Studio Terminal 1 + Café

Good Photos x Happy Tummy at Studio Terminal 1 + Café

I’m really fond of dual purpose stores and/or restaurants as time is very valuable nowadays and having such really hits two birds with one stone. This was the case for Studio Terminal 1 + Café, a restaurant that is both a photography studio rental and a café.

Studio Terminal 1 + Café

Me-An and I planned to have our photo shoot since we wanted to jumpstart our Youtube channel and make our social media accounts look crisp by having fresh photos. We stumbled on this place on our way home and we thought that they offer a good deal rather than just simply renting a photo studio for our desired photoshoot.



The place may be small, but Studio Terminal 1 + Café made it good to the eyes to look at with some plant decor around.

Studio Terminal 1 + Café
Studio Terminal 1 + Café


What we liked here was they had cushioned chairs and even a sofa that was perfect for just chillin’.

Studio Terminal 1 + Café


Meanwhile, some studio equipment functions as a display and some for actual use for their mini-studio.

Studio Terminal 1 + Café


The highlight of the Studio Terminal 1 + Café was, of course, the studio itself. Studio rental is at PhP 1,000 (or 21.02 USD) which comes with consumable food equivalent to the studio rental fee. They only charge a PhP 500 (or 10.51) per succeeding hour which is not consumable, so one has to maximize the use of the studio to avoid further charges.

What was great in their studio rental was that all the basic studio photography lights and basic backdrops were available for use. It also included the use of their two (2) makeup stations, a long table to put one’s belongings and chairs.

However, we felt that only simple portrait and product photo shoots could be done with Studio Terminal 1 + Café’s limited space.

Studio Terminal 1 + Café

In fact, our friend and photographer that day, Angela Atienza, had some trouble capturing our concept shoot since the backdrop wasn’t too wide. We just adjusted to their space so we were able to do what we came for.



With the consumable food, we made most out of it by ordering various foods from their menu.


Studio Terminal 1 + Café nachos

We started out with their SPECIAL NACHOS, PHP 150 (or 3.20 USD). It was the typical nachos except that they topped it with tons and tons of cheddar cheese. And for its price, it was great for sharing.


Studio Terminal 1 + Café Chicken TocinoMe-An had CHICKEN TOCINO, PhP 120 (or 2.55 USD). Their presentation was nice, the serving was decent and it tasted good, but it was not something that you couldn’t find in other restaurants or even canteens up to some extent. The egg noticeably was fried too long.

Meanwhile, our friend, Angela, ordered TAPA which costed the same with the Chicken Tocino.

Studio Terminal 1 + Café Chicken Tapa

We asked Angela if it tasted burnt since we found the color too dark. And yes, it was just because of the marinade. The egg was beautifully done on this one. I hope they become consistent in serving their fried eggs.


We, guys, ordered pasta. I chose their Carbonara, PhP 150 (or 3.20 USD).
Studio Terminal 1 + Café Carbonara

Jet, another friend of ours, on the other hand, had the Pesto, Php 150 (or 3.2 USD).

Studio Terminal 1 + Café Pesto

Our general consensus about their pasta is that it tasted pretty bland despite the cheese. The sauce on their carbonara was drippy while there was not much that will make you say wow in the pesto. We had observed once again that they are not consistent with their serving. My carbonara has grilled bread, but Jet’s pesto only had simple bread.



Staying true to its name, Studio Terminal 1 + Café’s specialty are their coffee based drinks with their non-coffee based drinks refreshing as well.

Studio Terminal 1 + Café White Chocolate

I ordered their White Chocolate, Php 100 (or 2.12 USD). They offer in either piccolo (small) or media sizes of their coffee drinks as well as the option to choose if hot or iced. I chose the latter since it was pretty hot outside when we visited this place. Although I thought this was better off as a hot beverage even the iced version was really good. The white chocolate that they had used was sweet but not too sweet which was great for me.


Studio Terminal 1 + Café Khannon

I also tried out their lemonades because I was intrigued with their selection and the ingredients that they used on each of the flavors. I went with their Khannon or PhP 80 (or 1.7 USD) lemonade which is a combination of mango and peach served in a unique mason jar. I have to tell you guys that this has to be one of the best lemonades I’ve tried yet.

Upon tasting it, it was actually really concentrated which was a good news because I could place it in a bigger glass and pour more water on it but it would still taste good. One of the things I liked from it aside from its flavor was the mango and peach bits that were inside as well. A definitely a must try if ever you’ll visit Studio Terminal 1 + Café .

Studio Terminal 1 + Café Salted Caramel Frappease

Me-An ordered SALTED CARAMEL FRAPPEAS, PhP 170 (or 3.63 USD). I took a sip of her drink and it was pretty much coffee with caramel taste. The coffee taste was tad too strong for me maybe because I currently don’t like coffee that much. Me-An loved this drink.



Studio Terminal 1 + Café

Although they only offer all-day breakfast meals and pasta for their food, Studio Terminal 1 + Café is reasonable for those wanting to have a simple photo shoot. One gets to use the photo studio and, at the same time, have their tummies filled after the shoot, or have some thirst quenchers and caffeinated drinks to keep them awake. Of course, you would need to have a photographer, who has a basic knowledge at least of studio photography, and to have a camera and a tripod with you for great shots. Good thing for us, we have Angela Atienza, who happens to be a Multimedia Arts graduate, as a friend so she was the one who took our photos. She is a web graphic designer as well so if you’re interested just shoot her an email at

Anyway, overall we really think this is a good first effort to offer food and studio rental in just one place. The prices they’re charging is pretty much reasonable enough for food that university students can also afford it.

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Studio Terminal 1 + Café

Second Floor, University Mall, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila.
Operating Hours: 9AM to 9PM.
For reservation on studio rental: 0927 815 8950.

13 Responses to “Good Photos x Happy Tummy at Studio Terminal 1 + Café”

  1. alyssa tuangco

    The food looks delicious! Their concept is great, close to schools. It’s like having your own private studio.

  2. I love the convenience of a studio and a cafe! Brilliant. I think the food choices are just right; quick and easy dishes are ideal when you have photo shoots to take care of. Disappointed about the pasta being bland: I hate bland pasta! Hope they change that before I try this place 😉

  3. Prices are not bad at all for students. But reading your review, I think I’ll go for better choices. Actually, I the cheese was not consistent, too. The carbonara had grated cheddar while the pesto had parmesan.

  4. The food didn’t appeal to me but the concept of having a studio where you can do photoshoot and eat is interesting. I think I’m gonna enjoy the salted caramel drink too.

  5. Ooooh another one of those 2in1 cafes. I personally have yet to find a decent 2in1 cafe that doesn’t compromise on food. This looks promising but then they need to improve the quality of food and the studio as well. Nice hearing about this. 🙂

  6. This cafe is perfect for photography enthusiasts. I know someone who’s good with photography, and I think she’ll like it here. I wish lakihan pa nila place, I bet photographers would love a place where they can freely move. On the other hand, I think this place is still great!

  7. The idea of this cafe is fresh. I never seen such yet. I love pasta as well. I agree that they should improve the studio to be spacious enough for the photographers.

  8. Great idea, great concept and workable for the typical customer. Of course for specific purposes, limited ang studio diyan and renting a studio elsewhere is more expensive. Ito naman hindi na masama, I think good deal iyan lalo consumable pa ang food. Pick either of the two, the other being bonus na.

  9. I love the name of the cafe! With your clear photos, it looks like they put thought to it. It’s like you took photos on a studio itself. This is perfect for Instagrammers who like sharing their food photos!

  10. Wow! Great concept store! I love how the ambiance and interior designs were great and look so refreshing. And ohh, The foods are also great to see. Hope to visit this soon!

  11. Indeed this place is reasonable. This is great for family photo shoot and for barkada pictures. You can pose and get your pictures done and have a happy tummy! Nice concept as well hitting two birds with one stone!

  12. how long can you use the studio with the 1000 pesos rental fee? 😀 Also, sad that the food is inconsistent in serving, but hey- you’ll always get hungry after a photoshoot so this concept is pretty awesome.. 😀


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