The Frazzled Cook

Me-An had been hearing about The Frazzled Cook from her friends who also live in Quezon City. However, since I’m from the south and we’re pretty busy on weekends, it wasn’t easy for us to schedule some time to blog about the restaurant. Thankfully, we received an invitation from the owner, Zzlleenn Lee, to celebrate with them their first anniversary wherein we get to try some of their best-selling classics as well as be among the first to try their new dishes.

The Frazzled Cook


For those who haven’t heard about The Frazzled Cook yet, back in 2009, it was in Luna Mencias St., Mandaluyong City. The chef during that time felt frazzled (means “being worn out, or exhausted either physically and/or emotionally”)  in coming up with the name of the restaurant itself, the menu, and the construction of the restaurant. Hence, it ended up with the restaurant being named as The Frazzled Cook.

The restaurant has moved to Quezon City last year. And has been under a new management, a group of hard-working ladies – Jennilyn Dy Siong, Jerrinah Cheng, Levina Choa, and Zzlleenn Lee.

Yes, The Frazzled Cook is just one of the hundreds of restaurants you’ll find in Quezon City and the million peso question is this: Is it reasonable? Well, my dear readers, if you’ll read the rest of the blog post, you will find out.



I have to give the owners some props on its location. Despite being located in one of the busiest places in the metro, they were able to find a quiet enough street yet accessible place to their restaurant. I just found the parking spaces to be lacking and it took us long to park since despite asking the security guard twice, he wasn’t accommodating. Plus, he doesn’t give a clear answer on where we can possibly park. If a customer isn’t dead set on eating at The Frazzled Cook, the restaurant may lose some customers over that.

The mismatched chairs and tables aren’t all about the restaurant intentionally making it that way to fit a frazzled personality. The Frazzled Cook itself was actually quite homey and cozy.

The Frazzled Cook
Sorry, ate, we were just taking photos of the place. We don’t know why you still had to stare at us.

We’ll have to return to The Frazzled Cook to take more photos of their interiors and their hobbit-like main door during daytime since we think it looks prettier that time. If you’re curious on their main door, you can check them out.



Frazzled cook’s menu is composed of comfort food that is meant to satisfy one’s cravings.


Frazzled Cook Truffle Fries

We began our dinner with some TRUFFLE FRIES *no price yet. These are potato fries cooked in truffle oil and seasoned with Parmesan cheese and finely chopped parsley. It comes with a garlic mayo dip. The fries was salty for our taste. Good thing the dip countered its saltiness.


The Frazzled Cook Homemade Potato Chips

We also had their HOMEMADE POTATO CHIPS *no price yet. It uses the same garlic mayo used on their truffle fries. Like it’s deep fried cousin, this one is again, salty and I even felt that it was a tad bit bitter for some reason.


The Frazzled Cook Squid Salad

For our salad, we had their SQUID SALAD, PhP 285 (or 6 USD). From the name itself, it is a salad (lettuce, prunes, and croutons) with squid. However, it was made more special as the squid was cooked in a sweet peppery sauce, the salad was tossed in basil vinaigrette, and  served with a fruit flower made of tomatoes as the outer petals and green mango as the inner petals.

It was really delicious when everything was combined to be eaten together. The vinaigrette along with the green mango gave different layers of sourness to it, and it worked well with the tender and tasty squid. Me-An just found the Lollo Rossa lettuce to be bitter.


The Frazzled Cook Sizzling Gambas

Next up on this list is their SPICY GAMBAS AL AJILLO, PhP 285 (or 6 USD). The Frazzled Cook’s sizzling gambas had medium sized shrimps, garlic, and chilies, but they added mushrooms and parsley to it. Although it tasted pretty ordinary for us despite it being really spicy, we have to note that their gambas were seared nicely and the garlic flakes have turned in the right color.


The Frazzled Cook Chorizo Pasta

We got to try out some of their pasta offerings specifically, their CHORIZO PASTA *no price yet. They used chorizos from Casa Amarilla which is a Spanish style naked chorizo that is free from MSD, nitrates or artificial ingredients and gluten. This pasta dish was salty for us as I presume it’s from putting in too much Parmesan cheese. I like that I can taste a hint of smoky flavor in it and the parsley adds a touch of difference in taste.


The Frazzled Cook Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Next, we had the CHICKEN TORTILLA WRAP *no price yet. The breaded chicken breasts were really juicy which made it a joy for me. The honey mustard and cheese complemented well with the wrap. I recommend you try this one out. It even has some pomelo and watermelon to help cleanse the palate.


The Frazzled Cook Chicken with Paella

A dozen of dishes and a big belly later, we moved on to the main event. First up was their ORGANIC CHICKEN WITH STUFFED PAELLA *no price yet. This dish was used to be offered during holidays as it is perfect for a group of family or friends, but not anymore as they’re making it part of their regular menu. One must remember to order it a day in advance.

Anyway, from the name itself, the organic chicken was stuffed with paella, but The Frazzled Cook didn’t stuff it with just an ordinary one. They stuffed it with Paella Negra, a squid ink rice, which was a perfect companion for the roasted chicken. Despite the chicken’s outside appearance looking moist, we found its breast meat to be dry even though it was cooked in butterfly style. Maybe they cut the chicken right away so it lost its moisture.


The Frazzled Cook Pork BBQ Ribs

Besides the chicken, we also tried out their PORK BBQ RIBS, PhP 375 (or 7.09 USD). This is definitely my favorite out of all the dishes served. The pork ribs were really tender and soft as it was simmered for four (4) hours, while the barbecue sauce that was used to glaze it was spot on. The creamy mashed potatoes went well with the dish. I urge you to try this one out .


After a really heavy meal, it’s time for some sweet treats! We got to try two of their pastries.


The Frazzled Cook Frozen Brazo Cake

The first one being their FROZEN BRAZO CAKE *no price yet. The meringue was still soft and the next layers – custard and graham crust, were frozen like ice cream. I didn’t like it as much because the lower layers were so cold that I didn’t get tot taste it very well.


The Frazzled Cook Creme Brulee

The other dessert which was the CREME BRÛLÉE CAKE, PhP 225 (or 4. 74 USD) is a different story. The mango cream inside was really delicious, and the caramelized sugar was perfect. Me-An who was not fond of sponge based cakes loved this. It was really good way to end our evening.


oh… And before we forget, we got to eat the dessert with a spoon engraved with a Hello Kitty. According to Me-An, it added to The Frazzled Cook’s charm.

Hello Kitty Spoon
Do you see it?



I like what The Frazzled Cook was trying to achieve with their food and that they are going for an extensive menu so they can cater to everyone. I just hope that they’ll try to perfect their new dishes first before they release them. Well, of course, we can understand if some of the dishes we ate were salty or not at the quality it should be. Food bloggers are sometimes guinea pigs whether we like it or not. We don’t mind nonetheless because we know we can help people and that is what we do. So, for paying customers, we recommend you go first for the best-selling ones. You won’t go wrong with it.

And for the question on whether The Frazzled Cook is reasonable or not. Out of some of the best-selling classics we tried (*the dishes that have prices), we think the Squid Salad and the Spicy Gambas Al Ajillo aren’t really reasonable for its price. I think it should cost a bit lower since it’s just easy to make and the ingredients are minimal. Yeah, the Pork BBQ Ribs and the Creme Brûlée cake is worth every cent.  That makes half not reasonable and half reasonable so we can’t make a full verdict. Aside from that, the rest, which is the new dishes, we can’t judge yet since we weren’t able to take note its prices.

Overall, for a one-year-old, version 2.0 restaurant, with everything that has been said, The Frazzled Cook is still good so it’s not surprising that they’re creating buzz and the restaurant is always jam packed. I’m sure they’ll continue to grow and become better.

The Frazzled Cook Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Frazzled Cook

78 Scout Gandia, Laging Handa,Tomas Morato, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 11 AM to 11PM (Mon. to Fri.) and 11AM to 1AM (Sat. to Sun.).

12 Responses to “The Frazzled Cook”

  1. I agree with your suggestions that they need to perfect their new dishes first. The organic chicken with paella seems interesting. But I hope they make it taste really good. I also find the chorizo pasta interesting.

  2. One more restaurant to put in the list of to be tried one day. Although the dishes could be improved and I do trust Me-An and Lloyd completely when it comes to food reviews, I am pretty sure the owners would move heaven and earth to make the dishes delightful.

    Super intrigued with the roast chicken with paella. I think the dish is unique and yes, I am very keen on chicken – I LOVE CHICKEN.

    Good review, as always.

  3. Absolutely good review, without bias. The photos look nice, and I’d be happy to give the Organic Chicken with stuffed paella, shrimp dish and bbq ribs a go. But the rest don’t seem very special. I’m also not very fond of fries and chips for starters, but the salad.. squid salad?.. is intriguing. 😛 Would love to know more about the service towards paying costumers.

  4. The food looks so good and so does that cake! Those pork ribs are very inviting! You were lucky to have gotten an invite. I enjoy reading restaurant and food reviews even though a lot of the locations are too far for me to visit them.

  5. The spicy gambas! Im drooling as well as with the pasta..kase they all look good! I got curious about the organic chicken, it looked scrumptious too… I love food hubs with nice ambiance.. Whenever im in manila i always find time to check out different restos, and i would love to give this a try! 🙂

  6. Great review of this place. It looks pretty cute, i quite like the ambience of the place as well. As for the thr food, looks good. Although I think theyd appreciate some of thr feedback you have to perfect their dishes. Love that you were honest about this review! 😄

  7. The Squid Salad looks so good! I love the overall ambiance of the place, it’s a bit different than usual restos with food similiar to The Frazzled Cook’s. I seriously need to visit Tomas Morato soon. I just live in QC and I haven’t been there!

  8. The name of one of the owners is so unique with all the Zs! These days, I’m craving for all the bad food so those fries and chips are so appetizing to me! Too bad they moved farther already. Mandaluyong would have been closer to our place. 🙂

  9. The organic chicken wiyh paella is so intriguing i would want to go to that restaurant now. Ehehe. Good thing my mom supports my love for discovering new diners. We always bring the boys when we learned of new cafes or restaurants. Love the name of the place, too intriguing that you end up thinking the cook will also surely come up with equally intriguing dishes- the chicken paella included.

    And do I see a Hello Kitty? Haha. Cuteness.

  10. wow! your photos are great! made me a bit hungry tho… the stuffed chicken.. the crème brulee.. oh.. I love them! gotta try this place sometime…

  11. The food looks delicious but my eyes are all on the creme brulee cake! Looks so tasty. Also, all the pictures are all taken and the dishes look to be meticulously prepared (the appearance is very important too 🙂

  12. How about the serving? Is it good for a couple of people like good for 2 or 3? The chicken stuffed with paella looks interesting.


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