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NEW Food Park ALERT: Why the Food Hive Buzzes with Food You Shouldn’t Miss

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Open-air food parks are definitely the craze these days with a lot of it popping up in different areas of Metro Manila.

Why, then, we, as customers, patronize such?

The predominant reason we can think of is that food parks offer a variety of cuisines and dishes in a place that is usually laid-back and, oftentimes, Instagram-worthy. Not only does it feed both you and the person/s you’re with, who often reply with kahit ano (‘whatever’ in English word) on what to eat, but it is also perfect for a food trip bonding experience which, most of us, love to do.

Amidst the popular food parks and the new ones that opened, the food park that we had been waiting for since I’ve tried Pappare during its grand teaser pop-up has finally opened. Yes, it is the Food Hive as you had read from the title of this blog post.

The Food Hive can #ChangeYourCravings once you give their distinctive selections a try. I could state that since ours changed. Although my place of residence, Parañaque City, is far from the food park, I’m willing to go the distance just to return and eat what Me-An and I ate again. What are those? You’ll learn about it as you read on or as you watch our video.

Anyway, Quezon City peeps, rejoice! The next talk of the town and, of course, will be on the bucket list of food lovers, are just near you. How convenient, right? So don’t think. Just go! The Food Hive just buzzes with food that shouldn’t be missed and here’s why…


Culinary Creations of some of the Philippines’ Young Award Winning and/or Talented Chefs under One RoofThe Food Hive Chefs

Rosebud Binetez

As a Filipina celebrity chef, she has appeared on Philippine TV under the shows: Quickfire, Ka-Toque, Amazing Cooking Kids, and Everyday Easy. She currently owns Weigh to Go Ph and Chef Rosebud’s Kitchen and is also a part-time instructor for Center forCulinary Arts, Manila (CCA). Her latest venture is Po Bo (Potato Bomb).


Ed Bugia

After having taught at Culinary and Global for two years, he took over a small restaurant which is now known as Pino Resto Bar. It has grown to include Pipino Vegetarian Food, BRGR: The Burger Project, and Pino Kitchen Studio. His other time is spent on managing catering services, consultation for various restaurants and writing for Yummy and QTV.


Niño Laus

Known for his “creative cookery,” his work is the heart of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge restaurant, a favorite romantic restaurant of ours. He also added his recipes at the restaurants: Dekada and Hillside Café.


Wado Siman

A baker, chef, and entrepreneur all rolled into one, he was recognized as ClickTheCity’s Top 20 Bakers for 2014. His Twenty-Yolk Yema Cake is hailed as one of Philippine Star’s Top 12 Desserts in Manila. He finished 4th in Lifestyle Network’s culinary reality show, The Clash: Search for the Next Dessert Master. Finally, he is the first winner of Globe myBusiness’ Pitch Tuesdays: Most Inspired Startup Food Edition.


Jonah Trinidad

An expert in International Cuisine, among his achievements, are developing Mexican cuisine for Jalapeno Cantina Mexicana in Manila and becoming one of the hosts in QTV Channel 11’s cooking show, “Ka-Toque: Lutong Barkada.” He still comes out occasionally on other cooking shows and local food magazines. Plus, as a co-owner of Pino Kitchen Studio Inc. where he conducts international and local cooking workshops.


Jarina Gem Tee

As I had mentioned before, she is a Certified Sous Chef by the American Culinary Federation based in Orlando. She owns Commissary Kitchen with Ms. Nancy Reyes, WOFEX owner Joel Pascual, and Monday Chefs. On the side, she manages and coaches a team of students that competes in International culinary competitions and a chef instructor at the American Hospitality Academy. Pappare is her first venture alone.


Luigi Muhlach

He is now gaining recognition as the executive chef of Amacena, set within One Tagaytay place Hotel Suites. We already got to try his food and we absolutely love his reimagined Pinoy comfort food. We’ll link the blog post here once we’re finished with it.

P.S. The above information may be incomplete as we only did our own research except for Ms. Jarina Tee’s info. If you have something to add, please don’t hesitate to comment down below.


The Food Hive Purveyors


Pappare at The Food Hive
There is always a person in front of Pappare because they’re really interesting.

Just to give you a recap, Pappare serves 100% homemade pasta in a cone. Among their delicious offerings, their bestsellers so far are the Crabonara and the Panini di Porchetta. We still didn’t try those yet so there is definitely a reason for us to come back.


Pappare at The Food Hive

As you may know from our video, we had difficulty in looking for seats. Good thing Pappare serves the pasta in a convenient way so we were able to try it while waiting for a vacant table and chairs. It really is BEST eaten while it is warm. So please follow their request, “consumer your order ASAP!”

When we already found a seat, we didn’t have to hold all throughout the meal. They serve the cone with a cone holder. Thus, all you have to do is put it on the table and enjoy it.


Pappare at The Food Hive

Me-An’s brother, Stanley, came with us and we also wanted him to try Pappare, of course. He loves Italian cuisine so we had him try Manhattan’s Little Italy flavor: REGINETTE ALLA PESTO, PHP 195 (or 3.89 USD).

The homemade pesto boasts a great basil and olive oil flavor. With the reginette, an uncommon ribbon-shaped pasta in the Philippines, it makes a delicious premium pasta.


Drunk Confucius

For the full experience, wash your meal down with their DRUNK CONFUCIUSPHP 150 (or 3 USD). It is a cocktail concocted with limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur), pinot grigio (wine), gin, lemon, and champoy (or dried plum). The plum powder rimmed cup and the liquid nitrogen certainly made the drink more dramatic.

Pappare Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Po Bo Potato Bomb

Po Bo at The Food Hive

As Chef Rosebud Benitez’s latest venture, the specialty is potatoes. My potato princess, Me-An, of course, was overjoyed to try it.


Pizza Fries by Po Bo at The Food Hive

First off, Me-An’s brother, Stanley, ordered the PIZZA FRIES, PHP 160 (or 3.2 USD). Generous servings of pepperoni, cheese, and pizza sauce top thick cut fries.


PO BO Potato Bomb at The Food Hive

The PO BO, PHP 130 (or 2.6 USD), is creamy mashed potato that has a crusty shell. It was then topped with generous servings of ground beef, corn, cheese sauce and caramelized onion slices. Normal serving time of it is three minutes, but since they receive a lot of orders, expect a long waiting time. It’s worth the wait though since a spoonful of the mixed bomb explodes with deliciousness even for a non-potato fan like me.


La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina

La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina at The Food Hive

We were wrong to proceed to familiar stalls and steer clear from what we were acquainted with. Little did we know that La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina would be the highlight of our evening.


La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina

From the name itself, most of the items in their menu use carnita, which literally means “little meats,” as a filling. They focus less on authenticity but their updated version with quality in mind makes them special.

They were already sold out by the time we want to try the alleged first ever grilled nachos in the Philippines. Ms. Aiza, the owner, may have noticed our sad state so she offered to us the last order of Nachos ala Bomba along with two mango iced teas on the house. Promise, we were willing to pay for it, but we can’t reject an offer out of respect. We feel very thankful for that. Rest assured though, as always, a free meal doesn’t influence what I write.


Nachos ala Bomba a Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina at The Food Hive

Normally, nacho chips are broiled or baked, but with La Carnitas’ NACHOS ALA BOMBA, PHP 195 (or 3.89 USD), it’s grilled. They top it with a grilled combination of Mexican beef, cheddar shavings, Mozzarella cheese and their special La Carnita cheese sauce in front of the customer. What a great way to whet an appetite!


La Carnita Modern Mexican Cantina at The Food Hive

They serve it with cucumber salsa, creamy cilantro sauce, and a choice of either chili verde or chili el bomba. Focusing on the nachos alone, it’s now the best modern nachos I’ve tried. The melted combination of cheeses and the flavorful beef meshes well with the tinge of smoky flavor. Meanwhile, the drizzled creamy cilantro sauce reminds me of ranch, but, of course, it a has a citrus-like taste. The zest of it helps fight cloying with excessive cheese.

What I have to note though is that they need to improve the color of their chili verde even if it’s a modern take and we know that it’s made from chili. It’s bordering on the color bluegreen which is a far cry from an exciting chili color.

Anyway, if you’re going to try it too upon our recommendation, make sure to consume it while it’s still warm. The cheese solidifies and it will be difficult to eat it chip per chip.

It’s best to be eaten with their home brewed MINT MANGO BREWED TEA, PHP 55 (or 1.1 USD). It has a strong tea taste as it’s infused with oolong tea and the mellow sweetness of mango purée.



Yordanovi at The Food Hive

The Food Hive also has the country’s first ever Bulgarian restaurant. Everything is homemade from scratch using local meat and imported spices from Bulgaria.

I really wanted to try their hyped Vreteno, a buttered and deep-Fried chicken fillet stuffed with dill pickle, ham and cheese served on top of butter mashed potatoes. It sounds so good! Unfortunately, it was already sold out during our visit.



We tried the TATARSKO KUFTE, PHP 159 (or 3.18 USD) sandwich. The tatarsko kufte is basically a stuffed big Bulgarian meatball. With that alone, it can actually count as a complete meal.

What Yordanovi did was kick it up a notch by serving it in a bun and with lutenitsa spread on the side. Although the lutenitsa‘s color and appearance may seem like it’s Korean’s gochujang, don’t fret. It’s not spicy and it just tastes like something in the middle of tomato, pepper and bell pepper.

Eating it reminded me of Yugoslavian cuisine because of the usage of cheese within it. It tastes different with what we are used to due to unfamiliar spices. However, it’s still good as the cheese and sautéed mushrooms bring back the comfort. It also complements well the savory meat.

Sadly, we didn’t get to finish the bread as we found it dry and we were already too full from eating.



 If there are food that can change one’s cravings at the Food Hive, there are also, of course, drinks that can do the same.

Juicifi by the Food Hive

Some of the items on their menu that we were able to try are their STRAWBERRY FRESH MILK, PHP 75 (or 1.5 USD) and BRAZILIAN LEMONADE, PHP 75 (or 1.5 USD), both tall sizes.

The strawberry syrup, which we assume is homemade because we see them use fresh fruits for the drinks, certainly cheered up the smooth fresh milk. As Me-An and I have a sweet tooth, we grew fond of its sweet and velvety goodness. It’s as good as a dessert for us.

Another drink we were able to try was the Brazilian Lemonade. It doesn’t exist in their regular menu because it’s part of their secret menu that is inspired by America’s In-N-Out Burger. Well, it’s not a secret anymore since you’ve read it here.

It’s honestly the first time that we heard about Brazilian Lemonade and it’s our first time trying it. So when we drank it, it was just lemonade for us with milk. And, of course, there were sinkers which we enjoyed chewing on. We began to appreciate it when we learned that Brazilian Lemonade uses lime instead of lemon. There was no bitter aftertaste in the drink so it’s a crisp and refreshing way to cool down.

Thank you to the owner who offered us the drinks for free so we could try it. Again, we didn’t reject an offer out of respect but the free drinks didn’t influence what I wrote.


Other Food Purveyors

It was just me, Me-An and Me-An’s brother so it will be impossible for us to try everything even if we allotted a big budget for spending. We’ll also, of course, return so we can try the other food offerings and also post better photos of the place. So without further ado, these are the following food purveyors at the Food Hive that may also interest you:

  • Blaze Flaming Sizzlers

    They make the food they serve ablaze.

Blaze at The Food Hive


  • Bab & Boy’s Smokeshack

    They bring a unique twist to BBQ Ribs. One of their rib dishes is ribs infused with brew kettle beer.

Bab & Boy's Ribs at The Food Hive

    According to the goat facts they had put up, goat meat has health benefits. One of it is that it’s a good source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that helps prevent cancer and other inflammatory conditions. Well, that’s a great reason to try their various goat meat dishes.

Goatcha at The Food Hive
  •  Wingfather and the Fry Mafia

    The flavors of their wings are pretty unconventional. Some of it are Bacon Wrapped Wings with Condensada Mayo, Black Peppercorn Wings with Smoked Bourbon Barbeque Sauce, and Maple Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese Aioli.

Wingfather and the Fry Mafia


  • Pixel Stop

    It’s basically a bar but they serve specially concocted drinks that are unique. Plus, they also offer real Belgian craft beer, Puerto Rico’s official drink, and more cold beers.



  • Bubble Wraps

    Egg waffles are not entirely new, so I guess we’ll have to try them out to see what makes it different or special.

Bubble Wrap


  • Mozafrió

    They offer mix-&-match frappes & milk tea. Their frappes can also be upgraded to a freak frappe whereby the cup is rimmed with a syrup and/or toppings plus the toppings are over the top.

MOZAFRIO at the food hiveMOZAFRIO at the food hive


  • Cool Juans

    They offer unique flavored ice creams either on their signature Hokkaido buns or it’s served on a liquid nitrogen bath. Either way, it’s awesome that it’s sold out fast.

Cool Juans


5 Tips for a buzzing The Food Hive Experience

1) Parking is limited. Best to use public transportation or avail the Uber service.

The Food Hive

Based on our experience, we had difficulty in getting a parking space. When we finally did get one, there were a few times that I had to move the car since a car parked behind needs to go out. It’s troublesome especially when I’m in the middle of eating great food.

It’s also inconvenient for those who need to hurriedly needs to go somewhere since they still have to wait for the car owner that blocks their car before they can leave. So yes, if you want a smooth food trip experience, better ride the public transportation or ride an Uber.


Via Uber

If you still haven’t signed up with Uber, you may use this code: 3ad21ue. You’ll get PHP 100 (or 2 USD) each for your first 2 rides. Meanwhile, it helps us us also get PHP 100 (or 2 USD) each for our next 2 rides which helps as go places when we blog.

2) Come early.

The Food Hive Food Park

Groups who go to the Food Hive are there to bond and to try out various foods. So yes, you’ll wait long to be able to get a table and seats. Please do come early especially when you’re a large group so you can seat comfortably. It also prevents hangry moments and stomach growling.

Aside from that, some food gets sold out early since they’re that delicious. You wouldn’t want to just stare at the “sold out” signage and regret that you came in late.

3) Be open to trying new tastes.

The Food Hive

Going the the Food Hive means trying out the food in a different way. Indeed, be open to trying out something new no matter how foreign the name of the dish is.


4) Bring at least PHP 500 (or 10 USD) each person.

The Food Hive

If you want a tasty meal, a drink to go with it, and a dessert to complete you, bring the suggested amount.


5) Bring your loved ones.

Yogo and Cream at The Food Hive

Of course, the Food Hive experience will never be complete when you’re not there with your loved one.


The Food Hive

The Food Hive Quezon City
Photo credit to the Food Hive.


80 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City, Philippines.
Operating Hours: 11AM to 12 midnight daily.

What are your thoughts on the Food Hive? Comment below to share it.

14 Responses to “NEW Food Park ALERT: Why the Food Hive Buzzes with Food You Shouldn’t Miss”

  1. Yet another one! Super dami na talagang food parks ngayon. Yup, parking and seating is always bad at these kinds of places cos they get packed kaagad so I don’t really visit food parks unless it’s super near our place. XD Variety is really the selling point of these places, no two shops sell the same kind of food. Mejo pricey nga lang the food hehe.

  2. Hmm, something new to try. Visayas Ave is just an easy 20-30min drive if without traffic from our place. My boys appreciate it when we go out and try restaurants and diners. Surely this new place will make them doubly happy considering the super many choices. If there would be any problem, it would be the parking.

  3. In terms of excitement, food parks are no lesser than amusement parks. We call them food malls here. You’ll find many of them alongside the national and state highways if you ever visit India. I must say, Chef Ed Bugia goes straight into my favorites because of his vegetarian food and above all the burgers.

  4. OMG! What a great food park!I liked the idea of putting the cone on table… so convenient. I hope these chefs visit Bangalore, may be then I too can taste their preparations. 😛 🙂

  5. Another food park, yay! The concept’s being replicated everywhere. It’s interesting though that instead of the usual food concepts banking on novelty, we have culinary experts on our midst. That means that while the food is expensive, it’s also really good!

  6. Wow! The food you’ve tried are yummmm! ♥ This isn’t that far from us, mga 30-mins din siguro. sarap pumunta dito at mag food trip! Btw, Me-An, you have lots of similarities with your bro! I agree, this is a place to bring your loved ones with you.

  7. Personally I like food parks because I want to have a choice and most of the food there are served in small portion so it also allows me to eat more hahaha…

    I haven’t tried food hive though, guess I have to go to Quezon City soon just to check this out. The food sure looks interesting to me.

  8. Oh wow! This blog post got me really hungry. One of the dishes I’d love to try is the homemade pasta in a cone and my god that pesto looks so delicious!

  9. Wow, just like me, I like food park as I want to choose different food from the food stalls. I actually like the idea of food park, aside from I see different people enjoying their food, I get to experience and taste variance of food that will surely satisfy me. I haven’t heard about this place, but will surely visit it when I get the chance to visit Manila again. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Ahh yeah.. food parks are definitely the thing now. Sadly, I think I haven’t been to one. Well do food bazaars like Mercato count? I’ve heard of so many food parks already. They’re popping like mushrooms. It’s sad that most of them are located in QC and I live further south than you. There is one which is 30 min – 1 hour drive from our place and another one that’s soon to open in Tagaytay. I’m looking forward to try and visit those parks soon. Nice photos and video by the way.

  11. Another good recommendation from you guys! I love food. Haha! And The Food Hive seems to be a gem to try with all the varieties of food that they offer. The one thing that struck my curiousity is those offerings from famous chefs coz they surely have signature selection but not pricey. Food park concept is actually offering affordable, must be accessible to all walks of life and with different concepts on food. That’s why it becomes super popular. There’s really value for money. And this one is really something to check on if I’m within the area.

  12. Yummy! Loved your pictures, the foods look so delicious. Food park is a really good place to visit. I wish they start here in India. Would love to try it. 🙂

  13. Wow! Love the concept of open food stalls! Am a foodie as you observed from my blogging sharing 😉 will definitely visit and enjoy the foods from the stalls esp nachos with cheese that you shared here, so so tempting. Wish I got chance to visit Quezon City soon 🙂 cheers


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