SnippetX for Bloggers Now on SnippetMEdia Mobile App

If you love reading news online, you may find it tasking to type in the link of your favorite information provider, wait for it to load, and do it all again as you read a different source. SnippetMEdia addresses this by gathering the world’s most trusted sources of information such as CNN, Inquirer, PhilStar, etc. and putting it into one mobile application. That is so convenient!

You may think as a blog reader that you also deem blogs as trustworthy and should be included in the mobile app too. Well, recently, SnippetMEdia recognized that blogging isn’t merely a medium of creative self-expression but also a means of communicating vital and/or helpful information. Thus, they created a new platform called SnippetX.



Snippet X

With just one click, regardless of the category (food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, etc.), you will have access to a multitude of posts written by Filipino bloggers including ours.




So go ahead! Download the app through via Apple Store and Google Play Store.

If you’re hesitating because you are using the Bloglovin’ mobile app to read blogs on your phone, SnippetX has a great feature that sets it apart. It has an Artificial Intelligence or AI which curates content based on your interaction with the app like SnippetMEdia.

This also means, if you always read our content in SnippetX, our new blog post and blogs that have a similar content with us will be recommended to you.


3 Reasons Why Bloggers/Online Content Creators should be in SnippetX

If you’re a fellow blogger reading our post, we enumerated some of the reasons why it is beneficial for you to be in SnippetX.

  1. Content will be accessible via a mobile app for free. It is excessive for a blogger/online content creator to have his/her own mobile app because of the skill and resources required to develop one. So if there is an opportunity to make one’s content accessible via a mobile app, I think it should be grabbed.
  2. Reach more readers especially engaged ones. We all know that people spend more time on their smartphones than laptops. Thus, those who download the app to consume content in SnippetX are the ones who are intent on reading.
  3. Generate more traffic for the site. I’m sure this is your primary concern as your read my post. We raised it up and we learned that when readers read your content on the app, the traffic will be directed to your site.

Those are just a few of the reasons why we joined SnippetX. Truly, blogging just got better with SnippetX because it really is advantageous. For questions, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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