Drippy Gooey Cheesy Goodness at Sandwicheese!

Me-An and I are big sauce lovers. For us, a good sauce can turn a seemingly dry, lifeless dish into something really yummy. When I learned the existence of Sandwicheese!, a restaurant that serves anything with cheese on it, from Me-An, I couldn’t resist trying it out too.


For a little bit of a background, Sandwicheese! came from the same owners of Banapple, Sandwicheese’s sibling that is a bakery cafe. In fact, Sandwicheese! branch in SM North is located just beside Banapple.

Thus, those family members or friends who can’t survive a meal without rice can order next door and have it served at Sandwicheese! Meanwhile, those who are seated in Banapple who also craved for some of Sandwicheese’s menu items can also order there and have it served while in Banapple. How convenient is that!

Of course, we recommend that when you’re in Sandwicheese! your order from there. It’s because you’ll miss their great tasting sandwiches.




Sandwicheese! feels like dining in a cottage kitchen because of their metal tables, hanging pendant lights, and checkered tiles that remind us of a kitchen, and the usage of a wooden fence as decor reminds us of a cottage. Meanwhile, the deconstructed sandwich art makes us feel that we’re part of the preparation of the sandwiches which all the more adds to the kitchen feeling. It feels befitting for a casual sandwich dining place.



By the way, since Sandwicheese! is a casual dining restaurant, one must go to the counter to order and pay. They’ll give out a number afterwards, then one must patiently wait for his order/s to be served.



Sanwicheese! offers mostly sandwiches and some salads as well.

Sandwicheese! Salads


Additionally, they also offer a sandwich, burger or frankfurter to be turned into a meal.


Sandiwcheese Hickory Shredded Pork

I went with the HICKORY SHREDDED PORK SANDWICHEESE, PhP 160 (or 3.36 USD) with CHILI & CHEESE NACHOS and 12 OZ. ICED TEA for an additional of PhP 120 (or 2.52 USD).

Hickory Shredded Pork

The shredded pork simmered in Hickory BBQ sauce was put in a garlic cream cheese spreaded cornmeal along with several other toppings which were fresh romaine, diced tomatoes, caramelized onions, cheese sauce and grated mozzarella cheese.

Although it can get quite messy because of the drippy sauces, I love it because of the tender bun and the taste of the mixed barbeque and cheese. Eating it with all the flavors combined was really a treat for me.



Chili & Cheese Nachos Sandwicheese

As you can see in the photo, they put generous servings of cheese sauce, their delicious Chili con Carne, grated mozzarella cheese and chopped Jalapeños. I like that it was quite large for a side dish. And even though the actual chips aren’t as good as the others that I’ve tried before, the pricing is good, and the chips are crispy and tasty themselves.



On the other hand, Me-An chose something she hasn’t tried before, THE GALLABERGHER, PhP 170 (or 3.57 USD) with SEASONED FRIES and 12 OZ. ICED TEA for an additional of PhP 90 (or 1.89 USD). Her choosing the fries as a side is a no brainer for me since she loves them so much.

The Gallebergher

The burger wasn’t as big as I expected it to be, but Me-An found it to be quite filling. I had a bite of her burger and the patty itself tastes really meaty with no signs of any extenders or whatsoever. It was placed also on a soft cornmeal bun with fresh romaine, sour cream, BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese. You can see the drippy cheesy goodness oozing from the burger.

When bitten, one can chew the goeey goodness of the mozzarella cheese. Me-An enjoyed her order so much.



Sandwicheese Seasoned Fries

Finally, the thick-cut potato fries was fried perfectly and was seasoned with barbecue powder and parsley. Me-An can’t get enough of this since it does not only come with one sauce, but it comes with two sauces. The dipping sauces made the fries more special for her since it were garlic cream cheese and pimiento cream cheese.




Sandwicheese! is Reasonable

Like Banapple, Sandwicheese! is a great value for money restaurant as they offer great food at good prices. Their sandwiches, burgers and the like come with drippy goeey cheesy goodness for cheese and sauce lovers like Me-An and myself. It’s sad though that lactose intolerant people won’t get a chance to try it especially their good tasting cheese sauce. Aside from that, they don’t skimp on ingredients and the iced tea that comes with the meal is actually house-blended (not powder mix). So if you think that their sandwich meal won’t be enough to fill your stomach, you’ll have to think otherwise. Heavy eaters like us got full stomachs after.

Sandwicheese Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Second Floor, Sky Garden, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 10 AM to 11 PM.

7 Responses to “Drippy Gooey Cheesy Goodness at Sandwicheese!”

  1. I am into sandwiches lately. Perhaps husband is a great influence. SM North is one of the nearest malls from our place and a visit there is surely possible. i would want to try the burgers and fries.

  2. Naghahanap nga ako ng sandwich or burger kanina pa. Nakaka entice naman ang post ninyo kasi sapul sa akin ang burger kasi iyan pa naman hinahanap ko. Nagkataon lang, me need ako ng gawin dito now online and nandito na naman ako sa the one place na kung saan ako lagi, Shangri-La Mall na wala naman halos ok na food choices unless one wants to go for meals sa new wing nila.

    The burger looks really really yummy.

  3. I’m preparing my dinner right now and this post makes me even more hungry. Haha! Sarap naman, how you descibe the caramelized onion, cheese sauce and mozarella cheese in a burger, yum! I guess the burger is a bit pricey but I guess this is worth it. 😉

  4. Awesome place! I l like the look of this place ☺ plus I’m a big big fan of anything cheesy hehe. Definitely need to check this place out! Craving right nowwww 😜

  5. Loving the cheesy goodness of this! I’m a huge fan of cheese — hence the love for Italian food. But this one just takes it to a whole new level by mainly focusing on cheese. You’re right though, it may be a hindrance to lactose-intolerant people. But if it’s really good, occasional tummy aches would be worth it. Haha.

  6. that’s a cute name. i don’t think i can stop saying the name sandwicheese! having thick, gooey drippy cheese in our burgers and sandwiches are always the best! and it’s great that they offer cornmeal buns instead of the usual standard white wheat buns.

  7. I love anything with cheese! I’m a cheese addict and love those recipe videos with all the cheese. So happy to hear this is right next to Banapple in SM North. Will definitely make it a point to go here.


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