Poco Deli BGC

Poco Deli, “the Little Delicatessen”

We’re super happy to be part of Poco Deli’s Bonifacio Global City (BGC) restaurant launch through the invitation of Zomato. We can’t thank Poco Deli enough for the warm accommodation.

Anyway, for those of you who still hasn’t heard of Poco Deli, it has been around for quite some time already, eight (8) years to be exact. With its first home in Kapitolyo, their next branch was in Ayala Triangle Makati where Me-An got to try some of their dishes and, currently, Poco Deli has found its way to BGC.

Poco Deli BGC

From the restaurant’s name itself, Poco is an Italian word which means “little” and deli is an Americanized short version of delicatessen which is often a grocery and restaurant combined. Delis are known for offering cold cuts, beverages, and a fresher menu than fast food chain.

In the case of Poco Deli, they offer artisanal sausages without preservatives, prepared meat products, a wide array of wine selection, and fine ingredients like truffle oil and homemade sauerkraut to name a few.

Poco Deli BGC


Inspired by a husband and wife owned restaurant in France, both Mr. Sonny and Mrs. Joy de León used their skills, experiences and passion for European cuisine to open Poco Deli. Mr. Sonny, who was raised on a ranch in Bukidnon, is in charge of charcuterie whereas Mrs. Joy with her background in baking is in charge of the restaurant’s pastries.

Poco Deli BGC
With Mr. Sonny and Mrs. Joy de León. Couples who follow their passion.



To be honest, I find it somewhat intimidating whenever I see wine displays since it exudes refined taste which tantamount to fine dining for me.

Poco Deli BGC


However, that wasn’t the case with Poco Deli. In fact, the place was perfect for good, casual gathering with friends. We firsthand saw this as most of the customers that went to the restaurant were groups of friends that were in for both bonding and chilling. Thus, yes, it gave us that classy vibe, but there was a neighborhood feel to it which made us felt comfortable.

Poco Deli BGC

By the way, we heard from the management that the place still lacks European flag banners. They put such for European flags to represent the respective European dishes that are present in their menu.



The food that we’ve featured here are the highlights of our evening and/or what we have something to say. For instance, we can’t make a review of the served wine since we don’t know how to spot a good wine and we seldom drink it, so it was not included here.


Poco Deli BGC Sausage and Cheese Platter

The first dish that was served was SAUSAGE & CHEESE, PhP 500 (or 10.61 USD). We just assumed that it was a single serving since we failed to ask the management and it has only one of each kind of sausage. The sausages that were served with in the dish were the following:

  • Kielbasa – I’ve been hearing about this Polish sausage from Me-An ever since she had tried it in New York. Apparently, according to the owner, Kielbasa is popular in New York. It was the meatiest and juiciest out of all the sausages I’ve tried.
  • Nuernberger – It can’t be seen in the photo above since it was underneath the other sausages. I prefer this dark-colored sausage since it had that smoked taste to it. It’s
  • Cheese Krainer – It’s a sausage with bite size cheese. Yes, it easily became our favorite since it has cheese inside it.
  • Vienna Sausage – It tastes good as it seems that it was delicately seasoned.
  • Chicken Sausage – To be honest, I can’t taste the chicken here.

As you can see from the Sausage & Cheese platter, it comes with a unique condiment called sauerkraut. It is a delightfully sour, fermented cabbage that usually seen in Eastern European and Germanic cuisines. It was actually our first time eating it and it reminds us of kimchi without the spice from Korean red pepper flakes.

Poco Deli BGC


Poco Deli BGC

Next, we had the COLD CUTS & CHEESE, PhP 450 (or 9.56 USD). Please note that this was already partially eaten so this isn’t the actual serving. The cold cuts that were served with in the dish were the following:

  • SALAMI MILANO – Without the spices overpowering the meat itself, it was flavorful.
  • PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA – I found this salty and rubbery to eat.
  • NAPOLI PICANTE – This tastes much like a pepperoni for me.

This platter is, of course, best eaten with wine.


White Truffle Pasta
I only had a tiny portion of their TRUFFLE OIL & MUSHROOM, PhP 380 (or 8.07 USD) and, for me, the angel hair pasta had a robust flavored cream as its base. This is because it was infused with truffle oil which was considered to be a luxurious flavoring.

Poco Deli BGC

We were also served meals from their charcuterie. On the left of the photo, it’s MEAT LOAF, PhP 400 (or 8.5 USD), homemade German style meat loaf. We still haven’t tasted the real thing so all I can say is that it’s firmer, juicier and a delight to eat.

Meanwhile, on the right, it’s BACON SLAB, PhP 400 (or 8.5 USD), cured and wood smoked French pork belly. The meat tastes exactly like bacon, but way bigger, tastier and has sweetness to it. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Both come with top-notch quality eggs as seen above. We learned that Poco Deli’s eggs were still sourced from Angono, Rizal.


Poco Deli BGC
Poco Deli’s SPANISH CALLOS, PhP 380 (or 8.07 USD) has to be the best callos I’ve ever tried and is definitely a must try if ever you’ll be visiting Poco Deli. As this was slow cooked for 8 hours, the supposedly tough US tripe was soft. The stew ended up tasty with the added homemade chorizo, pancetta and pork knuckles. The dish was served with rice that has bacon bits on top which made for a great meal.


Poco Deli BGCUpon the suggestion of our friend, Nate, we had CITRUS DELIGHT, PhP 150 (or 3.19 USD), a non-alcoholic drink that is a mixture of orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime with soda as its base. Me-An doesn’t really drink carbonated drinks but she found this one to her liking. Nate said that when it runs out we can just add water and it’s still good to drink for another round.


with Nate PunzalanAnd this our new found friend, Nate. Doesn’t he look familiar to you? Yes, he is Nate Punzalan, Janina Vela’s brother. Awesome! He is an amazingly nice guy and he is great to converse with.


Anyway, we think Poco Deli is reasonable because their servings are big and they make their top-notch charcuterie from imported meat. They import their beef from U.S. and their lamb from New Zealand. Meanwhile, they import almost all of their spices from Germany.

Although we think this is a place best for groups of family and friends, everyone will still find this as a good place both to dine and to procure exquisite ingredients for that next wonderful home-cooked meal. Truly, a little deli that surely delights.

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Poco Deli

One Parkade Building, 7th Avenue Corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.
Operating Hours: 11AM to 10PM.

14 Responses to “Poco Deli, “the Little Delicatessen””

  1. Sana they would also open in Mandaluyong/Pasig area too. I love European sausages and for sure, I would enjoy eating the first dish you featured. One of my all time favorite sausages – kielbasa! E diba it is quite big? Pag meron ako, I sometimes eat half as ulam and then the other half for the next meal 🙂

    I would also love to try the callos. It should be priced higher lalo it is slow cooked pero that is how it should be done so that what was tough becomes almost melt-in-your-mouthilicious callos.

    Seeing the wine naman on display. Na-imagine ko na eh, dining with a bottle of wine together with friends. Syempre a bottle it not enough, might as well sample two or three bottles!

    Very nice post and I LIKE!!! and I am so picky when it comes to food.

    • They have a branch in Kapitolyo.You can eat there instead. It’s nice to hear that you like a restaurant from one of our posts. Now, we know what your taste in food is.

  2. All those wine makes the place looks inviting! Their line of sausages was also superb! I’m craving for sausages lately but refrained from getting them because of my pregnancy. Just to be sure , you know. Trying hard to eat healthy eh. 🙂

    • Wow! Congratulations on your baby 🙂 Yes, you really need to healthy. You can eat here to celebrate once you’ve delivered your baby. God bless always 😀

  3. I love sausages and Spanish food like Callos. Excited to try this soon. Good to know it’s in BGC. It’s also nice to know that they have wines. Red wines are great with meat dishes.

  4. You were right when you said, their wine displays make you feel intimidated. It does give me the impression that this restaurant is a little bit expensive. But when you mentioned that they have big servings, that makes it “reasonable” enough. Did they mention their best sellers? If I invite my wife to check out Poco Deli, I’d definitely try these sausages and the wine.

    • Their bestsellers are certainly their sausages. Another bestseller is their callos 🙂 We have a gut feel your wife will like it there.

  5. I like the name, it’s smart. The place looks great and cosy. From the pictures it also looks delicious. I would love to try!

  6. great food, nice ambiance and generous servings that is a power house! Their citrus delight looks refreshing and the food oh they are mouthwatering. Will try this once I drop by bgc.

  7. This reminds me a lot of the Cebu La Vie Parisienne. Though not totally the same but somehow particularly the wine part. Anyway, in regards to the price they offer and accordance to their servings and considering the theme of the place, it is indeed reasonable!

  8. I have a thing for non-alcoholic cocktails, what can I say, I am not a big fan of alcohol myself. And that drink looks absolutely amazing! The place looks so pretty, but casual at the same time. Great to have a chilled evening with the friends:)

  9. I heard so much about Poco Deli but I haven’t dined there yet. I’m waiting for a blogger event invite here (kidding! lol). I must say i like the ambiance of the place, it looks posh. Reminds me a little bit of Salvatore Cuomo. But wow their wine collection is impressive, I wanna try their wine.

  10. It sounds like an awesome restaurant. The display of wine doesn’t make me feel intimidated as is a standard procedure in Europe. Since they’re inspired on europeane cuisine it makes perfect sense. The dishes look well cooked and delicious. Looks like a perfect casual evening to spend with friends, your loved one or family.

  11. Wow, this really deserves some visit. I hope I can go back to BGC again and eat at this place. I don’t really care about the price of the food, it’s the taste that matters for me most of the time. This is where you go for a date for sure. I just hope that my significant other would like to eat in this place and enjoy the food as well as the atmosphere of the place.


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