Drown in Cheesy BBQ Goodness at Sibyullee: Flavors of Seoul, Ayala the 30th

We currently have tried a lot of Korean BBQ restaurants already. However, whenever we blog a BBQ place we ensure that there is something unique going for it and/or you get your money’s worth. So, yes, read further as Sibyullee is a restaurant you shouldn’t miss eating at.

This is actually a long overdue blog post. We had tried Sibyullee just a week after it has opened but instinct dictates us that we have to try it again as well as their other sets so we can review it better.

To those who don’t know Sibyullee: Flavors of Seoul located at the ground mall of Ayala Malls The 30th is owned by the Happyfoods corporation. The said restaurant group franchised Sariwon Korean Barbecue Restaurant and established Soban K-Town Grill.

We actually tried Soban K-Town Grill a few months ago and we absolutely loved it. It became a part of my top three Korean BBQ restaurants in the country. Hence, I really looked forward to what Sibyullee will be bringing to the table.


Ambiance/ Interior


For a Korean grill restaurant, Sibyullee has a youthful ambiance with an overall soft color aesthetics and a well-lit place. This reminds Me-An of the stylish restaurants in Myeongdong, Seoul’s shopping mecca. I personally have been to Myeongdong as well but it was only a short visit.

Although I haven’t eaten at a restaurant in Myeondong, I can easily tell that the restaurant is inviting yet it exudes sophistication. The draped vines and small plants add a calming effect which will be needed when the place is packed with people. Meanwhile, the jars filled with seasonings stacked on shelves make us seem like we are just dining in the kitchen. The place is beautifully well thought out that I think many will find attractive.


Sibyullee Signature BBQ Combo Set 3, PHP 2, 400 (or USD 47.62)

Sibyullee’s major selling point is offering melted cheese to eat with traditional Korean dishes. Even if you disregard the cheese part for a while, their sets are a great value for money considering the number of dishes you will be getting with it. The menu states a set is good for 3-4 persons but it can easily support up to 5-6 people without adding any order.

Looking at the combo set in detail, below are the staple banchan or side dishes they will freely serve as long as you want it.



I personally prefer Soban K-Town Grill’s banchan. Good thing their kimchi is good. Scratch that, their kimchi is excellent. It has been fermented at the right time giving that perfect balance of sour and spicy. Throughout our whole meal, I may have ordered at least five more servings of it.

Another side dish I found to my liking and became a favorite of Me-An’s friend is their anchovies with peanuts. It has a slight sweet taste to it which goes well with steamed rice too.



Each set also comes with a clear soup that tastes ordinary.



Other dishes included in our set are the following:

Beef Belly

They serve this as is without any marinade which I think is perfect. Also, as the slices are thin, it cooks quickly in just one minute. The beef shrinks and you feel like eating just small quantities of it. However, before you are tempted to add another order of beef, you have to note that there are other dishes to be served.

I recommend that you eat this as is with steamed rice so you can savor what limited portion there is.


Samgyeupsal Sibyullee


For samgyeupsal, you have the choice if you want served fresh or marinated. The marinated variants I can recall are the soy garlic and fruity. We had the fruity which is a sweetened version of samgyeopsal. The pork belly has more meat than fat. It is also my preferred kind of slice as it gives room for it to have a crispy texture. I find the marinade flavorful but I still like the original one better.


I recommend that you eat samgyeopsal as a ssam-bomb.


And these are the weapons for getting an explosion of delicious food. Place your samgyeopsal on the lettuce, put garlic, and top with Sibyullee’s homemade samjang sauce.



We didn’t get the chance to try the dipping sauce that came with it. I think it’s the staple sesame oil with salt and pepper.




Consisting of squid, shrimp, Korean mussels and green onion, the pancake is tasty and savory on its own. You can still dip this though in the pajeon dipping sauce provided for more taste. I like its crisp and chewy texture. As it’s pan-fried, it’s understandable that it can be a bit oily for some. Light on the stomach, it is perfect for the other food ahead.




This is the highlight of the set and what differentiates Sibyullee from other Korean grill restaurants. Even though my stomach is almost full, I persisted when I saw how mouth watering the whole thing is. You don’t have to worry about cooking it as the servers will serve it as ready-to-eat.

For the Galbi Cheese BBQ, the rim has buttered corn and egg omelette. Meanwhile, the inner circle has the galbi or beef short ribs, rice cake, potato slices, and cheese which just takes one-eighth of the whole pan.

I found the buttered corn on the side to be lacking in butter flavor. Thus, I think it should be renamed to creamed corn due to the added milk.



The galbi, or barbecue glazed beef short ribs, is sumptuous as it is. We couldn’t resist ourselves from twirling layers and layers of cheese on it. I think everyone will fall in love with it except those who aren’t cheese lovers or can’t eat cheese, of course. I strongly advise that you eat it right away after it is served because the cheese hardens.

If you want a BBQ set with a more generous melted cheese, order Set 2 instead which has dakgogi instead. Dakgogi is chicken marinated in a sweet and savory bulgogi sauce. It is the one you see in the featured image of this post. We tried it as well and enjoyed it twice as much due to the cheese.

Volcano Kimchi Rice


As if the cheese was not mouth watering enough, there is also the volcano kimchi rice, another specialty of Sibyullee. Kimchi fried rice shaped like a volcano is placed in a puddle of melted cheese. Melted cheese is then poured on the top. I  really licked my lips when the server split the rice to let the cheese lava flow.



Finally, the melted cheese is mixed with the kimchi fried rice and served accordingly in separate bowls. We found it adequate for four people.

For the kimchi rice, I’m not sure if they used the same kimchi served as an appetizer as the robust fermented flavor wasn’t there anymore. Perhaps the rice and other ingredients toned it down then the cheese overpowered it. One thing is for sure though, this is a good comfort food with the explosion of cheesy flavor and faint kimchi taste.




This spiral-cut potato cooked to a crisp is a popular street food in Korea. What we liked about this is that the combination of cheese and spices make it the perfect treat to complete the cheese bbq experience.




For the fruit shakes, we love how the real fruit taste stands out. The Sibyullee iced tea, on the hand, has a lemon taste. Finally, for the pink lemonade, the lemon taste is faint for a lemonade so I hope they can improve it further.


Love Sibyullee: Flavors of Seoul


Considering everything that was served at our table, Sibyullee is an excellent Korean restaurant that is deserving of the hype it generated. The place looks beautiful for a Korean BBQ place. Meanwhile, the cheerfulness of the servers is infectious. The moment we stepped in until the moment we stepped out, they greeted and served us with bright smiles.

Finally, their food is a really good value for money proposition. And their cheesy selection made us fell in love with their restaurant. That is why we returned and tried their Set 2. We can’t wait to try their other dishes and Set 1.

P.S. Thank you to Me-An’s high school friend, Angela, and her boyfriend for dining with us and thank you to Sibyullee:Flavors of Seoul for treating us to their delicious food.

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Sibyullee: Flavors of Seoul

Ground Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City.
Operating Hours: Sun. to Thurs. 11 AM to 10 PM and 11 AM to 11 PM.

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