me about six (6) minutes for to get there.)
  4. Ride the orange jeepney.
  5. Pay jeepney fare which is PhP 7 (or 0.15 USD).
  6. Tell driver to drop you at PICC. (Note: If it doesn’t stop there, PICC is a 9 min. walk from CCP. Meanwhile, it’s a 3 min. walk from Star City.)


Location advantage

  1. Groceries: Fortune Mart, 7-Eleven, and SM Hypermarket (10 to 15 minutes walk).
  2. Banks: Banco de Oro, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Metrobank, and Security Bank.
  3. Money Changer: Near terminal of orange jeepneys.
  4. Drugstore: Mercury Drugs.
  5. Mall: University Mall.
  6. Restaurants: Too many to mention. Kindly just ask me for recommendations.


2) Room Types

Pink Manila Hostel offers three kinds of rooms: a fan dorm, air-conditioned (A/C) dorm and a private room. I checked all three and all rooms come with private bathrooms and in-room lockers. Please do note that you have to bring your own padlock. They are still undergoing renovation, so, hopefully, on my visit, the lockers are already good as new.

Pink Manila Hostel


FAN DORM, PhP 450 (or 9.66 USD) per person

They have two fan rooms wherein the first one is good for eight (8) people. On the other hand, the other fan room is located at the penthouse and is good for sixteen (16) people.

Pink Manila Hostel
Fan Dorm for 16 people.

It looks fine to me. However, since I’m accustomed to sleeping with an A/C, I’m certainly going for the A/C Dorm.


A/C Dorm, PhP 570 (or 12. 23 USD) per person

A/C Dorm


Private Room, PhP 1, 600 (or 34.35 USD) per room

This is good for two people. You’ll have to pick this if you want privacy.

Pink Manila Hostel


I’m sure you are curious about the bathroom too so I took a shot. It was pretty basic and okay.

Pink Manila Hostel


3) Amenities


24-Hour Reception



Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Pink Manila Hostel
Pink Manila Hostel

Pink Manila Hostel offers free breakfast, but do not expect it to be a heavy one given the low price of the hostel. It’s just bread, some bread spreads, and coffee mix.


Lounge, Free Wi-Fi, and Pool Table



Swimming Pool (8AM – 2AM)

Pink Manila Hostel

The pool on the right side is 2ft deep. On the other hand, the pool on the left is 5ft deep.



Yes, the place indeed needs some fixing so the management is undergoing renovations which started a month ago. If you are not a fussy person, I think it is a reasonable accommodation. I choose to stay here for TBEX Manila since I’m sure that I’ll be out the entire day. I just need a place to sleep in and take a bath in. The neighborhood itself is secured since it is located in a university and residential area.

As for the bad reviews, the local staff told me that the reviewers put it out there since they didn’t want to pay for their drinks. Whether it is true or not, I don’t really care since most of the travelers staying at Pink Manila Hostel that I’ve seen and met, were happy. I think that is the most important. The amenities are great for a hostel and best of all, there is a great opportunity to bond with fellow travelers.

By the way, I also happen to meet the owner. Her name is Chrissy who is from sunny Florida, USA.

Pink Manila Hostel

12 Responses to “TBEX Manila Accommodation Idea: Pink Manila Hostel”

  1. Wow this takes me back to my backpacker days. It’s been a while since I have stayed in a hostel and this looks like one of the better ones. I’m thinking of heading to Manilla in the not too distant future (not for TBEX although that would be awesome!) so I will check this out 🙂

  2. So that answers why Pink Manila Hostel. Most of the walls And even some of the bedsheets are in pink. But seriously, the place is ok. The amenities and the t & b are also good. And nice that it is near the venue.

  3. This sounds great! The price is also very attractive! It is so hard to find a hostel at that price anywhere in Europe! And it has a pool! Sounds cool!

  4. For the price, you get what you pay for. How could anyone expect hotel quality and service when it is a hostel? Sure the place needs some fixing. BUT, again, maintenance and upkeep depends on the money generated. If the choice to stay in something better then pay the price, right? Otherwise, Pink Manila appears to offer exactly what it does at lower prices.

  5. So that’s why it’s named Pink Hostel, because it’s um… very pink haha… I heard about this place, foreign backpackers like to stay there and they frequent the bar that my friend owns, which is just a stone throw away from the hostel. I’ve seen worst hostels so I think it’s okay.

    So you’re attending the TBEX, goodluck! For sure you will meet a lot of wonderful bloggers.

  6. True to its name. It has a lot of pink decor and wall color. haha But if the location is indeed very important to you, then this suits your criteria. Travellers usually rank location or accessibility and security as more important priorities over budget.

  7. I was thinking if it was a room good for two person. The dorm type is great if you and your friends will check in their at once. I am from Pampanga and whenever we watch concerts in Manila, we struggle to get ourselves the last minute bus bound to Pampanga so I was thinking that this type of hostel will be a great help for those kind of situation. I don’t think I can sleep with a lot of people in this dorm for the night though. The private is a little expensive and priced like an ordinary hotel room already.

  8. I dont think the place needs fixing at all. As you said, it is still undergoing renovation so that is acceptable. Apart from that, I quite like the dorms and oh that lounge looks laidback and cozy.. Thumbs up to the pool table there 🙂
    Nice suggestions in this post for the location and directions to the convention center.

  9. Ohhh TBEX, would be nice if I could participate in the event… But as usual I’m mostly mia on most events. About the Pink Manila Hotel well it’s literally pink! Hahaha. Hope you’d enjoy your stay there and the upcoming event.

  10. they took the name seriously and really made it all pink! I used to travel when I was younger and would choose hostels over luxury hotels any day, it’s more fun and not to mention, pocket friendly and I get to meet many people too.

  11. I was about to comment on why a price of 450+ per bed for a ‘fan’ dorm, until I saw the amenities like the pool table and swimming pool(talagang naenganyo sa ‘pool’ hahaha), and I think it’s worth it. Also, if one is fond of walking, I think it’s got a great location even if medyo nasa looban siya. 😀

  12. ram kuizon

    Wow! this a budget saver for a thrifty traveler like me.
    I will be in Manila soon and I would pay this a visit.
    Cebuanos will like this for sure. IMHO the color may seem too feminine.


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