Siama Hotel

Siama Hotel: the Accommodation for Serenity and Style in Sorsogon City

Siama Hotel

Nestled in a coconut plantation, Siama Hotel is a haven for those who want to unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Siama Hotel

Disclosure: My overnight stay was generously sponsored by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Philippines and Siama Hotel as part of the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) Bicol Express Familiarization Trip. Rest assured all photos were taken by me. Plus, everything I wrote is of my own opinion and insights.


Address: Sitio San Lorenzo, Bibincahan, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Philippines.

Siama Hotel is isolated within a 10-hectare coconut plantation. Thus, you will need to avail their private shuttle to pick you up from the airport or bus terminal. On the other hand, if you have a car, parking is available on the premises. It’s highly recommended that you use Waze to easily find your way.

Although Siama Hotel is a bit remote, the city proper is actually a mere ten (10) minutes ride. Sorsogon province’s must-see tourist spots are also less than an hour away. Therefore, its convenient location makes it an ideal home base for touring the province even though it is a destination in itself.


Upon arrival, I was in awe of Siama Hotel’s architecture and interiors that were a combination of airy, open spaces, concrete, and stylish furniture made of woven rattan and reworked Acacia wood. The cushioned rattan ottomans added contemporary elegance while retaining the Filipino flair.

Siama Hotel

I found out later that Siama Hotel was named after the grandfather of the owner, Ms. Katherine. Meanwhile, her husband, Milo Naval, an architect and an acclaimed furniture designer, crafted the boutique hotel using the traditional ‘Nipa Hut’ as the inspiration.


The staff were quick to process our rooms. And the place remained serene despite the fact that there was a celebrity during our visit.

Siama Hotel

I love how the hotel card key holder was made from Abaca with the room number embroidered. I can sense their keen attention to detail in making everything eco-friendly.


Siama Hotel

There is, of course, a refreshing drink to welcome guests. What was offered to us was their house blend iced tea.

Deluxe Room

No rooms are exactly the same, but their rooms are spacious and have all the basic things needed in a stylish way.

Room Amenities

Staying in Siama Hotel means being detached from the modern comforts such as television and Wi-Fi. One can definitely bond with ones loved ones without those distractions.

Siama Hotel Outdoor Sitting Area

As my room was located at the second floor, I didn’t have a pool access. I, however, have a balcony with an outdoor sitting area and a pool view. It feels more secluded for me as people can’t definitely roam around outside unless they climb a tree. My form of entertainment was listening to the chirping of birds in the morning and the chirping of the crickets at night.


My bed was enclosed with bamboos. Honestly speaking, I felt like I was sleeping in a cage. Good thing I’m not a 6 footer or else I won’t fit there.

I discovered its purpose though as I woke up from bed. It fairly protected me from the bright rays of the sun.

Siama Hotel

As for the beddings and pillow cases, it’s made of quality linen. Just don’t be surprised that the blanket is thin.


The desk faces away from the big glass sliding doors so natural light comes in over one shoulder and illuminates one work.

Siama Hotel Cabinet

Noticeably, water is provided in a water pitcher instead of the usual mineral water bottles. They stayed true in being an eco-friendly hotel.

Siama Hotel Cabinet

A spacious cabinet is perfect for those who want to make Siama Hotel as their hideout.


There is also a reading corner for those who love reading. A perfect spot too for reading the Bible in the morning or for simply waiting for one’s hair to dry.Siama Hotel Deluxe Room

P.S. You won’t find a phone inside the room. This means you’ll have to go to the 24-hour front desk if ever you need something. Yes, no wake-up calls. Make sure your alarms are set to be on time for your sightseeing tours.



Siama Hotel Bathroom

Deluxe rooms thankfully don’t have an open bathroom. The showerhead is rainshower but I found it to be quite close to where the toiletries are placed. They may have tried to prevent floor flooding at the expense of the comfortable space of body scrubbing.


Siama Hotel Toiletries

Complimentary toiletries are from Pure Herbs which are made from high-quality ingredients such as rosemary, thyme, and melissa. It has no parabens, silicone oils, formaldehye releasers or alcohol so it’s really gentle on skin.

Complimentary Breakfast

The breakfast is a buffet spread of Filipino food. During our visit, they offered scrambled eggs, sausages, rice, and bread. They offered gulaman and hot chocolate for drinks.

Siama Hotel

Siama Hotel Breakfast

I love the look of everything in the breakfast table from the backdrops to the dishes. I just noticed that there are some bed trays. Breakfast in bed, anyone?


By the way, there is also complimentary coffee on the side which is available anytime given there are no coffee or tea-making equipment inside the rooms.

Siama Hotel


Siama Hotel BreakfastThose woven penchant lamps can be great conversation starters at the dining hall, don’t you think so?

Hotel Facilities

Siama Hotel

Siama Hotel has a stunning outdoor infinity pool with a huge hammock tied to coconut trees as seen in the photo above. How I wish I had more time. It would have been great to swim there and not just take photos.


I give Siama Hotel a 4/5 rating for their service. Their staff is accommodating and friendly to the extent of giving all the passwords for their mobile Wi-Fi and resetting it if needed. It is also notable that every nook and cranny of the hotel was clean too during my stay.

Published Rates

  • Superior Room (Single or Double Occupancy): PhP 6, 585 net (or 136.49 USD net).
  • Deluxe Room (Single or Double Occupancy)PhP 7, 500 net (or 155.46 USD net).
  • Deluxe Bunk Bedroom (Up to 6 Occupancy): PhP 12, 500 net (or 259.09 USD net).
  • Family Room (2 Connecting Rooms for 4 people): PhP 15, 850 net (or 328.53 USD net).

All rooms come with complimentary breakfast.

When making a reservation, you’ll have to specify if you want a pool access, pool view or garden view. Don’t forget to mention “Yogo and Cream.”


Although I just stayed for one night, I felt completely rested due to the serene and secure environment. How much more relaxed I am if I stayed longer? Of course, it would be quite difficult for me though as the mobile signal is poor as well as the Wi-Fi connection that is only available in the lobby which is essential tools for blogging. I do think it’s a perfect place for a solitary retreat or for the much-needed bonding with loved ones.

Overall, you may find the prices of Siama Hotel quite high based on the amenities it offers. You should note though that Siama Hotel offers a unique experience through their stylish yet cozy interiors accompanied with warm hospitality and exceptional service. Its location is also a great jump off point for visiting Sorsogon’s attractions while being one with nature. So if you have the money to spend and want to escape to a stylish and serene haven, I say go for it.

Decided? Avail a discount and, at the same time, help support our site by booking below.

Siama Hotel

What do you think of Siama Hotel?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for dropping by.

5 Responses to “Siama Hotel: the Accommodation for Serenity and Style in Sorsogon City”

  1. This is the first that I’ve heard of this. I feel so bad because my hometown is just the province before Sorsogon. Hahaha. What kind of a citizen am I. That hammock is huge and is eye catching! I love everything here. And I don’t care if I don’t have internet or wifi as long as I could reconnect myself with nature and the people I’m with when I’m there.

  2. Chardy Baldyosa

    Beautiful! Great hotel! I wasn’t able to hear about this place when we went to Sorsogon but looks like it’s an amazing place. It’s conparable to the 5 star hotels back in manila and you can definitely smell elegance and sophistication. 🙂

  3. On one hand, I am happy that Sorsogon has improved. The last time I was there was 2003… or 2004. It was one of my routes back in the 90s when I first worked for my dad in his company. Six years, every other week Bicol and Manila. I never stayed in Sorsogon though. Back then, there’s not much in choices and the only accommodation there were the cheap inns.

    As expected, the prices are expensive. There is something about the provinces of the Philippines where in the provinces, the hotels are more expensive on average (the better hotels in an area). For the price they are charging… more than 6K, I would have thought the hotel would have invested in making sure mobile phones signals and the Internet is better. I thought the bamboo casing the bed was too much as it poses problems in cleanliness.

    Other than that, everything seems so nice. My criticism is meant for the management who reads to facilitate the continuous improvements that benefit the guests. 🙂

  4. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this one, and after reading about Philippines constantly, since there are so much blog post about it, I have to admit, this place seems so much more serene, peaceful and really up to my taste than any other one. The space is opened, it’s all about minimalism which is very quite important for me, and it’s all about concrete and a peaceful environment right? The thing is when you’re mentioning the wifi, which is quite annoying, but I totally get it; if you want to disconnect, maybe it’s a good thing. Furthermore, even if the prices are expensives, I guess it worth the shot right? I love the photos and you’re making it justice after checking out again! it seems you had quite a good time!

  5. Looks absolutely gorgeous! That pool is super beautiful, I’d love to spend a day swimming and enjoying the sun. I though think that going there with my fiancé wouldn’t be a good idea, he’s 6.5ft and I’m 5.6ft. Thus sleeping in that cage wouldn’t be very comfy I guess.


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