Tokyo Bubble Tea – more than a milk tea place

Not a solid fan for authentic Japanese food? And you love drinking milk tea while your friends prefer eating? Look no further! A casual dining restaurant can cater to these desires. For those who still don’t know like I do, Tokyo Bubble Tea restaurant is more than just a milk tea place.

Being on its 8th year in the Philippines, I am happy to say that I was able to try a lot of drinks and dishes from this wonderful restaurant’s menu. And since we’ve stumbled around the Banawe area, Me-An took the opportunity to eat one of her favorite meals and to let me enjoy the food too.


So what is Me-An’s favorite meal in Tokyo Bubble Tea? *drum roll please…


It is none other than the OMURICE WITH STEAK MUSHROOM SAUCE (PhP 238 / $5.17), Japanese fried rice topped with omelette, covered with Tokyo Bubble tea’s steak mushroom sauce and drizzled with mayonnaise instead of the usual ketchup. Since Me-An loves mushrooms, sauces and mayonnaise, eating this meal makes her really happy. According to her, she couldn’t really explain the taste of this meal well as it is pretty unique, but she highly encourages everyone to try this meal.


On the other hand, I ordered a usual Japanese dish, BEEF GYUDON (PhP 195 / $ 4.23). I was amazed by how the yellow egg was perfectly separated by the egg white. Yes, it is pretty amazing for people who don’t normally cook. The gyudon was full of flavor and although the beef may look bland at first sight, the beef is actually very juicy. Another thing that I find good is that the sauce does not replace the taste of the beef. It rather enhances it with the added carrots, bell peppers and sesame seeds.


Since we already need to go home, we had to order their classic ROYAL MILK TEA (PhP 125, Large / $ 2.71) for to-go. Their milk tea tastes premium as expected with Japanese milk tea and what is great is we can choose one free add-on to go with our milk tea. We chose the small bubbles. Another awesome add-on that you may find to your liking is egg pudding.


Tokyo Bubble Tea expense


For the long list of bestsellers and good unique dining that doesn’t burn the wallet, Tokyo Bubble Tea is a Japanese fusion restaurant that is easy to fall in love with. We can’t help but return again and again especially now that they have eight branches and their restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for light hearted talks. By the way, another reason for you to visit or return to Tokyo Bubble Tea is that they offer desserts that are more than just milk tea. We may definitely return to this place as Me-An actually wants to try their cake jars.


How about you? Would you visit or return again to Tokyo Bubble Tea restaurant like us?

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Banawe branch :
238 Banawe St. cor Pinalturan and Pagataan, Banawe, Quezon City.
Operating hours : 7AM – 12 MN (Monday to Sunday)
Tel : 294 – 9493
Facebook :

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  1. I’ve tasted gyudon where the sauce can be a bit too overpowering, and it’s a real treat to know that there’s a restaurant that carries a gyudon by the beef and not the sauce! I would love to try it soon, but it’s too bad that the nearest branch to me is the one at the Fort… But, oh for the love and food and Gyudon, I’ll come there soon enough! I hope they treat the food of all branches the same 🙂


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