The Oriental Legazpi

The Oriental Legazpi: Best Hotel with the Mayon Volcano View

The Oriental Legazpi

Situated on top of Taysan Hill, The Oriental Legazpi has one of the best views of the famous Mayon Volcano especially when viewed from the pool area. 

The Oriental Legazpi

Disclosure: My overnight stay was generously sponsored by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Philippines and The Oriental Legazpi hotel as part of the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) Bicol Express Familiarization Trip. Rest assured all photos were taken by me. Plus, everything I wrote is of my own opinion and insights.


Address: Taysan Hill, Sto. Nino Village, Legazpi, Luzon 4500, Philippines

Its location is both a blessing and may be unappealing for some. A blessing since it offers guests a picturesque view of the Mayon Volcano. Meanwhile, it may be a unappealing to some of the guests specifically those who want to go to town (about 15 min. away from the hotel) to eat and shop or those who are in Legazpi City to explore the place.

Airport shuttle service is provided. However, shuttles going to the city and vice versa are not provided. A guest has to hire a private van since taxis or tricycles aren’t readily available within the area.


The Oriental Legazpi

The Oriental Legazpi was quick to show Filipino hospitality. They warmly greeted us by their beautiful smiles, hung seashell necklaces on our necks, and ushered us into the hotel. I wonder if they do it for all their guests.


Cucumber drink

Cucumber juices and cold towels were immediately served before I could settle down in their lobby. How I wish they served a fruit juice instead, because the taste of cucumber doesn’t make it beloved by many. We also quickly received our room access cards.


The Legazpi Oriental

For me, the Oriental Legazpi’s non-air conditioned hotel lobby has a soothing joyful atmosphere with the usage of colorful comfortable sofas and tasteful local art pieces to augment the dim lighting. It’s a great lobby well-suited for both formal and informal talks.

The Oriental Legazpi

Upon arriving my designated floor, I couldn’t help but appreciate the contemporary-modern furniture and Asian decor pieces that welcomed my sight.

The Oriental Legazpi

The minimalist white walls are balanced with patterned carpet thereby creating a luxurious feel. It also helps minimize foot step noises.

Deluxe Queen Mayon

Room Amenities

The Oriental Legazpi

Hotel guests will receive an electronic key card access and a key card holder that contains the Wi-Fi passwords for all hotel areas that have internet connection. People, indeed, tend to disconnect during a vacation, but I love that the hotel focuses on keeping guests connected online at all costs.

Please note though that their Wi-Fi is for surfing and messaging only. Downloading movies and online games are not allowed.


The Oriental Legazpi

During my stay, the hotel’s high-speed broadband internet service was really good. I enjoyed tapping on my laptop at the work desk of my room. No wonder The Oriental Legazpi became a choice of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Commision for East Asia and the Pacific and the UNWTO Commision for South Asia.


The Oriental Legazpi

The Deluxe Queen Mayon room is quite spacious with 34-36 sq.m.  The main colors, as you can see in the photo above, are gray, brown, and white. And although there is a little splash of color, it’s in deep bluegreen. The bedroom’s colors and its minimal design make it masculine for my taste. Thus, I won’t readily choose it as an option for a staycation. Manly guys like Lloyd though will love the bedroom design.

I don’t know how the other rooms look like so my thoughts aren’t final on that matter.


The Oriental Legazpi City

Aside from the room having internet connection, it comes with centralized air-conditioner; 32″ LCD/ plasma screen TV with 24 hour cable TV; IDD and NDD phone; a mini-refrigerator; an electronic in-room safe; and a balcony with a view. My room was on the Mayon Volcano’s side, but the view was obstructed with a tall, palm tree.  I guess guests who are staying in a higher floor area have better scenic views.



The Oriental Legazpi

Similar to the bedroom, the dark bathroom has a masculine vibe with gray tiles covering the walls and floors. Plus, the towels are black. The bathroom door has no lock and it is just an opaque sliding door.


The Oriental Legazpi

The shower is a rain head shower. There are bath amenities as well as a hair dryer available for us. The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash don’t come in individual amenity bottles as it’s placed in a wall-mounted dispenser. No disposable shampoo and soap bottles to take home for future use. But, at least, plastic bottle waste is reduced which is good for the environment.

Buffet Breakfast at Jasmine Restaurant

The Oriental Legazpi

I wasn’t able to try out the complimentary buffet breakfast as I struggled to leave my bed after a relaxing massage the night before. I also had to do an early check-out so I had to pack everything.
My general impression for the buffet breakfast is that variety of choices are for offered for guests. The luxurious, visually appealing setup also uplifts the guests’ mood which is a great way to start the day.

The Oriental Legazpi

I’m sure if I got to eat breakfast, I’ll have a belly full of food that will help me last even after lunch time.


The Oriental Legazpi

Eating a healthy breakfast at the beginning of one’s day positively affects one’s overall mood and helps keep one energized throughout the day.

Hotel Facilities

Pool Area | 7AM to 8PM

The Legazpi Oriental

The hotel’s outdoor infinity swimming pool is subdivided into three areas: a kiddie pool, a free for all pool, and a lap pool. It truly offers a picturesque view of the Mayon Volcano when it’s not covered in clouds. Nonetheless, it’s still enjoyable to swim with the city view.


The Oriental Legazpi
Lydia Yang of

Day beds and pool lounge chairs are also available for relaxing in the pool side. I just wish they could do something about the water pump that’s visible in the pool area.


Bar Lounge | 10AM to 10PM

The Legazpi Oriental

As it had previously rained, we had our dinner at the bar lounge instead of the hotel’s pool area. Thus, we didn’t get a full view of the city lights while eating dinner.


The Legazpi Oriental

We got to sample some of Jasmine restaurant’s dishes which were really exquisite. The food that we got to try (as seen in the photo above in clockwise direction starting from the upper left) were the following:

  • Beef Curry Oriental
  • Cabbage Rolls and Aligi Rice.
  • Seafood Wellington, Laing Parcel, and Mixed Green Katipunero Salad.
  • Suam sa Halaan Soup.
  • Prawn Navarine with Coffee Pili Sauce and Stuffed Chicken Breast with Chocolate Sauce.

How I wish Lloyd was traveling with us to describe the food to you.


The Legazpi Oriental

We also had a trio dessert sampler. From left to right, the desserts were Pili Pannacotta, Lava Cake, and Colonial Grill’s level 3 Sili ice cream. All the sweet treats were delicious.

What I loved the best from the three though was the Pili Pannacotta as I love panna cotta. The soft yet crisp Pili nut worked perfectly with the sweet, delicate custard.

Meanwhile, to combat the spiciness of the Sili ice cream, I ate it together with the luscious lava cake. I emptied my entire dessert plate even though I was already full from all the food I ate.


The Legazpi Oriental

This is how the bar lounge looks like in the morning. I would love to lounge in the cocoon couches.


Fitness Center/ Gym| 6AM to 10PM

The Legazpi Oriental

I don’t really exercise so I don’t know if their exercise machines are state-of-the-art. What I’m sure though is what they offer are adequate for those who don’t want to miss a work out. They have a free weights area, an abdominal bench, and a treadmill to name a few of their machines and equipment. Mirrors surround the walls for exercisers to monitor their form.

By the way, this is located in the basement near The Oriental Spa.


The Oriental Spa | 9AM to 12MN

The Legazpi Oriental

As part of our overnight stay at The Oriental Legazpi, we were treated with a Haplos ni Daragang Magayon body massage, PhP 1, 200 (or 24.63 USD) which was good for 80 min./ 1 hour and 20 min.


The Legazpi Oriental

The Oriental Spa has three (3) individual rooms and a lounge area. The room I was in could accommodate three guests at a time and both had a shower cubicle and a jacuzzi. Not one of us made use of it as there were three of us who had to share the room together.

In case you want to sleep straight after a massage, the Oriental Spa’s body massage services may also be availed at the privacy of one’s hotel room for an additional cost.


The Legazpi Oriental

I love the Asian-inspired decor of the Oriental Spa. As I grew up having spa treatments at an early age, I can be very particular with how things are done in a spa experience. I sadly didn’t have a pure bliss from the body massage. The therapist didn’t know that there was a face cushion pillow to be used before I face down completely. When she asked me to turn on my back, I still had to ask for a head pillow as she forgot about it.

Those are just minor issues but a “skilled masseuse” already should know about those. To add to that, I found it quite bothersome to hear my masseuse whispering to her fellow therapist several times as if they were gossiping. A spa experience for me should be relaxing and pleasing. So if I’m a paying customer, I honestly would pay lower than PhP 1, 200 (or 24. 63 USD) for what I had experienced.

I hope they train their masseuses well so other spa customers won’t experience the same inconveniences. Hoping that this won’t discourage you to avail their spa service since they may improve their service if this reaches them. Also, the massage techniques for the Haplos ni Daragang Magayon body massage is still worth a try. It’s similar to the traditional Filipino massage called hilot. I had a good night’s rest after the massage.


I give The Oriental Legazpi hotel a 4.5/5  for the staff’s warm hospitality, polite attitude, and quick service. Plus, they look well-dressed with their oriental uniforms. I especially commend the servers as they are friendly and warm, but not over-sharing. Our dining experience was excellently taken care of.

Published Rates

  • Deluxe Twin/Queen, Mountain/ City View: PhP 4,880 net (or 91.93 USD net).
  • Deluxe Twin/Queen Mayon: PhP 5, 280 net (or 108.34 USD net).
  • Executive Suite Mountain/ City View: PhP 8, 480 net (or 174.01 USD net).
  • Executive Suite Mayon: PhP 10, 080 net (or 206.84 USD net).

All includes buffet breakfast.

Check-in time: 2:00PM
Check-out time: 12:00 PM


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The Oriental Legazpi


A premier hotel in Legazpi, the hotel has an inviting ambiance with spacious rooms. Its sublime interior design matches its sleek architecture. Meanwhile, its secluded location offers a respite from the city life and a majestic view of the Mayon Volcano when it shows its full glory. So The Oriental Legazpi can also be a dreamy place for holding one’s wedding gatherings to birthday gatherings.

Equipped also with the comforts of urban living and several amenities, business travelers will find it convenient too to stay at this hotel. They can have also a hearty and heavy breakfast buffet that may help them be more productive on their business trip.

The Oriental Legazpi

And for those who opt for lesiure, the hotel offers all the necessary services and ample facilities for guests to have an enjoyable stay.

Overall, The Oriental Legazpi hotel is highly recommended when you find yourself going on a vacation in Legazpi City.

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What do you think of The Oriental Legazpi?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for dropping by.

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  1. I love this place. It is so beautiful and a wonderful place to stay for rest and relaxation. I love the spacious rooms, and the deco. The cultural greeting upon arrival is awesome.

  2. Me-an, I was just telling a friend about Oriental Legazpi! I’d love to stay here on a weekend just to unwind, if only it were a bit closer to Manila. I love the view of Mount Mayon here! 🙂 Are you referring to the water pump on the left side of the pool photo? Yeah it kinds of obstruct the view.

  3. Thanks for this review, the pictures all look so nice; it sounds like a lovely hotel indeed, and the best is the hospitality and the fact they’ve welcome you well. For me, it’s so important. I hope I get a chance to visit it one day 🙂

  4. Very neatly done up place. I liked the ambiance in the pics and the view of the volcano hill is ultimate experience.

  5. Been here just last May 2016 and yessss you really don’t have to go anywhere else just to see Mayon in perfect shape. I miss it now as I read your post. Happy Holidays to you both!


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