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Snippet MEdia’s Block Screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the 8th installment of the popular Star Wars is finally showing. I have waited for this film continuation for two years and I felt so blessed to be finally watching with luxury courtesy of SnippetMEdia.


Star Wars

Yogo and Cream blog had reserved seatings at the VIP Cinema of Uptown Cinemas, Uptown Mall. The theater features luxurious reclining plush Lazyboy armchairs. It gives enough space even for those who have a large body built. Meanwhile, the armrest between two seats can be lifted making it a great choice for couples.


Star Wars the Last Jedi

There are buttons on the arm seat that lets us adjust the chair, lights up a little lamp, and a button for calling the butler to have the popcorn and drinks refilled.



Anyway, The Star Wars: The Last Jedi, despite the release of several exciting trailers, it didn’t fail to surprise me still. I was led to believe that certain characters would die and the certain someone you least expect to die, died.

Who are those characters I’m referring to? You will need to watch the movie yourself.

All I can say is that it was immensely action-packed injected with funny scenes. Meanwhile, those who need a refresher or have the wrong notion of the Force will get to learn what it truly is as Rey learns how to be Jedi. There are also real-life lessons to be acquired from the movie such as not being impulsive and not being quick to judge. Other learnings are for you to find out.

So be sure to head out to the cinemas and not miss it.



Thank you again to Snippet MEdia for hosting an advanced exclusive screening for bloggers and the media. To know what Snippet MEdia is, read about them through this link.


Before I officially end, let me end this post with one of my favorite quotes from the movie.

“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

                                                                 –  Yoda


If ever you are struggling as 2017 ends, always remember that our failures are what makes us stronger as individuals. All we have to do is just face our journey head on.

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