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Shave and Hungover Treatment at The Village Barber and Supply Shop

Committed to a significant other or not, a man should exert an effort in looking his best through good grooming habits.

Getting a haircut, shaving my mustache and beard and using grooming products have been part of my routine. This ensures that Me-An’s eyes are fixated on me. Plus, always looking presentable is good for my well-being.

Anyway, I grew up having my hair cut at barbershops. However, there has been a decline with good barbershops around Metro Manila which made me end up having my hair fix at salons. There is nothing wrong with being groomed in a salon. However, it lacks the embodiment of masculinity that barbershops have. Thus, when The Village Barber and Supply Shop invited me to try out some of their services, I didn’t hesitate to try it.


It was also the right timing as we were going to the E! Bloggers Ball at night.


As a premium barbershop

The Village Barber and Supply

The aesthetic of the interior is industrial which is a trend these days. Exposed copper pipes run along the ceilings and walls. Meanwhile, pendant lights hung above for focused lighting.

What  I think makes The Village Barber and Supply Shop distinct is their finely restored vintage barber chairs on polished floors. Add to that the floor to ceiling window which offers a view of Manila Golf Course and makes the place all the more appealing. During our visit though, they put down the window shade because of harsh direct sunlight.



The Village Barber and Supply Shop

Wooden countertops, shelves, and tables give the place some visual warmth despite the use of modern manly hues. Their shampoo chair matches the overall aesthetics.



The Village Barber and Supply Shop

Completing the refined gentleman ambiance is 1980s tunes played via a modern turntable.



Shave and Hungover Treatment

Shave, PHP 450 (or USD 8.8)
The Village Barber and Supply

The barbers, clad in their checkered polo and jeans, is honestly a different sight from what I’m accustomed to. Despite it, their presentable look made my initial feeling of uneasiness dissipate. Add to that my observation on how the other seats were filled with patrons and other clients patiently waiting for their turn.


Shave Village Barber and Supply

The shaving service starts with the application of shaving cream using a brush.


Village Barber and Supply

Using a steel straight razor, Harold, the barber who took care of me, skillfully shaved my beard and mustache. I loved the feeling of the razor removing my unwanted hair. Honestly, I have been shaving myself my whole life that I never knew that being shaved by another person can feel so relaxing.

Guys! You really have to try it even once. Avail the service most especially when you have special occasions for a smoother hair-free face.


Hungover treatment, PHP 750 (or USD 14.6)

The Village Barber and Supply Shop’s hungover treatment isn’t only for men who are literally suffering a hangover after drinking alcohol. It is a great way to indulge one’s self in a manly pampering experience.

The Village Barber and Supply

The treatment involves a four-step process with complimentary massages in between and after. And it all starts with the application of their facial scrub which exfoliates dead skin cells. The product is removed by a warm wet towel.


The Village Barber and Supply

Afterwards, a clay mask is applied for a deep cleansing treatment. How it does the deep cleaning you may wonder? Clay masks apparently soak excess oil which in turn clean out any clogged pores of our skin.

This process is accompanied by a good scalp massage that definitely helps alleviate stress.


The Village Barber and Suppl

An aftershave is then applied to soothe irritated areas.



he Village Barber and Supply

The last process is an application of an oil-free moisturizer which hydrates one’s skin.  Kuya Harold fanned my face to dry with a towel.


The Village Barber and Supply

The hungover treatment was completed with a back and shoulder massage. All throughout the treatment, there had been quite a few times I have been lulled to sleep. Who wouldn’t? Their barber’s hands may look rough and firm but it’s actually soft and gentle which is ideal for massages.

Anyway, good thing Me-An was able to take note of the process so I can share with you what happens.


As a supply shop

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If you don’t have the time to frequent The Village Barber and Supply Shop, you can purchase premium grooming products so you can maintain your supple skin and great hair.


The Village Barber and Supply Shop complete list of services

The Village Barber and Supply Shop


Overall Experience

The Villager Barber and Supply Shop

I’ve been saying praises about The Village Barber and Supply Shop all throughout my post.

However, the question is, is it worth visiting them?

It depends actually.

For someone like me, I find availing shaving service to be impractical because my mustache grows at a rapid pace. And given the price tag of each session, I’ll lose money fast when done daily.

Availing their hungover treatment is a different story. Its effect is longer lasting than the shave and their entire process of pampering is something I can get used to. It gives me an invigorating feeling afterward. Their method didn’t leave my skin irritated and there were no restrictions after it’s done. Plus, their barber gave an amazing massage which is truly rewarding after a week of hard work. I honestly wouldn’t mind having this done weekly or monthly.

By the way, kuya Harold also graciously styled my hair with their hair care products. So I ended up giving a hefty tip for a job well done. I recommend for you to do so too to your barber to show your appreciation for their service.


The Village Barber and Supply

Before I forget, when you avail any of their packages, you get to enjoy a Negroni cocktail or a Belgian beer for free. And don’t get your hopes up for a free cap, it’s being sold.

That is everything I have to say. If you enjoyed this post and/ or has helped you make the decision to avail their services, please do share and/or comment on this post.


Disclosure: The shave + hungover treatment service was generously sponsored by The Village Barber and Supply Shop. Rest assured all photos were taken by Me-An and everything I wrote is of my own opinion and insights.


The Village Barber and Supply Shop

Address: 2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Road, Forbestown Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, NCR 1634 Philippines.
Operating hours: 11 AM to 9 PM on Mon. to Fri. and 10 AM to 9 PM on weekends.

Email address:
Mobile: +63 906 451 4554

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  1. Cute the name of its service – Hungover treatment. Seems pretty awesome for those with a little alcohol intake. I seldom see males having facial done and it amazes me to look at the photos. indeed, male needs a little pampering too. That facial scrub looks too indulging. I bet if my husband would have one, he will surely sleep and snore.


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