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The Food Hive: The Food Park that will Change Your Cravings

If you had previously read our blog post about the Food Hive, you may have been overwhelmed with all the quality food choices. Or you’ve visited the place but still can’t decide yet on what to eat as our post was still incomplete.

Well, we had the opportunity to sample some of the best sellers of each purveyor at the Food Hive. So we narrowed down the choices to what may finally change your cravings.



La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina

The Food Hive

No matter how many times we have eaten this NACHOS A LA BOMBA PHP 195 (or USD 3.89) we can’t seem to get enough of it.

The La Carnita grilled combination topping is usually served on top of the grilled nachos in front of the customer. As we had mentioned before, it’s a great way to whet an appeite.

It’s usually served with one’s choice of their signature dips: Cilantro sauce, Chili el Bomba, Tomato-cucumber salsa, and the improved Chili Verde.

Once served, we highly recommend you to eat it ASAP so the cheese is still stringy as you get a piece.

Serving size: 2 – 4 people.


Po Bo Potato Bomb

The Food Hive

The PO BAE PHP 160 (or USD 3.2) is a bit more special than the original Po Bo (potato bomb) that we had tried before. This one has bacon and an egg on top.

They are now more generous with their thick cheese sauce so every bite of the deep fried mashed potato is just downright comforting.

Serving size: 1 – 2 people.



We’ve tried Pappare several times now. And what I stated before still holds true today which is pasta is more flavorful in a cone. The sauce easily embraces the homemade pasta of Pappare which, by the way, is cooked perfectly al dente.

The Food Hive

For the pasta you can never go wrong with CRABONARA, PHP 250 (or USD 4.98) and MEE GAMBERI GORENG, PHP 250 (or 4.98 USD).

The Crabonara, as its name suggests, is carbonara with crab. It may sound so simple, but it isn’t. The rich carbonara sauce has an exquisite flavor because both fresh claw crab meat and crab fat were added. It also has homemade Pappare bacon that adds a pleasant savory taste.

Meanwhile, the sharp and a bit salty taste needed is drawn from the gorgonzola cheese. When mixed all together, there is a one-of-a-kind carbonara further enriched by the 63 degree egg placed on top.  Your carbonara craving will definitely change provided you have a penchant for aged cheese and/or crabs.

On the other hand, we’re particularly fond of the Mee Gamberi Goreng which I learned from Me-An is quite popular in our Asian counterparts. The hand-pulled noodles draped in special sauce tastes flavorful with the fresh shrimps, fish cakes, and shiitake mushrooms. Lastly, the crispy shallots added the mild punch of aroma that certainly heightened our experience of eating it.


The Food Hive

Those who aren’t fond of pasta can go for the PANINI DE PORCHETTA, PHP 235 (or USD 4.68). A beautiful thick and crunchy porchetta (slow-roasted pork) is sandwiched between a soft brioche PapparePH branded bun.

The other ingredients such as the aragula, balsamic caramelized onions, and signature pesto is in complete harmony with the juicy crisp meat. We totally love each bite of it!

Serving size: One person.



The Food Hive

If there is one dish that should be a Filipino’s choice of pulutan (or bar chow), it should be KILAWIN, PHP 285 (or USD 5.69) for full serving. It’s not just any kilawin (or ceviche dish) because it’s made from goat which Goatcha specializes on.

Goat meat is packed with health benefits such as improvement of blood cholesterol levels, an aid in iron recovery, and many more. Thus, if you can’t prevent yourself from eating red meat, eat goat meat instead.

We don’t know the age of the goat used for the dish. What I do know is that the boiled goat skin is tender and is soured with the right mixture. Meanwhile, its gamey taste is toned down by the souring agent and spices which I found greatly to my liking.

The Kilawin is also available in half-serving, PHP 160 (or USD 3.2) and with rice, PHP 185 (or USD 3.69).

Serving size: 2-4 people.


Blaze Flaming Sizzlers

The Food Hive

Chef Ed Bugia changes the way we crave for sizzling classics with his fresh variation and fiery presentation through Blaze Flaming Sizzlers.

For instance, the SIZZLING BULALO SISIG   PHP 220 (or USD 4.39) doesn’t only have the classic pork sisig. Incorporated in the dish are the essential ingredients of Bulalo: bone marrow, corn, and cabbage whereby the bone marrow was roasted and the latter two torched.

Meanwhile, when it’s served, it is flambéed   for both flair and added flavor.

It is finally served with their signature gravy sauce.

A spoonful of the sizzling bulalo sisig and we know we can finish lots of rice with it. It’s unctously delicious!

Serving size: 1-2 people.


Bab and Boy’s Smoke Shack

“What a catchy name! They must be serving baboy (pork),” Me-An said.

Well, she’s close enough. Bab and Boy’s actually got it’s name from the childhood nicknames of the owners, “Bab” and “Boy.”

The Food Hive

Snack on DELI BUSTERPHP 720 (or USD 14.35) and get a succulent full slab of ribs glazed with four different flavors (although what’s specified in their menu is six) and choice of three different sidings. Flavors include original, garlic, hickory BBQ, and Chile.

Although the meat is tender and the meat can easily pulled off, it’s best to enjoy it using one’s hands. No worries as they provide plastic gloves if you don’t want the messy feeling of the sauces.

By the way, the deli buster is meant for sharing even if you want all the smoky and juicy goodness all to yourself. Sidings offered with it are one we’re all familiar with which are java rice, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, and mixed veggies (which we think they have to rename to corn and carrots).

Serving size: 4 people.


WingFather and the Fry Mafia

Just by hearing the name, it made us thought of the movie Godfather which is based in a fictional mafia family. We later learned that its bold flavors of chicken wings were inspired by the prominent figures in organized crime history.

As we tried it, we thought it’s a crime for us not to share how delicious it is.

The Food HiveThis CAPONE, PHP 230 (or USD 4.58) made us thank God that we still have our youth. We can still enjoy chicken wings drenched in aligue (crab fat) sauce which is notorious for being packed with impressive amount of cholesterol. Indulge in this and certainly you’ll get foodgasm.

It comes with kesong puti (white cheese made from Carabao’s milk) aioli dip which tones down the rich flavor.


The Food Hive

I personally like the FLAMINGOPHP 190 (or USD 3.79) which both has a sweet taste coming from maple syrup and a mild heat from the buffalo sauce. The well-crafted wings also taste great with the served blue cheese aioli dip.

P.S. Plastic gloves are provided.

Serving size: 2-3 people.

Wingfather and the Fry Mafia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



If your tastebuds is craving for new flavors, give Yordanovi a try.

The owner, Chef Plamen Yordanov, a Bulgarian who married a Filipino, put up Yordanovi so other people can also explore the cuisine of his native country, Bulgaria. He sources meat and vegetables locally but imports all the herbs and spices which defines his Bulgarian dishes.


The Food Hive

We finally were able to try their bestseller which is KEBAPCHE, PHP 169 (or USD 3.2), a traditional every day meal for a busy Bulgarian.

It’s grilled minced meat with spices that is cylindrically-shaped like a sausage or a hot dog. As it was grilled, there is a hint of smokiness that contributed to its tastiness. It is served with three scoops of Chef Plamen’s Bulgarian spiced potato salad.

I found the potato salad different than what we’re accustomed to even though it looks simple. It tasted different as the potato cubes I think were mixed with dill pickles that gave a hint of sourness.

Serving size: 1-2 people.

Bubble Wraps

Those who loves waffles are in for a treat!

The Food Hive also has the trending egg waffle which is one of the most popular street food items in Hong Kong.

Instead of the classic HK-style waffle, you get to choose different variants that are either savory or sweet much like how crepes are offered.

The Food Hive

For the SAUSAGE BUBBLE WRAP, PHP 185 (or USD 3.69), you have a choice of either a Hungarian sausage or a Frankfurter sausage. Whatever you choose, it’s drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and topped with fried egg, bonito flakes and shredded nori.

Meanwhile, for sweet tooths, you can have a COCOA BUBBLE WRAP, PHP 185 (or USD 3.69). It’s chocolate egg waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, pretzels, wafer sticks, crushed oreos and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

They also offer a make your own dessert bubble wrap that may finally satisfy your craving.

Serving size: One person.


Cool Juans

The Food Hive

Freshly prepared ice cream via the use of liquid nitrogen certainly has been around for some time now. However, Chef Wado Siman’s cool sweet treats should never be missed for its unique flavors like the CHAR.COOL, PHP 170 (or USD 3.39). It’s cookies and cream with generous chocolate syrup and marshmallow on a stick. A surprise ingredient it has is a chocolate chicharon (chocolate covered pork rind).

The MANGGAGABI BAYAN, PHP 170 (or USD 3. 39) is actually mango graham float turned into ice cream.

The Food Hive

Adults can have the ON MAYON, PHP 180 (or USD 3.59) or the KWATRO KANTOS, PHP 165 (or USD 3.29).

The On Mayon is chocolate ice cream made from Davao tablea. Its twist is that it has chili so there is a lingering spiciness after eating it. It’s served a stick-O, chocolate sprinkles, and a shot of milk that can temper the spiciness. Those who find the heat lacking may crush the candied siling labuyo (Philippine chili pepper) for spicier treat.

On the other hand, the Kwatro Kantos like its name suggests that gin is used in the ice cream. How did it connote gin? Kwatro kantos is apparently an expression that describes the four corners of a square bottle of a Ginebra San Miguel gin.

Rest assured the ice cream is not made purely of gin. It’s actually gin pomelo ice cream topped with corn flakes and drizzled with strawberry syrup. It’s served with a shot of gin and a lemon slice. So, yes, don’t order this for your kid.

By the way, if you order their cool juans ice cream flavors, you have the option for it to be served in a liquid nitrogen bath or a soft Hokkaido bun. The liquid nitrogen bath only lasts a minute or so after it’s served.

Serving size: One person.




Pixelstop offers a good time to anyone who stop by. At first glance, Pixelstop might just look like an ordinary bar, but look closely, and you’ll see Mario hanging around the counter and their specialy drinks menu is full of video game references.

The Food Hive

They got a range of drinks to choose from beers to punches like their ADVENTURE TIME, PHP 150 (or USD 3). Influenced by Puerto Rico’s official drink, it has fresh pineapple juice, cooconut juice, coconut cream, milk, and syrup. What will make you go on an adventure is the mix of Bacardi light rum.

Pixelstop also carries Bel Ale Belgian craft beer which is brewed and distributed by a Belgian company based in Parañaque (my hometown). What I totally dig is the KRIEK BEL ALE (Cherry Beer Gold) which has refreshing sweet and sour notes of cherries.

Besides selling drinks, they also have video game consoles that you can play with which is nice for those who don’t like socializing while drinking.


Mozafrió Frappes & Milk Teas


Mozafrió has a wide selection of frappes which you can choose to be either a regular one or a freak frappe where the rim is decorated with sweet ingredients.

The drinks you can see above are the SOLANA FREAK FRAPPE and JUANITA FREAK FRAPPE, both PHP 175 (or USD 50.18) each.

The Solana is salted caramel milkshake. Meanwhile, the Juanita is a dark chocolate mixed with coffee. What’s great about their freak frappes is that the sweet ingredients they sticked on the rim doesn’t slip.

In fact, according to Me-An, with her Solana drink everything was still intact when she arrived home save for the cookies she already gobbled up.



Hamaru a slang word which may mean “to be crazy with something” suits the latest restaurant with Chef Nino Laus‘ latest culinary innovations.

The Food Hive

 We had sampled just three of the modern Japanese dishes in the stand-alone restaurant located at the end of The Food Hive’s ground floor. And those alone left us hamaru for Hamaru Yakitori & Sushi restaurant.

Working millenials like us who reside in Quezon City truly need not go to Makati or BGC for a cool vibe with quality food.


The Food Hive

First, we had the OYSTER MOTOYAKI, PHP 195 (or USD 3.89). This is reminiscent of what we tried before at Ninyo Fusion Wine & Louge. The difference is that this is more affordable plus these baked oyster babies has a cauliflower puree and chili-garlic mayo. Who knew it would work so well?

Bite size oyster meats were enveloped in the umami tasting puree. Slurping it was easy because of how it was prepared. It also has a very satisfying taste that made us think we can pile a lot of those shells in just one seating. Provided, of course, we have the budget for it.

The Food Hive

We usually have chicken intestine, but seldom to never have we eaten US beef intestine. Let alone one that is cooked perfectly for us.

The char grilled US BEEF INTESTINE, PHP 115 (or USD 2.29) has a nice chewy texture. And the added truffle oil and pickled onions deepened its flavor that made the skewer already good by itself.


The Food Hive

Finally, we had the RYUJIN “DRAGON GOD OF THE SEA” ROLL, PHP 480 (or USD 9.57) a beautifully plated maki roll that has tiger prawns, salmon, tuna, and avocado.

I honestly dislike dishes with avaocado. However, upon eating a hearty piece, the different fresh flavors of the seafood were strong so I loved it. I’ll only eat more avocado dishes if it’s as well executed as this roll.


The Food Hive

The Food Hive

The Food Hive Food Park, #80 Visayas Ave, Vasra, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 12NN to 2AM daily.

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  1. I’ve been seeing this food park since I only work along Commonwealth. The foods are unique though. I’ve been to different food parks already that I’ve observed that their foods are similar to each other. I’m now curious about Papare and Hamaru. Their foods look good and appetizing.

  2. I’ve passed by this for so many times! Yet I haven’t found the inkling to go in. It looks like a great place to pig out with friends. Plus points for pika-pika food!

  3. Loved how you tried every stall! You guys are legit #foodiegoals <3 the place looks fantastic, i wish it wouldn't be so crowded and more tables would be added to accommodate more people but nonetheless, still a great place to eat at. 🙂


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