Taste of Japan at Spice Café

A Taste of Japan at Spice Café, City Garden Grand Hotel

If you want an Asian dining experience with a grand ambiance, make sure to have a taste of Japan at Spice Café located inside City Garden Grand Hotel.

You’ve read that right!

City Garden Grand Hotel’s Spice Café introduces their new Japanese Ala Carte menu. What makes this different is that Chef Dennis Tuazon, a Sous Chef with expertise in creation of Asian fusion cuisine, has a contemporary take on Japan’s beloved dishes. Despite it, he assures both foreign and domestic travelers that they’ll still get an authentic taste and top-level quality Japanese food.

Spice Cafe
So, when you’ll dine here, you have new dishes to look forward at their all-day dining restaurant.


Indulge in some of the highlights from their Japanese menu. Please note that the serving size you see may not reflect the actual serving size. What we had were mostly sample sizes.


Kani salad
KANI SALAD, PHP 225 (or 4.35)


Crazy Maki
CRAZY MAKI, PHP 420 (or USD 8.11) 



On the right, SAKU TUNA SASHIMI, PHP 395 (or USD 7.63) and, on the left, SHAKE SALMON SASHIMI, PHP 395 (or USD 7.63).


Ebi Tempura
EBI TEMPURA, PHP 395 (or USD 7.63) for 3 pcs. and PHP 550 (or USD 10.63) for 5 pcs.


Tori Teriyaki Donburi
TORI TERIYAKI, PHP 450 (or USD 8.69)

This is served as a donburi, or rice bowl, which means the tori teriyaki is served over rice.


Chicken Yaki Udon
CHICKEN YAKI UDON, PHP 175 (or USD 3.38)  


Chicken Yakitori


Japanese Soft Cheesecake


Meanwhile, below are some of the photos of other food that were served to us.

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A Taste of Japan at Spice Café offerings also include set meals with a choice of either Tempura, Katsu, or Teriyaki as the main dish. All their set meals have miso soup, Japanese rice, and stir fry vegetables.

The news you’ll be reading next might make you decide to dine there now.

From October 24 to 31, 2017, enjoy a 40% discount on all items on their Japanese menu. It is available only though for dine-in transactions. You can’t enjoy the food in the comforts of your grand hotel room. However, the food is available from Monday to Saturday, 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM, and on Sundays, 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Based also on their menu, they don’t have service charge. Rejoice! Head there. Enjoy!


About Spice Café
Spice Cafe

Spice Café is located at the 7th floor of City Garden Grand Hotel. For inquiries, please call (632) 554-3428.

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