RYU Ramen and Curry

Quick Bites 7: P 5 on 2nd Ramen at RYU Ramen and Curry, SM JAZZ Makati

If you had been wanting to go on that ramen date with your loved one or friend without spending too much, this is your chance. RYU Ramen and Curry lets you have your 2nd ramen for only P 5 (or USD 0.28) as they celebrate their 5th anniversary.

Our good friend Harvard of alwayshungry.ph treated us last night to piping hot delicious bowls of comforting ramen with appetizing gyozas.


Ryu Ramen and Curry Experience

5 Peso Ramen PROMO

RYU Ramen Curry
RYU RAMEN CURRY, PHP 380 (or USD  7.5)

For first timers, visiting RYU Ramen and Curry will never be complete without trying out their specialty, Ryu Ramen Curry. Me-An ordered this and, as it was served in front of her, I can’t help but be tantalized with the curry scent I’ve whiffed.

Four slices of chasyu pork, soft-boiled egg, cooked but firm ramen noodles, bean sprouts, and green onions are in a rich katsu curry broth. When I tasted it, I appreciate that it doesn’t taste near a pre-packaged curry sauce mix. Slurping the thick textured broth with mild heat certainly warmed up my inside. I find this a great choice for a dreary rainy day.


EBI TANTANMEN, PHP 5 (or 10 USD cents)  | ORIGINAL PRICE: PHP 430 (or USD 8.5)

Before you read further, this isn’t how the Ebi Tantanmen looks when it was served. I couldn’t contain myself from digging in that is why it ended up looking that way.

Tiny shrimps, vegetables, and ramen noodles are in a bright red orange colored broth. With the spicy sesame oils, my face can’t help but turn pink as I found it to be spicy. Don’t worry about its spiciness though! It is not something that is unbearable.

And even if it is priced for only P 5, RYU Ramen and Curry neither skimped on ingredients nor made the bowl smaller than how it was supposed to be,


Below is also a look on their MISO RAMEN which is part of their P 5 offering. To find out the other three ramens part of their promo, make sure to head to RYU ramen and curry until July 28, 2017.

Miso Ramen


Tip: Whatever ramen or tantanmen slurp gently to avoid soup splatters on your clothes or better yet, bring a bib to be put over your top.

MUST order appetizers!

Pork Gyoza


Pork and Shrimp gyoza

Gyoza for me is not just an appetizer. It is a side dish that should be consumed with your choice of ramen. For PHP 160 (or USD 3.16), you can choose whether you want it pan-fried or deep fried.

I highly suggest you opt for the pan-fried as how it is traditionally enjoyed. Truth be told, there is nothing spectacular with their gyozas. I also found it to be quickly cooked as it didn’t have the beautiful crispy brown bottom. However, these Japanese dumplings are still quite a joy to eat and completes the ramen experience.


For non-ramen lovers…

Chicken Teppan Don

We didn’t get to try this but RYU Ramen and Curry offers donburis (rice bowl dishes) like this one.



Yakult Shake
YAKULT SHAKE, PHP 125 (or USD  2.47)

Ice blended Yakult is poured in a strawberry drizzled glass. I find it the perfect drink to temper down the heat from their tantanmens.


Love RYU Ramen and Curry

Honestly, RYU Ramen and Curry isn’t on par with our favorite ramen restaurants like Ramen Yushoken and the like. However, they served affordable authentic ramen experience. Indeed, at the end of the day, what matters more is that you get your money’s worth and your tummy is immensely satisfied. Thus, we greatly appreciate that RYU Ramen and Curry delivers that with their delicious tasting dishes and huge servings. One bowl of ramen can actually be shared by two people.
Finally, their extensive menu also will give you a myriad of options that will keep you coming back for more.

RYU Ramen & Curry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

RYU Ramen and Curry branches:

  • Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Lazcano, Quezon City. Tel. 709-8789
  • U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. Tel. 294-3574
  • SM Jazz Residences, Jupiter St. cor N. Garcia, Makati City. Tel. 874-1022

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