Seattle's Best Coffee MOA

A Cool and Refreshing Afternoon Date at Seattle’s Best Coffee MOA

It may be the rainy season but it certainly didn’t stop the sun from shining. Thus, one bright afternoon we decided to drop by at Seattle’s Best Coffee MOA (SM Mall of Asia) for their signature ice-blended drinks called javakulas.


During our visit, we couldn’t help but appreciate its spacious interior with a modern, industrial vibe. I think it’s great not only for hanging out with friends due to its ample space. We also think that it’s a nice place for those who want to concentrate on studying.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Those of you who intend to work at a coffee shop to increase your productivity. We can’t readily recommend this yet as we didn’t check if there are plenty of electronic sockets and if their Wi-Fi connectivity is reliable. You have to recall that we went here for a date.


Cool and Refreshing Drinks

Seattle's Best Coffee MOA

Enticed with SBC’s new javakula offerings, I convinced Me-An to order those instead of our usual favorites. Both of the drinks are topped with rich chocolate whipped cream and a sweet garnish.

  • PEANUT BUTTERCUP JAVAKULA (on the left for me)

Whenever I see the word peanut butter cup, Reese’s chocolate honestly comes to my mind. I’m not sure if the drink resembled it as based on my experience it tastes like my favorite Choc-nut. What I am definite of is that the drink has great chocolaty and peanut taste. Its balanced level of sweetness compliments the bold flavor of coffee.


  • COOKIE CRUNCH JAVAKULA (on the right for Me-An)

Me-An also found this to her liking as the sweetness of the caramel cuts through. She said she enjoyed the cookie crunch with the base.


We learned that both of the drinks are available only until October 21, 2017.


Hot Off the Griddle

Of course, our date will never be complete with food. Good thing it paired well with our chosen drinks.

Seattle's Best Coffee MOA

From what I know, this classic pasta should have a slightly spicy taste to it. We didn’t get it here but the flavor that the tomatoes rendered still made it a satisfying dish. The wheat bread served on the side truly makes it more filling.


Salmon Cream Cheese

The smoked salmon panini is served with potato chips which Me-An munched much to her gusto.


Salmon Cream Cheese

As the salmon used is smoked and lightly seasoned, it’s tasty with the cream cheese and lettuce. And there is a nice crunch from the pressed ciabatta bread as I enjoy the filling. I regret not trying this until just during our visit.  It’s really delectable!


Love Seattle’s Best Coffee MOA

Love Seattle's Best Coffee
Photo credit: Angela (owner of IG: @babyboybalto)

Thanks to Me-An’s good friend, Angela, for taking photos of our quick date. It looked like something out of a magazine. Candid really works best.

Anyway, we really enjoyed our date at Seattle’s Best Coffe MOA as we found their new drinks to our liking. We also liked how their food is deliciously filling. Thus, we ended up being focused on eating and drinking while enjoying the presence of one another.

P.S. We decided to move by the window in the second photo as we love people watching.

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Seattle’s Best Coffee MOA

Ground Floor, North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City.

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