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May the Fork (Star Wars event) at Privatus this May 20 & 27 by booking via Plato PH

Are you one of those people who enjoy intimate dining?  What if you can also enjoy such with amazing food at the home of an incredible chef?

That’s where Plato PH comes in. They serve as a platform to connect diners with a pool of private dining chefs who hosts meals at their home. Customers not only get to eat delicious food, but, more importantly, they get to know the story of the food and the creator.

Meanwhile, those who still want to dine at the comforts of their own home can connect with a personal chef instead. Just take note that it will be great if your kitchen utensils and equipment are complete so the all the dishes can be completed on time.


May the Fork Be With You

Last May 4, the annual Star Wars day and Star Wars 40th anniversary, we were invited to a Star Wars themed social night organized by Plato PH and Privatus Dining. It’s truly an epic event that takes Star Wars fans like me to a galaxy far away.


The place is, of course, decorated with Star Wars memorabilia.



Star Wars cosplayers like Kylo Ren, Rey Skywalker and Ewoks graced also the event. You are also free to wear your own Star Wars costumes to complete your dining experience. Completing the experience are Star Wars inspired dishes created by Chef AJ Reyes of Privatus Dining.


Aunt Berus Grits
AUNT BERU’S GRITS is a trifecta of corn dishes that pays tribute to the maternal figure of Luke Skywalker. Remember how she died where she was burnt to a crisp with her husband Owen?

This dish has different layers of taste and texture that’s smoky, crispy and creamy. It’s all thanks to the cream corn, popcorn, and smoked corn.

While the popcorn provides the crispiness, the smoked corn adds subtle smoky flavor. The cream corn makes it all better with its rich taste.


Thai Fighter Rolls

Shaped like a TIE fighter of the Imperial fleet are the THAI FIGHTER ROLLS. This is a traditional Thai spring roll sandwiched with two baked wanton Chips.

The spring rolls has that signature Thai filling taste to it which I really like despite its playful apperance.


Ewok Sushi
Bite-sized adorable Ewoks are made in” sushi” form.  These EWOK SUSHIS looks more like an onigiri than sushi to me because of its shape and the fact that the Wagyu beef filling was deep inside the nori wrapped rice ball.

The Wagyu beef isn’t as tender but the quality is still really good so I wouldn’t complain much.


Death Asado

They paid homage to the dark side with their DEATH ASADO. These are Squid-ink buns filled with spicy Asado inside.

It didn’t really tasted spicy when I tried it, but the asado was tasty nevertheless. The squid ink used has a neutral flavor so it’s really for aesthtiec purposes. What I like about it is that it’s void of the strong smell that comes with the squid ink.


End of Salarrca

My favorite out of the bunch is THE END OF SARLACC. Sarlacc, for those of you who don’t know, is a massive carnivorous plant that’s one of Jabba the Hutt’s favorite pets. A grilled octopus was utilized to represent the tentacled plant. It’s placed on a bed of garlic mayonnaise and sprinkled with bacon breadcrumbs.

Grilled perfectly, it’s soft and juicy with a depth of flavor from the garlic mayo and the bacon breadcrumbs adding crunch to it. They serve it in small sizes but that didn’t stop me from getting as much of this dish as possible.



Blue Milk and Cookies
What’s served is BLUE MILK AND COOKIES that’s supposedly what Aunt Beru used to make.

For this one, it’s a blue Curaçao, an orange liqueur dyed blue, based milk served with a cookie. The milk essentially tasted like a bubble gum flavored milk for us and we like how the cookie reminds me of the galaxy with its design.



Lightsaber Popsicles

This was what greeted us upon our entry, LIGHTSABER POPSICLES. It looks innocent but it’s actually infused with vodka. You’ll definitely feel like a Jedi after having a lot of this cold treat.


Kylo Ren CosmopolitanThe KYLO REN COSMOPOLITAN is a mixture of Vodka and Cranberry. I’m not really a huge fan of hard drinks so I didn’t like it as much, but the others that we were with in the event liked it.


Yoda Soda

If you want something a bit “light”, they also serve theYODA SODA which is a Gin Tonic. They even placed green led cubes on it to make the drink glow Taste wise, it really felt that I was drinking a cucumber flavored gin. Just like the former, other people liked it just not me.



Privatus Star Wars

If you want to socialize with fellow Star Wars fans over Star Wars inspired dishes and drinks, we encourage you to try this one-of-a-kind event. It’s P1, 500 (or USD 30) per head that’s good for three (3) hours, 9PM to 11PM.

There are two remaining days left for the event, May 20 & 27, 2017 and they can only accommodate up to 70 guests only. So better book your slot now for May the Fork at

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F. Legaspi St., Pasig City.

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