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Explore the Different Side of Southeast Asia with Soi Restaurant

Having the opportunity of trying out different kinds of cuisines made me realize something, it’s that Philippines is really one of a kind. It’s located in Southeast Asia, but it doesn’t have the same knack when it comes to food.

While most Southeast Asian cuisines are known to some of the most delicious vegetables dishes, in my opinion, Philippine cuisine loves their lechon and sisig.

As such, I grew up not liking vegetables. Those are my worries when I first tried Thai cuisine for the very first time. After my first bite, all of my worries disappeared, and I went on searching for Thai food ever since.

Soi restaurant is a Thai cuisine restaurant that is owned by the very same people who owns Cabalen.

Like most Thai restaurants, it prides itself with tons of curry based dishes and delicious soups. What makes Soi unique is that 70% of their ingredients are imported directly from Thailand. This is great news for those looking for a Thai cuisine experience.



Soi Restaurant

The branch that I went to is their Glorietta branch. I still haven’t been to Thailand so I have yet to determine if that’s how a Thai restaurant should look like.

My initial thoughts are that the mirrors help make the place look bigger. Meanwhile, the usage of colors violet on the walls, red on the seats, and green on the plates imbibe an Asian elegance. Finally, the colorful litted hanging lanterns completed its Asian charm it has.


Soi Restaurant
We began our meal with some FRESH SPRING ROLL, PHP 168 (or  USD 3.34).

This is a popular appetizer and it’s what I usually order whenever I go to a Thai restaurant. It’s like our fried spring rolls (lumpia) except this one isn’t fried. Plus, the wrapper they use is both transluscent and thinner which I think is more appealing.

Inside it are carrots, mixed greens, cucumber and glass noodles. It tastes a bit plain if you eat it by itself. However, they provide a hoisin sauce for a sweet and salty taste and peanut sauce for a nutty one.


Soi Restaurant

Things got really heavy when we were served with a huge bowl of SUKOT THAI, PHP 298 (or USD 5.9).

It’s a noodle based soup filled with meat balls, rice noodles, spring onions, sliced roasted pork and red pepper. The broth has that spicy and lime taste that is really satisfying.

The soup was so good that I kept on drinking it even though there aren’t any toppings any more.


Soi Restaurant
We also got a lot of curry based dishes. One of which is the GREEN CURRY FRIED RICE WITH FISH FILLET, PHP 188 (or USD 3.8).

It’s a pretty straight forward dish as the fried riced is mixed with red bell pepper, beansprout, and, of course, the green curry itself. The deep fried fish fillet is placed on top and has sliced cucumber on the side.

The curry itself is a little faint in taste. However, given the nature of the green curry, it is a bit spicier compared to the other Thai curry flavors.

On the other hand, as the fish used is Cream Dory, so expect soft white meat which pairs well with the curry rice.


Soi Restaurant
For our salad, we had their CRISPY CATFISH MANGO SALAD, PHP 258 (or  USD 5.1).

I never really thought this was a salad until they told me it is. They used the body of the catfish as its base, filled with fried pulled catfish meat, mixed with parsley, red pepper and green mango slices. The meat was too deep fried that I don’t taste the catfish that much. If you eat it with the sliced mangoes, the sourness of the mango blends well with the meat.


Soi Restaurant
We also had a taste of their best seller, their PAD THAI, PHP 298 (or USD 6).

This is Thai’s most popular dish and a personal favorite of mine. There are even instances that the Thai restaurant is judged based on how good their Pad Thai is.

Soi restaurant’s fried noodle dish looks pretty much the same as other Pad Thai’s I’ve tried from other restaurants. One thing they did to make it unique is they placed a web shaped egg on top. Aesthetically, this is the nicest Pad thai I’ve seen yet.

When mixed together, I find it average to say the least as the great harmony of the sweet, a little sour (from the tamarind pulp), savory and spicy which I tasted in other pad Thais isn’t there.


Soi Restaurant
Another favorite of mine I got to try and also a popular Thai dish, is their PORK and CHICKEN SATE, PHP 238 (or USD 4.8). 

For those who aren’t familiar with it, this is basically their version of barbecue. Sate is usually served in short servings. It uses either pork, chicken or beef, and is marinated in yellow curry.

Their Sate may look dry, but it tastes juicy and tender. I can clearly taste the yellow curry which also tastes wonderful. Eat it along with their dipping sauces: hoisin and peanut sauce for the best possible experience.

Soi Restaurant
For our dessert, they served us with a rather familiar dish. They call it SNOW MOUNTAIN (no price yet) which is Thai’s version of snow cone.

Indeed, it is shaved ice but there are treasures underneath it in the form of beans. It comes with a couple of flavors and it’s topped with condensed milk.

I tried their strawberry and it was a nice way to end our very pleasant meal at Soi restaurant.



Soi Restaurant

Soi restaurant succeeds in providing Filipinos a taste of Thai thanks to their huge variety of dishes at competitive prices. In fact, their Sukothai soup dish made me like Thai food even more. I recommend you try it out whenever you had the chance to visit them in the future.

Special Note: Me-An wasn’t with me during the time that I ate so I can’t comment on its authenticity. I commented based on how I tasted it.

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Soi Restaurant

Second Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City.
Operating Hours: 10AM to 9PM on Mon. to Thurs. and 10AM to 10PM on Fri. to Sun.

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  1. wow!It is a mouthwatering post.I can see most of the Southeast Asian signature dishes are here.I am interested in green curry rice.And,spring rolls are our favourites too.Seems like a great restaurant to visit!


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