Colorado Springs

Romantic Spots in Colorado

Colorado, as a rocky mountain state, is renowned for its spectacular natural scenery and outdoor adventure. With the wonderful fresh air, it is certainly one of the places where you will enjoy each season to its fullest.

During the dawn of spring, be one with nature by camping in a remote location. Bask in the summer sun by hiking and/or biking. Enjoy the autumn foliage in the mountains or enjoy canyons and mesas in the southwest. Or better yet, have one of the best downhill skiing experience amidst Colorado winter.



Colorado isn’t only great for solo explorers. Its beautiful backdrop and setting makes it also as the perfect place to do the following:

  • pop the question
  • rekindle and keep the romance very much alive
  • spend one’s honeymoon.

As a romantic getaway destination, there are plenty of honeymoon cabins in Colorado that suit the budget of every couple. Browse through luxury hotels and top-notch eateries nestled amidst beautiful vistas. Staying in such gives you not only privacy and comfort but also makes your getaway more special.

Visiting or experiencing some of the romantic spots in Colorado below with your significant other will surely make him/her fall in love with you over and over again.


At the Top of Colorado Rockies


Colorado is famous for its mountains and peaks that can reach 14,000 feet. There is something simply magical about standing with your loved one from one of its highest points. You can either take a shortcut or hike together to the top of Mt. Evans. Enjoy stunning scenery and fantastic stay. This is undoubtedly a tremendous aromatic getaway! Breathe in the fresh alpine air and feast your eyes on the great mountain scenery. Enjoy the seclusion and the romance of the moment.


Ride Telluride’s Gondola

Drive to Telluride via a winding alpine drive the San Juan Range. Gaze at the beautiful views of Colorado Rocky Mountains, and once you reach Telluride, climb on the gondola to enjoy some spectacular views. The 13-minute ride is sure to leave the two of you with some amazingly lovely moments and memories of a lifetime. You can enjoy some funfilled activities and excellent dining experience at Telluride’s flagship restaurant, Allred’sRestaurant. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails and taste fine wines while gazing at incredible views from the top of the Gondola.


Soak in Hot Springs

There is nothing more romantic than soaking in hot springs together, while surrounded by gentle white snow. Look for a spot that offers private tubs for optimum romance. Couples prefer the historic Wiesbaden Hot Springs or the Hot Springs in Dolores. Indian Springs Resort in Idaho Springs is another spot that makes for a perfect secluded getaway. Colorado is covered in hot springs, and each is very different from the other. You can explore private pools to onsite spas or the “wild” hot springs you can hike to and enjoy complete privacy.


Hike to Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake near Glenwood is famed for its turquoise blue waters. Nestled in is famed for its turquoise blue waters. Nestled in
landlocked Colorado, it is indeed one of the most iconic hikes in Colorado. The short and steep trail will lead to the gorgeous Caribbean-blue pool. You can follow the trail to a waterfall, and make the most out of your secluded times together. The geologic wonder is very popular with visitors for its awe-inspiring beauty and breathtaking sights. You can stand under the waterfalls, swim together or walk to the fallen trees within the lake itself.


Denver Botanic Gardens for Romance

Denver Botanic Gardens are perfect for the local urbanites, and tourists looking for omantic pockets of nature, without venturing too far away from the town. Take a stroll with your loved one and walk hands in hands in the famous Botanic Gardens. Find a quiet corner and or steal a kiss. Capture the moment, surrounded by blossoms and vines.The summer months are simply magical with gorgeous rose blooms. Whether one plans to get engaged or spend quality time with their loved one, there is no doubt love always in the air in the Denver Botanic Gardens. The top-rated botanic garden boasts a gorgeous backdrop and its versatile space is perfect for any occasion.


The Colorful Foliage Hike

Foliage Hike glimmers in yellow and gold and are simply perfect to shoot a picture perfect photo with your loved one. The foliage, mountain, and lake are an ever-popular destination for couples. Look at the leaves taking on new hues as the temperatures begin to fall. The breathtaking vistas and beautiful fall colors are most inviting. You can take the DeLonde Trail which is an easy climb and are sure to go gaga over color the whole way. The leafy palette can turn from yellow to orange and red and thus enhance the stunning scene.


A romantic trip on Georgetown Loop Railroad

Get ready for a romantic classic rail travel. Embark on Georgetown Loop Railroad that will take you through gorgeous mountain scenery. Go for the elegant “Wine and Cheese” themed ride for perfect backdrops and aromatic moments. It is now famous historic narrow gauge railroads of Colorado, as well as an engineering marvel. Take the ride to reach the Devil’s Gate Bridge and wind through a Rocky Mountain pathway. You can ask for Silver mine tours in addition to your trip. The towns are placed about 2 miles apart, and the tracks take you across mountainous terrain and are filled with loops and curves. Georgetown Loop is a popular tourist attraction and a great way to see Clear Creek Valley. Take a journey back in time on Colorado’s great narrow gauge railroads and enjoy views of Rocky Mountain and the Devil’s Gate High Bridge.

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