Saturdate Grill

For most of us working people (or students), an ordinary week usually consists of REST – WORK – WORK – WORK – WORK – WORK – REST. The only day in a hectic week where we can unwind either chilling with friends or going on a date with a significant other will rest on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. But Friday night we’re already tired from work (#TitoofManila) and Sundays are usually reserved for our families (well, in my case), so that leaves us with Saturdays most of the time.

On a Saturday night after a very busy week, we wanted to find a place where we can talk and eat some good food. Since we were in Quezon City area, we thought we should look for such a place in Maginhawa/ Malingap street a.k.a. the food haven.

After a few of minutes of wandering around Malingap, we found a food place that piqued our interest and that place was Saturdate Grill .

Saturdate Grill

We immediately decided to try out the place mainly because it was a Saturday, we were on a date, and we liked to have some grilled food.


The Interior

The place is just small, chill and cozy.
Saturdate Grill


Although we failed to take a shot of the entire place, you’ll see when you eat there that a lot of paintings are hanged around the walls. The paintings, we learned from the brother of the co-owner, were painted by their cousin based in Bacolod.



There is also a tiny stage where people can perform in front.

Lloyd on the guitar

Finally, the place can actually be rented for intimate gatherings and even intimate performances.


The Food

Saturdate Grill’s menu is of a typical Filipino type as you can see in the picture below.

Saturdate Grill menu


We started things off by ordering PORK SISIG, PhP 155 (or 3.29 USD), a dish made from chopped pig’s face (snout included) and ears. The dish is sometimes topped off with an egg like this one.

Pork Sisig

There was nothing too special about Saturdate Grill’s pork sisig. It may also have been oily for my taste and not as crispy as I would’ve liked. However, it still tastes good enough and has an adequate serving for its price.

Pork Sisig


Although we found Pampa’s sisig to be the best one in Malingap street, the real reason we ate at Saturdate Grill in the first place was for their grilled CHICKEN ISAW, PhP 5 (or 0.11 USD cents) and SPECIAL ISAW, PhP 10 (or 0.21 USD cents) for each stick. By the way, for our international readers, “isaw” is a Filipino term for intestine. Yes, Filipinos eat chicken intestines and pork intestines.

from left to right: Chicken Intestine (or “chicken isaw”) and Special Intestine (or “special isaw”)


It took kind of long before we got our isaws which was understandable because it was a grilled snack. We promise you all the wait for the isaws are worth it.

Kuya grilling isaw


After our first bite, we immediately regarded Saturdate Grill’s isaw as one of the best isaws we’ve ever tried. It was because of their homemade special marinade which was sweet and tasty. Plus, the meat itself didn’t had any bitter aftertaste so it was cleaned well. We didn’t had to worry in eating it! We also loved the fact that they served the isaw with onion infused vinegar to add variety in its taste

Chicken isaw

You may notice that the sticks are short, but, hey!, considering its price, it’s worth it. What we must point out to Saturdate Grill though is that their staff must limit the flipping of the isaw over the grill to avoid uneven cooking. We, as customers, don’t want to eat any of the burnt parts.

Anyway, before we forget, we highly recommend everyone to try their special isaw as it is juicy and chewy that it’s almost addicting. It’s also more enjoyable than their normal pork isaw according to Saturdate Grill’s server.

Saturdate Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Saturdate Grill


Saturdate Grill is Reasonable

We’re happy that we bumped into Saturdate grill. Its name was synonymous to the event that we were looking for and they offer good street food/ bar chow specifically isaws at very affordable prices. Saturdate Grill is perfect for those who want to end their week with a reasonable #Saturdate.


Saturdate Grill

27B Malingap St., Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101
Operating Hours: 5PM to 2AM (everyday).

12 Responses to “Saturdate Grill”

  1. The prices are definitely affordable! This is just perfect for a Saturday night. But I will be meeting my friends later so we might as well try it. 🙂

  2. Nice find there. First of all, as soon as I saw the photo, I thought the place looks cozy, small and nice. Turn off, where people can sing. I kinda like it quiet so I could talk, talk, and keep talking.

    I assume also, they would have buckets? I am sure they do, I mean, they do serve grilled food (including isaw). They must have buckets of beer???

  3. The place is a cute cozy one. Regarding the food, I tried the pork Sisig a couple of times and I love it. Never tried the intestines though

  4. I like the name – Saturdate Grill is actually pretty creative. It seems like a cosy place with nice atmosphere, which is awesome. It’s great that you came across such a good restaurant 🙂

  5. I will definitely hunt this. As in. Oftentimes, we go to Maginhawa to eat at a specific place we have in mind only to end up eating at a different place because we simply cannot find that original plan. For instance, weve been looking for the Nook Cafe and ended up at Snacks and Ladder. They were all beautiful experiences, though. Seeing those isaw just really push me to be vigilant and truly be patient to locate Saturdate. Thanks for the lead.

  6. Rowena C

    The place looks cozy and a hang out where you can chill and catch up with your friends. I love the isaw by the way. You made me crave for it hehehe

  7. I really like budget meals with lovely food! Will add this in my bucket list Ha-Ha! The name of the restau is kinda COOL as well. Lovely decor and street foods are my favs too.

  8. The sisig made me hungry! 🙁 That’s my favorite comfort food (and pulutan food too) Otherwise, the grill looks pretty cool. It looks like somewhere you could bring your buy friends though, and not as a saturdate with a loved one 🙂

  9. The pork sisig is mouthwatering! And the price is quite reasonable. I’m taking note of this in case we’re in the area.

  10. It’s really affordable! I just wish that it would eventually branch out in Manila or Makati area. Hahaha. But the pork bbq pls 🙁

  11. Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan

    Saw Chicharon Bulaklak on the menu and I’m sold! It’s definitely not healthy at all but I don’t care. Chicharon Bulaklak is my all time fave! I hope you try them next time you visit 🙂 Well, I love chicken isaw too with vinegar dip 🙂


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