The Golden Duck

First Taste of The Golden Duck Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Crisps at #BU13 (Bloggers United 13)

Bloggers United

Last weekend, it was our first time to go to Bloggers United, Manila’s biggest bloggers bazaar. We neither went there to sell clothes nor purchase the personal items being sold by fellow bloggers.

Why then did we go?

Our main reason is to have an exclusive first taste of Golden Duck gourmet snack.


Not All Snacks are Created Equal

The salted egg craze definitely swept the Singapore food scene by storm. This led to a lot of salted egg yolk snacks available in their market. However, we agree with The Golden Duck’s slogan, “not all snacks are created equal” even as it arrives in the Philippines to continue the tasty salted egg yolk trend.

The Golden Duck

Unlike the usual salted egg yolk snacks such as buns, dim sums, etc., The Golden Duck can be enjoyed anywhere with the shimmery brown bag that is resealable. That in itself is already a great selling point for us!

Additionally, it’s a gourmet snack as their special salted egg recipe is coated onto hand-crafted potato crisps.


Taste Test

This is to let you know in advance that we haven’t tried the other Singaporean brands. We are just basing our feedback on what we had tried during Bloggers United 13 (#BU13).

Taste Test


“The potato crisps are thin and are in bite size pieces so the ratio of the egg yolk seasoning is high. This made each morsel of The Golden Duck to be packed with distinctive salted egg flavor. It is indeed salty and sweet but the spices from the curry leaves and red chili left me wanting for more. In fact, I was the one who consumed the entire bag that we had with us.”


“I’m fond of anything potato but I’m quite picky with flavors. And although I’m not fond of the salted egg taste unlike Lloyd, I found The Golden Duck to be seriously addictive. Too bad Lloyd finished almost the entire pack so I couldn’t eat more.”


The Golden Duck Philippines

The Golden Duck

There is another opportunity for you to try The Golden Duck as well while they still have not officially launched. Look out for them at U.P. Town Center, Quezon City. We guarantee that your salted egg cravings will be satisfied!

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