Sizzlin' Steak

Quick Bites 1: Sizzlin’ Steak, Mall of Asia, Pasay City

We are starting a new series here at our blog which is the Quick Bites. It’s when we’re doing a short review compared to intensive food reviews we usually do. This allows us to catch up on our back log and, at the same time, still enables us to help you decide if a restaurant is worth your time or not. Anyway, enough with the chit chat, here goes our Quick Bites 1: Sizzlin’Steak.


Story Time

After our real matcha experience at Tsujiri, my “Cream” (Me-An) was still hungry. So we went to Mall of Asia and looked for a restaurant that will fill her up. Sizzlin’ Steak became a choice for her because last time we ate there was back in college.

Sizzlin' Steak

It is only now that we noticed that Sizzlin’ Steak restaurant has exhaust pipe similar to Korean BBQ restaurants. Has it always been there? We don’t know. What we appreciate on though is that it prevents the strong scent of smoke sticking to one’s clothes and body.


Quick Bites

Sizzlin' Steak


We were curious if this beats Pepper Lunch’s Beef Pepper Rice, their closest competitor. The two have the same concept on the serving raw meat on a hot iron skillet and they let us, diners, have the control to the doneness of the meat.

If you don’t want well done, the technique here is to put it on top of the rice. Just make sure that both sides are evenly cooked.


Sizzlin' Steak

They offer three kinds of sauce: teriyaki sauce, their version of hot sauce (we forgot what it’s called), and their Sizzlin’ steak sauce.


Sizzlin' Steak Sauce

We found the thinly sliced beef to be lacking in peppery taste and, as they don’t have a pepper condiment, we couldn’t adjust it. Still, it’s a filling meal and it tastes great using the mixture of both teriyaki and steak sauces. The corn relish adds texture to it.


The BillSizzlin' Steak

We were surprised to find that there is no service charge on their bill. After all, the servers still had to pour water and bring up and down the exhaust pipes. This makes them wallet friendly well to young adults and university students from Taft area.

Their sizzlin’ beef pepper rice cost the same with their competitor’s upsized one. So when you eat here, expect lots of meat already on your plate.

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Sizzlin’ Steak

Sizzlin' Steak

Ground Floor, North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City.
Operating Hours: 10AM to 10PM.

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