#ThankYou Sincerely, YogoandCream

The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas, and 2016 is about to end.

After all the joyous celebrations with family and friends plus all the gifts given and received, I make it a point to pause and be in a moment of gratitude to God for everything.

However, having watched the recent #ThankYou Christmas campaign video of Air Asia to its loyal passengers, I’ve thought that my gratefulness should also reach our loyal reader, those we had encountered through blogging, and those whose thoughtful deeds brought us to where we are right now. After all, what’s the point of us blogging if it’s not known and read, right?


Creating a video of us saying #ThankYou verbally will be an easy peasy task. What I’m gunning though is for you, our supporters, to digest word for word our gratitude. This also is a great record of our journey with you. So, really! What better way than us doing this blog post. Please bear with us and know that what I’m writing here is truly from the heart.


To those who genuinely care…


Truly, we won’t be able to come this far without you.

Our blog may have been born out of our passion for food and traveling. However, without you reading it and sharing our blog posts, it won’t have created blogging opportunities for us that we didn’t expect.

For instance, we would not have a day trip jam-packed with activities at Aquaria Water Park. I also would neither have experienced sleeping in the serene and stylish Siama Hotel nor go on a familiarization trip to Sorsogon.

And, of course, we’ll never forget how you had supported us all the way so we won the best food and drink blog from BlogEx Manila. 

BlogEx Manila


Meanwhile, your thoughts reach our hearts and drive us to continue producing content you’ll find interesting and relatable.




To pleasant encounters…


Fellow bloggers, we may have only been together on a trip or we usually meet only at blogging events,  but blogging with you makes our passion more fun.

Matukad Beach Caramoan Island


For the numerous businesses we had helped, it is our utmost pleasure to help you. Thank you for trusting us. We’ll do everything we can to retain it.

The Domaine



To thoughtful deeds…


Those of you who are cheering me on as a contestant to Kerala, India, you went through lengths of spreading the word to your family and friends. I can’t thank you enough! Just know that whether I get chosen or not, I know that everything happens with God’s will and His perfect timing. We’ll still be traveling next year to inspire you also to travel.


Inspired by Air Asia, this blog post is our way of letting you know that we are committed to blogging/ vlogging better.
Expect a better Yogo and Cream.com this 2017!
You’ll continue to love and trust this blog.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.
And #ThankYou from the bottom of our hearts.


Yogo and Cream (c/o Me-An)


9 Responses to “#ThankYou Sincerely, YogoandCream”

  1. Patricia Uy

    Keep up the good work, couples!! Thanks for sharing wonderful articles. More great posts to come!!

  2. Mahrvin Tan

    This is really nice, looking forward to more Yogo and Cream adventures this 2017!!

  3. Your blog is so light and just friendly. Surely most of your readers are attracted by its simplicity and friendly navigation. I for one love to read your posts as they give me ideas where and what to eat and visit next.

    Thank you for sharing a big part of you to us. Cheers to a wonderful 2016 and looking forward to a prosperous new year to us.

  4. Happy New Year! I love all of your travelogues and hoping for more to come in 2017! Watched the video of the aquaria water park and it looks so fun! Wishing to visit some day!

  5. There are a lot of things to be thankful for, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, you can be thankful of everything you see and touch, at any given moment. I think the attitude of gratefulness is one that is sometimes tested to the limits, but if we all keep to that, then days pass by better and more fun.

  6. Happy New Year and good luck with the contest! I’m sure you’ll get more food adventures this year 🙂

  7. So happy to have met you both this year. I find your tandem really great and I admire your positivity! Wishing you more blessings this year and of course, see you soon!



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