The Wander Space

The Wander Space at Maginhawa: Concept Store and Cafe for Wanderers

It is already a BER month! We know how Filipinos take the tradition of giving and receiving seriously. Malls, bazaars, and divisoria (commericial center for low priced goods) are filled with people frantically searching for gifts as Christmas draws nearer. With The Wander Space around, gift giving becomes easier.

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As a concept store

The Wander Space

Long time couple, Bam and Kim, both have a penchant for travel. As such, they established The Wander Space which is more than a typical retail store.


The Wander Space

Local brands certainly display their products for sale at the store. The noticeable difference is that one can see from the get go how the store evokes the travel lifestyle.


The Wander Space

For instance, paper planes and wooden planes hung on the ceiling as decor.


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The products being sold from over 40 brands cater to travel, arts, and lifestyle needs but these are carefully curated. So, with the unique selection of products, you are assured that your visit is worth it.


The Wander Space

Local artists get to exhibit their skills as well through the art they did for The Wander Space or their art works hung around the cafe. The photo you see above is a wall art found inside their bathroom.


The Wander Space

Additionally, as a concept store, they hold workshops and classes conducted by guest instructors or speakers from their partner brands. This is to help the community evoking such lifestyle thrive. You can check the updated schedule of their activities on their Facebook page if you’re interested to participate.

The Wander Space also utilizes a portion of their space as a cafe which we’ll elaborate further below.


As a cafe

The Wander Space

The cozy travel inspired cafe is located in the innermost part of the store. When there aren’t any customers, it serves as nook for those seeking some solitude.

Let your mind wander by reading a book, studying, or working here as they have free WiFi connection. As the tables are low and the seats served pillows, the caveat here is that you will have to sit cross legged or with your legs sprawled on the floor.

When you’re with friends and/or loved ones, you can relax and converse about the unique finds you have purchased from the store.  You may be inspired to plan your next trip soon.


The Wander Space

For us, the place reminded us of a backpacker hostel lounge with its laid back atmosphere. So it is also a great place to meet new people. In fact, we unexpectedly made new couple friends here. Hello Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Marvin! It was a pleasure chatting with you.



The Wander Space

The coffee brewing method that The Wander Space cafe utilizes is steeping using the coffee bag from their partner brand, STEEP Coffee bags.

STEEP is known for providing a range of coffee blends that are ethically sourced in the Philippines. These coffee blends are placed in biodegradable bags for steeping with hot water. We were surprised that the quality of coffee wasn’t immensely compromised.

Yes, better go for STEEP than instant coffee. All you’ll have to be wary of is under steeping and over-steeping if you’re doing it yourself. Otherwise, The Wander Space’s barista has you covered.


Coffee and Pastry Pairings




Fluffy and fine textured ensaymada is topped with creamed butter, sugar, and what really made it extra special – grated aged Parmesan cheese. This results to a complex interplay of lightly sweet and salty flavors that made us regard this as an upscale version of the classic ensaymada.



Hot Chocolate

Of course, ensaymada is best served with hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate didn’t lag behind as the rich and chocolaty drink is topped with melted marshmallows and chocolate syrup. We certainly will crave for this every time it rains.


The Wander SpaceS’MORES COOKIE CUP & MILK, PHP 130 (or USD 2.5) 

Sometimes drinking a plain fresh whole milk is boring. So pairing it with a sweet treat makes it more exciting.



Enter S’mores cookie cup. The cookie cup is filled with chocolate chips then topped with marshmallow fluff and chocolate chunk. It is heavily drizzled with chocolate syrup. I honestly find this too sweet when eaten on its own. The milk certainly does the trick of balancing the oversweetness. Plus, our palate gets a breather.


The Wander SpaceLATTE FLOAT, PHP 170 (or USD 170)

Their latte float is served with a choice of their Nutella Cream Cheese, Chocolate Chip Brownie, or Lemon Cheesecake Square.

The coffee used may not be strong enough. However, the added chilled milk and vanilla ice cream topping still made the drink creamy dreamy for us.


Tea and Snack Pairings


6-inch thin crust pizza with homemade marinara sauce is topped with ground beef, ham, bell pepper, tomato, white onion, and large cheddar cheese shavings. The pizza is crisp and savory but it is only good as a snack.



Before we review the classic lasagna, I would like to focus on the Iced Cacao Tea first. It is a refreshingly unique drink that is steeped from cacao nibs. The supposedly bitter cacao taste became mellow with the added calamansi and honey. Its intriguing flavor made us sip it again and again.


The Lasagna

The Wander Space’s lasagna is available only from Friday to Sunday as it is personally made by the mom of Kim, one of the owners. We have to admit that we still biased to Bhest Lasagna but this is still a filling and delicious lasagna.

Aside from the fact that it is homemade, what we love about it is that it is generously covered with bechamel sauce which balanced the prominent taste of the meat sauce. The herbs basked in the creamy lasagna made it more aromatic and savory.

Paired with the iced cacao tea, this is easily our go-to pairing at The Wander Space.



Salted Caramel Opera CakeSALTED CARAMEL OPERA CAKE, PHP 175 (or USD 3.4)

Layers of chocolate sponge cake, salted caramel buttercream, and dark chocolate ganache is finished with a salted caramel glaze. We had too many to review and try so it is our regret that we can’t determine how this indulgent cake fare.


Reggiano Sticky Bun

This is another unique pastry that can be eaten at The Wander Space. It is a sweet bun baked upside down in reggiano sticky sauce and topped with Parmigiano Reggiano shavings. We found this delectable as it is sticky with the right amount of sweetness thanks to the cheese.


Tablea AffogatoTABLEA AFFOGATO, PHP 140 (or USD 2.7)

I can forsake espresso but I still find a gelato over a vanilla ice cream non-negotiable. Anyway, this is still a good enough version of an reinvented affogato because of the triple tsoko tablea cookie.


The Wander Space
  • LEMON CHEESECAKE SQUARE, PHP 45 (or USD 0.9). I found this to be chewy and the cream cheese was made to be more exciting with the slightly tangy taste of lemon. I think its modest nutty dose of flavor is attributed to the butternut crumbs which is the first we encountered such.
  • NUTELLA CREAM CHEESE BROWNIE, PHP 45 (or USD 0.9). The rich chocolaty dense brownie is complemented with cream cheese. I can’t recall if I was able to taste the infused Nutella or not.
  • MINI MATCHA BLONDIE, PHP 40 (or USD 0.8). Its strong matcha flavor is toned down by the white chocolate chunks and pistachio toppings. We want to enjoy this with tea.


The Wander Space Menu

The Wander Space menu



Love The Wander Space

The Wander Space

In all honest to goodness, we found The Wander Space to be wonderful. The curated items being sold will brighten the faces of travelers and it’s a bit difficult to leave the place without purchasing anything. That is a good thing because those who will be coming outside Quezon City will find their visit worthwhile. Actually, the couple we met there came from the South and they enjoyed their visit as much as we did.

As for the cafe, their choices may be limited and only the lasagna is filling but you can be assured that the pastries are of quality. Pairing the snacks and sweet treats with their coffee offerings, milk, and/or iced cacao tea truly makes snack time more delightful. We love this concept store and we can’t wait to return here to shop some more.

The Wander Space Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Gifts under/within PHP 1000 for Him/ Her

The Wander Space challenged us to buy gifts for each other within a budget of PHP 1000 (or USD 19.56).

Did we find the gifts we chose for each other to our liking?


Me-An’s Gifts for Lloyd

The Wander Space
  • Boardshorts from Backburn.
  • Drawstring bag.
  • Sticker.
  • Stay Chill cap.


Lloyd’s gifts for Me-An

The Wander Space
  • Pink sando from Backburn.
  • White boardshorts from Backburn.
  • Socks from Sockeroos.
  • Cream headware piece from Headware.


We can’t wait for you to visit this concept store that will make you wander. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below once you’ve visited the place or you found this post helpful.


The Wander Space

The Wander Space

Unit 3B, 80 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village East, Quezon City 1101.
Operating hours: 1PM to 10PM from Tuesday to Sunday; Closed on Mondays.
Email Address:

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  1. Super cute nung place, nagconnect siya sa aking wandering soul. Is this beside the new Lost Bread cafe? Medyo familiar kasi yung store. And sobrang mura nung mga products nila. I want yung gift sayo ni Lloyd and just for P1000??? Wow. The food is kinda pricey for me. I’ll go before my next travel to see if may mga mabili akong useful. 🙂


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