Aquaria Water Park

Sands Restaurant at Aquaria Water Park

We, as mentioned, went on a blogger’s getaway at Aquaria Water Park courtesy of Anya Hospitality Corporation. Hence, we were blessed to try some food at Sands Restaurant.

Aquaria Water Park


As we were mainly focused on food and were hungry from all the activities that we had been doing, Me-An, unfortunately, failed to take a photo of the open-air restaurant. The nice-looking, simple restaurant can only accommodate a limited number of people. However, it’s all right as other guests opt to bring their own food.

Indeed, one can bring your own food. Just make sure to allocate PhP 100 (or 2.01 USD) per person for the corkage fee.



Aquaria Sands Restaurant

If we are with our respective families, we’ll definitely order the BILAO FIESTAPhP 1, 100 (or 54.36 USD) good for five people. It has the following viands:

  • Daing na Bangus (fried milkfish) or fried Tilapia fish
  • Liempo (grilled pork belly) or lechon kawali (Filipino Crispy Fried Pork Belly)

It is served with salted egg, eggplant, tomato, onion, and bagoong alamang (shrimp paste) on the side. Finally, it comes with a five cups of rice and a pitcher of iced tea.

We think it’s a reasonable package as it’s just PhP 220 (or 4.42 USD) per person for food that’s definitely better to be eaten with the fresh ocean air. I can imagine myself already eating it with my bare hands.


Aquaria Sands Restauran


Our Food

What we ate were catered food by Sands restaurant. Thus, the food you’ll see below are a glimpse of what can be eaten when you decide to hold your event at Aquaria Water Park.

Aquaria Water Park is definitely open for events like corporate events, summer outing, team building activities or even beach weddings. During the time of our visit, there was actually a Christmas party going on.

Aquaria Water Park



Cucumber drinks

Upon arriving the resort, we were greeted with welcome drinks which were cucumber juices. For those who know us personally, we hate cucumber, but, for some reason, I liked the drink. That’s a good sign I think.



Aquaria Sand Restaurant

We proceeded to the Sands restaurant after a brief tour of Aquaria Water Park. It was a simple but filling snack consisting of lasagna and iced tea. The pasta tasted ordinary for me, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. One may like its sweet taste and cheesy top.



Aquaria Water Park

After our sandbar tour, we got to fill our stomachs with a buffet of food arrayed tastefully. A creamy, thick soup was served right away to warm our tummies. We then proceeded to eating the viands while washing down the food with blue lemonade. Ended the meal on a sweet note with the buko salad, a Filipino variation of the fruit salad who primary ingredient is shredded coconut.


Aquaria Water Park Salad Station

DIY salad

Aquaria Water Park food

Me-An and I are honestly not well acquainted with the kind of cheeses. It’s because our kind of lifestyle doesn’t involve enjoying wine and cheese pairings. All we’re well familiar of is cheddar and mozzarella. So, whenever we have the chance, we try to expand our knowledge.

For that lunch, what I particularly enjoyed, if I’m not mistaken, is a Camembert cheese. It’s the round one in the right most side of the photo. It has a deep, earthy aroma and a bit sweet and milky taste. For me, its supple texture makes it go well with any kind of bread.


Aquaria Water Park

Served upon request, the pasta and their Italian style red sauce are heated together in a skillet.


Aquaria Water Park

Shrimp Skewers and Grilled Pork Meat

The shrimp skewers were a crowd favorite and it tasted great wih the lemon butter sauce.


While the food is generally tasty, I and Me-An found the honey fried chicken the best next to the shrimp skewer. The fried chicken were enveloped in a sweet tasting coating. Aside from that, it was crunchy to bite on the outside and the meat soft on the inside.



Aquaria Sand Restaurant

Finally, before we head back to Manila, they offered us one last meal. It was carbonara with 2 pieces of chicken lollipops and black gulaman as our drink

The chicken lollipop has a nice texture. Meanwhile, the carbonara is a so-so for me. It has bacon bits on top and tuna bits inside the sauce for added flavor, but I found the white sauce to be really bland in my taste. The spaghetti noodles looked lifeless to me also maybe because it was served cold. Anyway, what saved the meal for me is their black gulamanIt is sweet and has different textures of gulaman inside which made drinking it fun.



Aquaria Water Park
Photo credit to Sir Azrael of

Overall, based on the food we tried, the food offered by Sands restaurant of Aquaria Water Park is quite good. Although I cannot comment on its reasonableness since we weren’t served the actual food from their a la carte menu, I have to commend them for the food selection as well as the presentation of their food. Their foods’ taste is admittedly a bit hit or miss. However, we’ll opt to eat there when we return especially that they have a bilao fiesta and bilao overload meal set. It would also spare us the hassle of preparing food.


Sands Restaurant

Aquaria Water Park, Brgy. Sta Ana Calatagan, Batangas.

For Inquiries & Reservations:
15F Corporate Center Building Valero St. Salcedo Village Makati City.
Phone No.: (02) 5538888 | Fax No.: (02) 750-1894

Twitter: @aquariaph
Instagram: @aquariawaterpark


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18 Responses to “Sands Restaurant at Aquaria Water Park”

  1. I would love to try the Bilao Fiesta with my family should we ever get to visit Sands Restaurant. I cringed when I read how you described the carbonara though. Pasta with bacon is good and pasta with tuna is good as well but not bacon and tuna in one dish. Hmmmm! It’s a little weird for me. Their bechamel sauce is also on the stingy side (did they scoop it for you or you were the one who put the sauce on top?). The shrimp skewers looked yummy nonetheless. I saw a wheel of brie cheese too so I guess I’m sold. 🙂

  2. The food looks great! Their corkage fee is really affordable. If I was with my family and friends, that bilao may not be enough for us! Hahaha. For the DIY salad, what dips were there? 🙂

  3. First of all, the place looks nice. Siguro I would describe it as refreshing and I am being biased, basta merong water or sea, hehe. Anyway, checking out the food, I pick one dish that I think stands out, for me, at least. Honey Chicken!

  4. We’ve been to Aquaria last year! We were teo families then and since we can bring food at with corkage fee of i think 50/person we brought food and stayed at the beach front. Ive seen the sands resto near the beach but i never got to try their food. We would love to eat or order the bilao but my parents said that we hve enough food coz they find the prices a little expensive, i think it was the buffet they were referring to. But the place itself is really nice. We enjoyed our time there!

  5. I was checking out the menu – and for me nothing beats eating seafood and liempo on the beach! will definitely check this out when we go back to Calatagan. It’s been ages since we’ve been there! Dami na palang bago! Thanks for sharing this. We’re planning a road trip with my college barkada in April. Will recommend this. On a side note, I love cheese! Camembert is one of my favourites!

  6. “All we’re well familiar of is cheddar and mozzerella”
    I grinned when I read that, because me too! Well, unless you count in cream cheese? Anyway, the place looks really nice and the food looks awesome as well! But i’m quite confused about the corkage fee for bringing your own food. Does that means by paying 100 PHP, we can just sit in their premise and eat our own meals wholly packed from elsewhere?

  7. Laveena Sengar

    The place looks amazing to me. I just love everything with cheese in it and yes I mean it. The menu also looks super cool to me. I would really like to check this place out.

  8. Was that 220 pesos for AM, Lunch and PM meals? or 220 per meal per person? Anyhow, surely eating with an ocean view is a delight. I’m quite curious about Aquaria too. The corkage fee is per person regardless the type of food you bring in with you or if you have drinks to put in, there’s a different payment?

  9. I looked at the info below and thought it’s located in Makati haha… Turns out it’s where you can inquire. Anyway, the food is always important to me wherever I go and it looks like they have a delicious selection. For that alone it’s already worth a consideration.

  10. A beanery that is located near the beach or within the beach area is something romantic and its an advantage. Anyway, I would love to try all the food here if I have the opportunity to visit this restaurant. I like the place and the whole set up. It’s indeed a good place for any kind of events.

  11. The food all look so gourmet and classy! No wonder they’re all so pricey. It must have been such a great experience. It’s going to be lovely taking your family and friends here. 🙂

  12. It actually does look pretty interesting. Hopefully, my family and I can go there this summer though it would be nice if it’s not just a day trip since it would be more relaxing if you can just stay a couple of nights.

  13. Agnes Dela Cruz

    I’m from Subic and the place is known for beaches and watersports but to explore different places like this one is exciting! I will include this in my bucket list since it is just a couple of rides away. The food looks good..not too much but just right.

  14. Oooh, Nice of them to allow baon but 100 corkage seems much! I mean if you have baon, chances are you’re in a group haha so mapapamahal ka pa hehe. Looks like nice place to hangout after having fun at the park! 🙂

    • I think the corkage fee is reasonable since a group may leave behind lots of trash or mess which the water park has to clean up after 🙂

  15. I love how Sands Restaurant’s food looks like. Very fresh and tropical which fits the resort’s amenities. I think I too would enjoy the shrimp skewers. Never had one before!


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