Tinapay Natin

Join the First Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Making Competition

As we all know, “tinapay natin” in Filipino language or literally translating to “our bread” is a beloved food staple not only in the Philippines, but also all over the world.

Each version of bread actually reflects each of our province’s culture and history that have been shaped by various influences throughout the ages. It also reflects the ingredients and methods used to the flavors and names of each bread. These socio-cultural practices, cooking methods, traditions and especially the story behind the bread itself must be preserved and passed on to elevate one’s sense of pride in local culture and enable one to support local industries.

With this, Pilmico through Pilmico’s Mahalin Pagkaing Atin (a movement that aims to promote love of local food to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for farmers) spearheaded a nationwide bread-making competition called the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition in partnership with Max’s Corner Bakery.

Tinapay Natin
Photo of poster credit to Tinapay Natin, Mahalin Pagkaing Atin, and Max’s Corner Bakery.


With the story of pandesal (“bread of salt” with hard crust from Spanish that has turned into a Filipino soft bread greatly paired with anything) as the inspiration of Pilmico’s brainchild, this year’s Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition aims to highlight how bread plays an important role in our local food culture and heritage, to support our rich food history, and to empower community bakeries to become storytellers for the land and the people.


According to Ms. Carolyn Trota-Salud, Max’s Corner Bakery’s Director and President,

“With a wide variety of breads enjoyed by Filipinos around the nation, each region definitely has a native bread – a Tinapay Natin – that tells a unique story about its origin and its journey.”

Tinapay Natin


The Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition is open to teams of two students each, aged 18 to 25 years old from anywhere in the Philippines. They must, however, be currently enrolled full-time in an academic institution as of August 12, 2016. Students can recreate a beloved traditional bread as well as a modern bread or just simply add one’s own new twist to Philippine bread making.


Ms. Maribeth Marasigan, Chief Resource Officer of Pilmico, reminds students though that

“The contest isn’t just about making another delicious baked creation. Since each bread carries a distinct story of their own, each group will also be tasked with weaving a tale that expresses how their creation is a representation of a region and its culture.


Each team then to qualify must enter one (1) regional bread and one (1) modern bread with photos (taken from 3 different angles: front angle, side angle and flat lay angle), regional association, regional relevance, ingredients used, baking procedure, and, last but not the least, their “bread story” with the following questions below as a guideline.

1. REGIONAL BREAD – associated with a region or a place within a region in the Philippines.

  • What is the historical significance of the bread?
  • How is it a reflection of the region’s people and culture?
  • What story or aspect of your chosen region do you wish to surface through the bread?

2. MODERN BREAD – inspired by any local bread but is given a modern twist, whether in terms of baking style, preparation, ingredients used, or flavors harnessed.

  • What traditional Filipino bread inspired this entry?
  • What is the historical significance of the bread?
  • What aspects of this entry were retained from the bread that inspired it?
  • What changes did you make with this entry to make it suitable to modern tastes?
  • What inspired you to create this bread?

This will be submitted online by filling out the official Tinapay Natin Google form found on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TinapayNatin with the deadline on August 12, 2016. Complete competition guidelines are also posted on the same link.


Teams who have the most compelling bread story and recipe will be chosen to participate in the elimination round with a maximum of 12 teams that will be held on the following dates and venues from 8AM – 5PM:

  • September 09, 2016 at STI College, MacArthur Highway, Brgy. Dakila, Malolos Bulacan.
  • September 16, 2016 at Lyceum of the Philippines, Capitol Site, Batangas City.
  • September 23, 2016 at St. Therese College, M.H. del Pilar St., Molo, Iloilo City.

One winning team from each elimination team will be chosen to compete in the Grand Finals that coincides with “World Bread Day.” Yes, it will be held on October 13. 2016 at Treston International College (University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road, Bonifacio Global City).


Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition Prizes

  • All participating teams will be provided with their respective Certificates of Participation.
  • The winning team from each elimination from each of the elimination round will receive ten thousand pesos (PhP 10, 000) worth of gift certificates from Max’s Restaurant, plus a chance to get exclusive training from Pilmico Research and Training Bakery.
  • The grand winner will receive a cash prize of fifty thousand pesos (PhP 50, 000), plus a trophy and medal. Aside from this, Max’s Corner Bakery will be officially selling the winning bread creation for a probationary period of forty-five (45) days. A predetermined amount of every piece of the winning bread sold by Max’s Corner Bakery will also go the team’s chosen public school beneficiary.


Truly, Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition is more than just a competition. It’s a homage to our region’s distinguishing local identity, culture, and produce by sharing and inspiring stories that each local bread variant carrier. Thus, if you’re qualified to join, showcase your Filipino ingenuity and unyielding passion for bread by creating bread that tell our distinct Philippine story.

Learn more about how Pilmico and Max’s Corner Bakery are creating the greatest impact on society and business through our very own #TinapayNatin by visiting https://facebook.com/TinapayNatin.

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may be interested to join the competition 🙂

12 Responses to “Join the First Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Making Competition”

  1. I highly love this idea of competition. I am new in baking and actually rarely do local foods. (Shame on me). I hope more of this kind of event will happen to continue promote the unique taste of different filipino breads! Good luck to all participants! 😊

  2. A baking competition sounds like hard work! Bread is pretty basic and I’m impressed with the different kinds of textures and flavors that can be made from dough.

  3. Sounds like the Yakitate Japan Anime I’ve been watching years ago in television. But seriously, I find this really nice and interesting. Because of this contest, Filipinos will know and discover more kinds of “bread” recipes. It’s kind of a big honor to be discovered and acknowledged that you created this masterpiece. Who knows , maybe that bread will become one of the Philippines National Bread.

    I’m just hoping that the prizes they will be giving out should be a little higher for these bakers. They’re giving up their secret recipes to Max’s aren’t they?

  4. if only I’m a student and could bake. I would try to join here. Seriously, I love breads and I love how people evolved our usual pandesal. Before I only know pandesal pandecoco spanish bread. But go visit different bakeshop there are lots to choose from. Awesome right? I love the idea that part of the sale from the winning entry will proceed to a chosen school 🙂

  5. This is nice. You see, every time when a contest is made, such as this one, with culture as a theme, or in this case, regional, it brings out the best in participants. Biruin mo, to win, one really has to put a lot of effort not only on the bread itself, but focusing on the story behind. What happens next, followers of the contest learn, or rather, re learn what we should have known already.

  6. Since I am from Germany and Germany is a bread paradise with over 400 different types of bread , I am actually amused by the competition idea . I mean in a positive way amused , I love the idea. Cooking and even more baking is not getting enough attention nowadays anymore . Who still bakes ? Well , I do 😊

  7. I didn’t know this contest is very patriotic. I thought it was just reinventing a bread and that’s it. Congratulations to the organizers of this event and I hope it will be successful. My friend and I love baking and we’d love to join, sadly it’s open for students only. 🙁

  8. Great prizes await the winners! I have never tried baking bread but it seems like hard work kneading and rolling the dough. I hope this becomes a successful competition with lots of contestants. 😀

  9. Rowena Rose Conde

    This is a great way of promoting Philippines very own. Tinapay has been a part of every Filipinos life and it is a source of nourishment as well. Activities like this enhances and improves our tinapay and we are also made aware of other places in the country’s version of it.

  10. Too bad I wasn’t able to join this event. I totally love how this competition let us embrace the LOCAL. Bread is part of our culture and giving it a modern twist or patronizing it is the best thing can do! #LoveTheLocals

  11. This is the first bread making competition that I know off and it intrigues me. It also seems really god in a way that it incorporates patriotism in the bread making competition. Who would’ve thought that making a bread could be associated with patriotism?


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