Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Puzzles Board Game Lounge at The Fort Strip, BGC

We know how that playing board game is a great way to bond with friends and/or family members. It’s so fun that one won’t notice how time flies by so fast especially when you have food to chow down as you compete or cooperate with each other. Thus, when we received an invite from Puzzles Board Game Lounge, we gladly accepted.

What better way to enjoy Puzzles Board Game Lounge than to bring friends specifically the ones who we first enjoyed a board game restaurant with, Lloyd’s best friend/ baby Josh and his pretty girlfriend, Dominee.


Ambiance/ Interior

Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Puzzles Board Game Lounge has a bright and airy feel to it especially when it’s day time due to the white painted walls. Meanwhile, the splash of colors from the chairs and canvas quotes hung on the walls.


Puzzles Board Game Lounge

The highlight of any board game cafe or restaurant is the shelf filled with board games. So Puzzles Board Game Lounge made sure that the central focus of their restaurant is such by making it from floor to ceiling size and putting it on the eye catchy “grassy platform.” It’s a popular spot for little ones and younger people since not only is it the closest to the game selection but the low tables make it easier to play. Plus, some may find plopping down in the colorful bean bags to be comfortable.

By the way, only get 1 to 2 board games at a time as consideration for other gamers.


Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Puzzles Board Game Lounge also has a colorful function room upstairs for gatherings and events.



You won’t be famished while you’re having fun as Puzzles Board Game Lounge has a wide array of dishes to offer.
Cheesy Bacon Fries


If you’re thinking about the ideal food to snack on while playing, cheesy bacon fries is definitely on top of the list. The mild tasting triple cheese sauce flavors the homemade fries and the bacon bits add savory taste. It’s a bit messy to eat so make sure you clean your fingers before playing or use a fork to eat it.


Puzzles Nachos

Another crowd favorite that they have is nachos. There is nothing special about it but this has generous toppings: seasoned ground beef, fresh salsa, and cilantro. An abundance of sour cream sauce also cover the crisp nacho chips. This means there is enough sauce to last up to the last chip.


Smoked Salmon annd Aragula Flat Bread

In a country where pizza is widely popular, I like it when establishments try to offer something different. So I find it nice that Puzzles used freshly baked flatbread instead of the usual pizza with a crust. It makes it easier to eat which is ideal since a gamer will want to get back to action as fast as possible. Additionally, the light flatbread and the right layer of cheese enabled the smoked salmon taste to stand out.



Fried Chicken and Cheese Pasta

Their pasta is, in simpler terms, a bit of unusual which may be good or bad depending on the person.

Based on the pasta’s name, the base of the paste is cheese and is cooked with mushrooms and rosemary. A crispy fried chicken is served on top. What makes this unusual is that they drizzled the honey around the pasta. Thus, for we couldn’t taste the cheese that much because the sweetness of the honey just overpowered it.

And although Filipinos generally love sweet tasting pasta, it doesn’t sit well with everyone. So I hope they could serve the honey separately so the cheese sauce can be tasted better and the customers can control the sweetness of the pasta. Besides that, some customers don’t read the small description on the menu so they may be surprised to find honey on their cheese pasta.

 ALL–MEAT BURGER, PHP 390 (or USD 7.88)

My first impression of their burger is how nicely the ingredients are stacked. Unlike some burgers I’ve tried in which the ingredients fall off the moment you laid your hands on them, this one stayed intact. Taste wise, it’s not mind-blowing, but it’s not bad either. I do like that they included chips on the side compared to the usual fries.



Puzzles’ drinks have the right amount of sweetness and are pleasurable to drink. It’s the perfect match for the food they offer. So go ahead refresh yourself with these as you play.

  •  THE MILKSHAKE (OREO), PHP 210 (or USD 4.24) 
  • MILO GODZILLA, PHP 180 (or USD 3.63)

Rootbeer float



Puzzles Board Game Lounge Menu

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We really enjoyed Puzzles Board Game Lounge as we got to get to know each other better since we are encouraged to interact more through their games while chowing down on good food.

Disurbed Friends

A bonus for us too is finding out which among us is the most “disturbed friend.” Yes, there is such a game!


Yogo and Cream at Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Some may find the price hefty with the PHP 100 (or USD 2) per player added to one’s bill. However, what’s great is that they don’t limit the length of stay or make you feel uncomfortable when you’ve stayed for too long. So one will really enjoy one’s visit or even a double date like us.

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Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Building, The Fort Strip, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.
Operating Hours: 12NN to 11PM (Sun. to Mon.) and 12NN to 2AM (Fri. to Sat.)

13 Responses to “Puzzles Board Game Lounge at The Fort Strip, BGC”

  1. Now here’s a pretty funfilled thematic concept. One of my friend here in Bangalore, India has also opened his own cafe recently, with all available board games for his customers to play with; however, the concept of concentrating on one genre, makes it more interesting for me 🙂
    The food looks yummy too!

  2. They have only just recently opened a bar like this where I live in Brisbane (Australia) and I completely loved the concept! It’s such a unique but fun way to enjoy meeting with your friends.

    The only difference with the one we have is the food looks nowhere near as delicious as your images!! I find that the more I visit people’s blogs and look at their beautiful work, the more I want to visit these places and experience them for myself. Keep up the awesome posts!

  3. Oh my, such a nice place to visit. They have lot of board games in there. Would definitely love to go to this place with friends. The food looked scrumptious too. How I wish I lived near BGC or Makati. For now, it’s on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cheers! This place is a paradise! I super love board and tabletop games so I will definitely enjoy this place not to mention the yummy-looking foods you shared! That 100 per player.. is it being charged per boardgame? I frequent BGC lately so i should really visit this place soon with my friends

  5. I’m not sure if I’ve passed by this place already but I’ve noticed that there are a lot of game cafes booming or opening in the region. Here in Taft, there are already two that I know. The place looks nice and friendly but the food seems to be expensive for the serving. But then again, knowing that it’s in BGC, almost everything there is expensive. Haha! But I would love to try that Milo Godzilla!

  6. I am a fan of boardgame cafes and if I am not mistaken, this is one of the first boardgames in metro manila. I just love how it pushes us at interact and have fun over good food and good company. I haven’t specifically visited this place but I’m want to try their branch in BGC. For other board game cafes you want to visit, you might want to check out Snacks and Ladders in Maginhawa. 🙂

  7. How fun! I remember going to Hobbes and Landes in High Street and playing some of their board games. Puzzles Board Game Lounge looks like a really cool hangout. I bet it’s impossible to get bored here, with all those options for games, not to mention the yummy-looking food. I like the look of the Smoked Salmon Pizza. I love Smoked Salmon, and this looks healthy and tasty!

  8. This is the best lounge I have ever seen! I am personally a great supporter of board games, and I usually play them with my boyfriend. We constantly carry them wherever we go. I wish we had a lounge like this one in our city. It’s simply a great way to spend your free time with friends, chating and playing a game, and not staring at the phones and taking selfies. I am very very excited to see there is a place like this one. Not to mention that I feel famished now that I have seen how tasty the food looks like.

  9. Many board games like snakes and ladder originated in India. Chess is uniquely Indian. Board games impart you with concentration. The ambience is colourful and lends happiness to the visitors. A wow blog…

  10. this is such a pretty place to visit. I haven’t tried visiting board or puzzle cafe/ restos ever since. I think it’s a cool way to bond and eat at the same time. Would love to visit one of something like this.

  11. Looks like a fun place to hang out. Board game restos and cafes having been popping up every where too! Food looks good as well.

  12. I love diners with boardgames. We were able to eat and play in a different place and my boys truly enjoyed our stay. That place looks so comfy and the food ao yummy. In the place where we ate, food are a way cheaper but servings real big. I still want to try there so my boys could experience many places to eat and place.


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