Blog Mail 3: Creative Filipino Native Delicacy Variants by Puto Pao King

When people ask me for a Filipino native delicacy, more often than not, I recommend them puto. The steamed bun is usually made from three simple ingredients: rice flour, coconut milk, and sugar. Its color and flavor vary depending on the additional ingredients added. Meanwhile, for its size, it can be as big as a plain cupcake. Other times, it can be small like a munchkin.

I’ve been eating puto as far as I remember I still love them now. However, with all the foreign food in the Philippine food scene, people including me tend to forget our very own kakanin (or rice cakes). We end up ordering doughnuts when there are small celebrations at the office.

Puto Pao King stepped up to make us fall in love with the familiar delicacy by adding various fillings to it. Their puto pao is really soft, moist, and tasty on its own. Added with their delicious fillings it can be eaten for breakfast, a light lunch, or as a snack.

Below are the Puto Pao King variants that can be enjoyed.




Puto with salted egg has long been an accepted flavor and is considered a good combo when it comes to puto. The added Asado chicken made this from a Filipino delicacy into Chinese inspired snack called Siopao. The chicken Asado has a bit of spicy taste, and, combined with the salted egg, it left a faint taste of sweetness.


Tuna Melt

I personally wasn’t able to try this as my family members went for this because of its presentation. The melted cheese here became a part of the bun already and they said the tuna tastes good.



Ube with Queso

Instead of donning the vibrant purple color of the “Matcha of the Philippines” which is Ube, the purple yam gave a sweet subtle earthy taste to the pao. The cheese, of course, if forever perfect with the ube. May I suggest for you to heat this before eating as it doesn’t taste as good when eaten cold.


Leche flan Puto pao

This is a classic puto pao topped with the very sweet and creamy leche flan. They may have to add more flan so there is a balance in taste with this puto pao.


Blueberry and Cream Cheese

This is essentially the same as the original pao but has blueberry jam and cream cheese on top. To be honest, the blueberry taste is really faint so I can’t taste it well. I also would have appreciated it better if the puto pao is topped with cream cheese instead.



This pao is a bit more special since they are using a different puto base this time. The pao maintained its softness and moisture despite the flavor change. Filled with a homemade gooey dark chocolate filling that isn’t too sweet, it is perfect for me.



Puto Pao King

The puto pao of Puto Pao King at its core is a really strong product. For us personally, I think that they nailed the fundamentals. Having a variety of flavors to choose from is always a good thing since it can cater to the preference of a person. Overall, I think Puto Pao King is great for people who are looking for a quality snack or a go to party appetizer.

You can order this for PHP 25 (or USD 0.50) per piece, a box of four for PHP 145 (or USD 2.9) and a box of twelve for PHP 280 (or USD 5.51). I just have to note that, although their packaging itself looks nice, I’m not a fan of its quality. It is quite flimsy so it’s better to have the puto paos delivered rather than traveling with it.


Puto Pao King

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