Roots Market Bistro – good for dates

For our date, I remembered that there is a place that Me-An really wanted to try before and that is Roots Market Bistro in the ground floor of Greenhills Promenade. I personally thought that Roots Market Bistro is a vegetarian restaurant since roots are connected to trees and plants. However, I was wrong. We found out that Roots Market Bistro is actually an American and European restaurant which sources fresh ingredients from the local market.


The theme and ambiance of the whole restaurant is garden inspired. When we were there, I felt like eating in the middle of the forest. Me-An, on the other hand, felt like in an oasis because it offers a small respite from the busy mall.


From the presentation of the restaurant itself, I have to give it to them for being minimalistic and letting the greens make the place stand out. We found the place to be a good dating place with their furniture and “dreamy” lighting as Me-An calls it.


As a matter of fact, we also saw other couples eating there due to the nice ambiance. They offer weekly specials too which give customers more reason to come back.



As the name suggests, all of the dishes you’ll order have roots in them… Just kidding! We really think their concept is salubrious so their food selection usually has greens.

For our appetizer, we ordered SCALLOPS ROCKEFELLER (PhP 375 / $8.03), a part of the weekly specials offered during our visit. It is a typical baked scallops presented on a bed of salt and topped with tarragon accompanied with lemon.


The Scallops tasted too salty for me not just because of the salt underneath the Scallops, but because of the ingredients that were put in the Scallops themselves. The cheese really was overpowered by the salty taste. Besides the saltiness of the dish, it tasted okay for me as I haven’t tasted anything in there that feels unique, or amazing. Meanwhile, Me-An gave up eating it altogether even if she loves scallops.


For our main meals, Me-An had SEAFOOD RISOTTO (PhP 385 / $ 8.25). This dish, which was also part of the weekly specials, easily became the highlight of our stay due to its creaminess and the variety of seafood that was in the dish. It may look small in the photo, but the dish is a really heavy serving. For those who don’t know us, me and Me-An are really a big fan of risotto and seafood. Thus, we are very delighted that Roots hadn’t failed us on this one.


I, on the other hand, ordered BEEF SALPICAO (PhP 520 / $ 11.15), comprised of the Beef Salpicao itself, rice, an olive oil based sauce, and salad on the side. This one is included in their usual menu. Just like the Risotto, we also really enjoyed this dish due to its large serving. Plus, of course, I loved the Beef Salpicao itself which is big and Juicy and cooked in the right amount of time. Along with the oil based sauce and the yummy salad, this really makes for a deliciously unique culinary delight. It may look undercooked on the photo, but, trust me, it is good.


Finally, for the dessert, we ordered their instagram-worthy ROOTS POTTED (PhP 250 / $5.36), chocolate cake placed in a small pot along with mini-choco chips, stone-shaped chocolates and a sweet surprise underneath – vanilla ice cream. The leaf in the middle is just for presentation purposes. For me, if it is just a dessert presentation competition, I think Roots will nail it since their dessert looks like an actual small plant. It’s really cute if I say so myself. If ever you decide to try this dessert too, just remember to mix it well. We initially didn’t liked it that much based on our experience. However, after Me-An suggested to mix the entire thing well (without the decorative leaf), we finished the dessert in no time. Yup! We’re sweet tooths.



Roots Bistro Expense


Overall, I would say this is a reasonable restaurant due to the ambiance, good food with ingredients sourced from the local market (yes, we help our Filipino farmers by eating here), and good service. Just so you guys know, this isn’t just a place for couples to date, this place is also good for groups as they also have really long tables. This can be a good place too for reunions this coming holidays.


This is us again. Sorry for the poor photo. It was taken against the light.

What do you think of Roots Market Bistro? Will you personally try it? If you’ve already tried it before, how was your experience?


Ground Floor, Greenhills Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City.
Operating Hours : Open daily from 10 AM to 10PM.
Facebook : 

4 Responses to “Roots Market Bistro – good for dates”

  1. That risotto! I’m a big fan of risotto too, like you. And that potted plant dessert is cute. 🙂 I hosted a kiddie party last week and they had something like that too. But no one ate them coz they didn’t know it was dessert. Haha! I should try this place the next time I head over to Greenhills. I passed by this once and thought it was expensive!

  2. Another great post ! Njam , njam , how delicious look these scallops ! I love the presentation of that chocolate cake , lovely idea ! It’s not just the quality of the food that makes people come back again and again , the presentation means a lot aswell , looks like a great place to be . Thanks for sharing all these experiences , will be back for more mouth-watering posts 🙂

  3. The scallops look delicious; too bad they tasted too salty. I’m excited to try the creamy risotto – to be honest, so far I’d tried only one yet, in another restaurant, and it didn’t live up to expectations so I’m looking for other places that offer risotto, so I can finally understand why it’s world famous. The chocolate cake dessert looks tempting and creative!

  4. oooh! I want to try the risotto but it has shrimp. I’ll try the root potted. It looks so good to be eaten. I thought you can take a plant home haha


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