The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends.

Pinoy Vloggers Christmas Party and The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends

Most of you know that, aside from blogging, our content can also be found in Youtube. With that, we make it a point not only to be with the blogging community, but also more so to be with the Vloggers community whenever there is an opportunity.

After our first exposure to the Vloggers community, we were encouraged to produce more videos and also to find our own vlogging style. We also prefer, honestly, to be with the vlogging community since everyone seem genuine, friendly, and very engaging. Indeed, what you see them as in front of the video is also who they really are. So when kuya Jeyps announced that there will be a Pinoy Vloggers Christmas Party, we had no qualms in attending it.

Kuya Jeyps


The Christmas Party was held in Hot Star Fried Chicken at Blue Baywalk, Pasay City last December 11, 2016. You must be thinking why it was just posted now. Well, as you may know, Lloyd is the one who usually edits our videos. However, I asked if I could edit the video myself to improve my video editing skills. And with all the holiday busyness, bridal shower, and weddings also part of the equation, I finally finished it.


What we basically did as seen in the Youtube video was to eat, bond with each other, have a Christmas exchange gift worth PhP 200 (or 4 USD), and have a group photo. If you’re wondering what we gave as a Christmas gift the content was two bottles of Vitamin-C, two T-shirts and a Korean toothpaste. It’s useful and worth more than PhP 200 but it feels like it’s embarrasing to give because the person on the receiving end may be expecting something else. For instance, they want to get make up or a vlogging related product. Meanwhile, what we received were two tupper wares. Lloyd and I, of course, got one each.


After the Pinoy Vloggers Christmas Party has ended, those who were not in a hurry to go home and want some more UBE (ultimate bonding experience) with fellow vloggers were to play with dogs. I was wondering if there was a new pet cafe in the area since the cafe that I know of was Velvet Friends Cat Café for those who want to spend time with cats. It turns out they added dogs in the picture and has already changed its name to The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends.

The cafe is divided into two areas:

1) the cafe area

Cafe Area

From the name itself, this is where customers can freely hang out with friends or loved ones without worrying about a cover charge. We’ll discuss into details about the cover charge later on.


The Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends

It is also where customers can comfortably hang out after playing with the velvet friends. The area is primarily cat themed with a relaxed ambiance. We will update this blog post/ make a new blog post with more photos of it when we return. The cafe looks better with day light especially the play room that overlooks the huge park.


The Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends

The pastries doesn’t have personality so we hope they taste good as they look. Will try some of these when we return.


2) the play room

This is the area where a cover charge is collected for access per hour. Rates are as follows:

  • PHP 220 (or 4.14 USD) with complimentary iced tea.
  • PHP 270 (or 5.42 USD) with complimentary milk shake.

The cover charge is only good for one area which is either the cat haven or the dog garden. You’ll be happy to know that they offer special discounts for the following conditions:

  • 10% discount for groups of 5 or more.
  • 20% discount for birthday celebrant.
  • 10% discount if you’ll visit both the cats and the dogs.

Please note that socks must be worn within the play room. If you don’t have socks, the PET Cafe by Velvet Friends sells cute socks for PHP 45 (0.90 USD) per pair.

a) The Cat Haven

Although we didn’t get to play with the cats since we chose the dog garden, we still think it’s purrfect for cat lovers. We can see that they have a diverse breed of cats including imported ones (ones that we only see in movies).


Pet Cafe

Most of them were just chilling or napping during our visit. It was already nightttime so maybe they were already tired from playing. By the way, the PET Cafe by Velvet Friends provide interactive cat toys and cat accessories for the enjoyment of visitors.


b) The Dog Garden

The Pet Cafe

Compared to the cat haven, the dog garden has minimalistic set up. There were also no dog toys maybe because their dogs were super friendly.


The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends.

Guess who enjoyed the most? Yes! It’s me. I got to play with a Corgi which is the breed I want if ever I’ll own a dog. I can’t resist its foxy face, stubby legs, fluffy hair, and friendly personality.


The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends.

If you want the dogs to come to you, you can ask the kuya (one of their staff) to give you a doggie treat. Just wave it around and they’ll come running at you. You may even see them do some tricks that will certainly entertain you.


The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends is Reasonable

The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends.

For a total of PHP 486 (or 9.73 USD) only for Me-An’s and my access to the play area (* got the 10% discount since we were more than 5 in the group), we enjoyed an hour of play time with the dogs, got to bond with our new found friends, and also felt refreshed with their milkshakes. It was well worth it since we don’t have dogs at home to play with. Cuddling with them definitely made us happier.


The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends.

Finally, their milkshake is thick in taste and is of quality compared to what we had tried in other cafes.

Given that the the Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends also have to feed the pets, keep them properly groomed, and ensure that they have complete vaccines, I think the price they’re asking for is truly reasonable. Each visit is also a memorable experience for visitors.


The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends

Location: Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue Corner EDSA, Libertad, Pasay City
Operating Hours: 11AM to 10PM

Velvet Friends Cat Cafe Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

13 Responses to “Pinoy Vloggers Christmas Party and The PET Cafe by Velvet Friends”

  1. Looks like you guys had a good time, so that was all good. I have been seeing the Pet Cafe lately and looks like they are doing pretty well. I like those cats. I may not want to live with cats (due to the hair) but I still think they are some of the cutest pets around, next to dogs. As a matter of facts, for as long as I could remember of my early childhood, I have always been attracted to cats.

  2. I have three cats at home and wanting to adopt a puppy soon. Maybe, I should visit this Cafe and see if I can interact well will puppies/dogs too. An hour play with the dogs for less than PHP500 is reasonable if not cheap. It’s not easy to maintain a beautiful cafe and take care of the dogs’ welfare too.

  3. The cafe looks good. Esp the play area looks perfect. Good to know that its pet friendly. Btw, its amazing that you Pinoy Vloggers are getting together to help each other out. I haven’t tried my hand much on vlogging yet. Should do more videos this year!

  4. I love pet cafes! I have only been to a bird cafe in Tokyo, but it was super fun. I am glad you picked a corgi, since you love them. You look very happy in the photos. And I think it’s great that you can get a complimentary milkshake too! The bird cafe in Tokyo didn’t have any freebies…

  5. I like such cafes and restaurants which allow you to hang around for longer time than just expecting you to have a meal and leave. Here in Mumbai there are few such places. Most of the other restaurants would rush you by constantly asking “Sir, would you like to order something else?” When you hear that from the waiter, it means he’s politely asking you to get lost as there may be other people waiting 😀

  6. Looks like a perfect place to destress! Do they have a pug???? I would definitely go there if they have a pug. haha! So how’s the food? The milkshake looks yummy. :p~

    • We’re not really familiar with the dog breeds. Not sure if it was a pug or a bull dog 😀 Sadly, we didn’t get to try the food since we’re already full from eating at Hot Star Fried Chicken.

  7. I admire people who can vlog. I am afraid of the camera. i tend to stammer. i think there would be a lot of editing and re-takes if i would vlog. i attempted but i wont do it again (yet). Anyway, the fist pet cafe ive been at is at cat cafe. so basically just cats. this one has dogs. how i love dogs! kaya lang i think i would sneeze a lot. i have fur allergies. 🙁 pet cafes are great concept for pet lovers, no?

  8. You seem like you had fun at the arty! And oh, I would love to go to a blogging gathering someday! I want to meet new people and connect with them. My goal for the year 2017 is to improve my relationships and so far, I’ve only been having conversations with people online. @@

    I’ve been to Velvet cafe! The cats are super adorable and I’m glad that they separated the rooms. Some people are allergic to cats and they probably took that into consideration, which is really nice. 🙂

  9. Well done for editing that video yourself! It doesn’t matter if it takes longer, it’s very good practice for you. The cat cafe looks AMAZING! I am a huge fan of fluffy animals and I would’ve gone crazy. Shame you didn’t go into the cat play room as I would’ve preferred that one to the dog room to be honest. They are all so cute though, I wouldn’t know which one to play with first!

  10. The place seems like a perfect hangout for pet lovers like me… and it is reasonable! I’ve been to some pet cafes in japan but never had the chance to visit any in Manila… I am glad to watch your video, now have all the reasons to go to the Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends

  11. I have some questions in mind. How does Vlogging help you as a blogger? Or are these two separate genres of blogging? Secondly, are there any online tools which I can use for editing videos? Have you tried Facebook Live ? And if yes, then how has it helped you in your blogging?


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