If I could fly for free, where would it be?

We all have longed to go to our dream destination. What just prevents us from making it happen is, oftentimes, because of our current financial responsibilities or even our frequent travels. The good news is that we can more easily achieve going to our dream destination with TravelBook.PH and GetGo PH.


Travel Book.PH and GetGo PH offers two ways on getting you closer to your dream:


(1) Earn 50 bonus GetGo points on first booking.

Simply by booking at http://www.travelbook.ph/getgo from May 12 to June 12, 2017, you’ll earn 50 bonus GetGo points.

Yes, you read that right!

This means you can reward yourself or your dad (as Father’s day celebration is just around the corner) a staycation at a nearby hotel or resort. And, at the same time, you’re a step closer to flying to your dream destination.


The above promo is valid only if…
  1. Of course! You are a GetGo Member.
  2. It’s your first accommodation booking using GetGo and TravelBookPH’s co-branded site: http://www.travelbook.ph/getgo.
  3. You don’t forget to enter your GetGo membership number on the booking form.

Expect the GetGo points to be credited to your account within two (2) to three (3) weeks upon check-out.


(2) Earn 1 GetGo point for every P10.00 you spend when you book a hotel.
Novotel Hotel Araneta Center

Thus, if I book a superior room which costs PHP4, 255.19 for one night at Hotel Novotel Manila Araneta Center, I can earn as much as 1, 271 GetGo points which can already be redeemed for a roundtrip flight to an international destination. Which one? Read more below to know where.


Here are just some helpful reminders so:

  • The GetGo points are not convertible to cash and are not cumulative with other offers
  • Your booking details with Travelbook.ph should match the first name and last name in your GetGo account for the points to be credited.
  • Standard Terms and Conditions of GetGo and Travelbook.ph will apply.

Your booking details with Travelbook.ph should match the first name and last name in your GetGo account for the points to be credited.


Where can your GetGo points take you?

GetGo Points

Do you see your dream destination above?

Hurry and earn your points now by booking! This is based on the current GetGo seat sale that lasts only until today, May 31, 2017.

Imagine for just 500 GetGo points per way you can spend the rainy season in Taiwan.


How awesome is that!TravelBook.PH

This photo was taken at Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園) which is one of the places you can explore in Taiwan.


If I could fly for free, I would like to go to Zamboanga City.

I’m well aware that Mindanao is under Martial Law for 60 days and Zamboanga City is included among the cities with a heightened alert requirement. Despite it, I’m optimistic that the Marawi crisis will end as well as the armed conflicts. One day I’m sure that those who don’t live in Zamboanga will have no fear of exploring Zamboanga City.

Pink Beach

The particular place I would love to visit is the Pink Beach in Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City. I’ve read before that it was hailed as one of the best beaches in the world by National Geographic. They are a respectable source so I believe them.

Anyway, the pink hue comes from the crushed red organ pipe corals. Good thing the coral remnants weren’t enough to fill the entire shore or else it would be color red. It may be interesting to see but I wouldn’t have this in any other way because I love the color pink.  Plus, a red sand will certainly look creepy as it will seem like a bloody beach. God is really an awesome creator. He makes His creation aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, a visit to Zamboanga City will not be complete without a ride on their colorful vinta. The vinta is Zamboanga’s traditional boat and the symbol of their place. It may be used primarily as a form of transportation like the jeepneys here in Metro Manila. However, there is a certain charm to it that not riding it wouldn’t complete the Zamboanga City experience.

Because I certainly want to visit the place with my boyfriend/ blogger partner/ my Yogo, Lloyd, plus we need to have a chaperone, my mom, I would need at least 16, 800 GetGo points for a roundtrip flight. Excuse me first as I book accommodations to fly for free to Zamboanga City.

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