Mountain Lake Resort’s Blogger Getaway at Mountain Lake Resort held another contest for an all-expense paid blogger getaway this time to Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort, an ideal venue not only for team buildings but also for exciting nature trips with family and/or friends.

Me-An submitted an entry, which we’re glad to know helped some of you, with my name.

I need to finish our travel back logs before 2016 ends. And, I know you deserve a getaway! You get to try riding an ATV if our entry wins. Plus, you also get to further improve your videography skills,” she said.

Thankfully, the entry won and I was in for an adventure with both familiar and new faces. I enjoyed Mountain Lake Resort – Caliraya with twelve (12) other bloggers and TravelBook representatives last November 25-27, 2016.

I am admittedly better at vlogging a trip/travel so I hope you watch the video above.

Meanwhile, for the photos and shorter than usual travel content below I hope you bear with it as Me-An is usually the one in charge of our photography and travel content.


Mountain Lake Resort

Nestled atop Cavinti range, Moutain Lake Resort offers a cool breeze and a plethora of activities to enjoy the man-made Caliraya Lake.


Outdoor Activities


On day one, we rode bicycles after the heavy rains stopped. Me-An would definitely pick the tandem bike if she was with me.
Mountain Lake Resort bicycles

  • Single bike, PhP 250 (or 5.04 USD) per hour.
  • Tandem bike, PhP 450 (or 9.07 USD) per hour.


Swimming Pool


Resort guests who booked an accommodation may use the swimming pool. It’s actually great head straight there to chill after the completion of the obstacle course.


Pedal Boat

Pedal boat
Photo credit to Erica Poyauan.

Costing at PhP 350 (or 7.05 USD) per hour, we got to pedal around the lake in a big swan boat.

Obstacle Course

Mountain Lake Resort obstacle course

The different obstacle courses indeed challenged our body strength and endurance, but it ultimately fostered team work and camaraderie. It costs only PhP 150 (or or 7.27 USD) per person to try it.


Out of all the obstacle courses, I found the cable balance to be the most difficult one. We need to maintain our balance and have tenacity to successfully traverse it without falling.

Cable Balance

Since it is physically taxing, good thing the elements are close to the ground so the possibility of being injured is lessened.


Mountain Lake Resort

Meanwhile, I found water slides to be the easiest of course. All we just need to do is sit down, slip and fall down.




We also got to try the zipline, P 150 (or 7.27 USD) which crosses a small portion of the lake.


Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge

After ziplining, the only way to return is via the hanging bridge parallel to the zip line. It’s an exciting incentive for those who are nervous about ziplining.


Our Accommodation : Amihan Cottages

Amihan cottage

For the rest of our getaway, we stayed in the Amihan cottage. We were supposed to try glamping on the second night, but due to the heavy outpour of rain, it prevented us from experiencing it. At least, I’ll be able to try it hopefully in the future with Me-An once we’re married.


Amihan Cottage

The Amihan cottage is a non-air conditioned cottage which is a great choice for those who want to breathe and sleep with fresh air. It’s equipped with ceiling fans for when the sun is hot during day time. It also has a TV and DVD for entertainment. The lowdown for may be some on this accommodation is that the bathroom (comfort room and common shower) is located outside. Nonetheless, I recommend this accommodation if you want to experience nature at best but still want some modern comforts.

Good news! You can get 20% discount and you help maintain our site if you book now.


Travel Blogger Getaway Highlights

ATV ride

ATV ride

It’s my first time riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) so it’s definitely a highlight for me. All abilities are welcome to try it because of the easy learning curve in driving it.





Mountain Lake Resort Experience

TravelBook Blogger's Getaway

This three-day blogger getaway is organized by Blogger Affiliate Program in partnership with Mountain Lake Resort – Caliraya. Special thanks as well to our generous sponsors, Céleteque Philippines, Alfox Printing Services, Century Pacific Food, Inc. (555 Tuna),Vivo Lumio, Cetaphil Philippines, Mystery Manila, Totem Philippines, Escape Hunt Manila, LazerXtreme, Sidlan, and Zalora Philippines.

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16 Responses to “’s Blogger Getaway at Mountain Lake Resort”

  1. wow… what an amazing opportunity.. i do love some of these activities, especially done together with like minded blogger friends.. as i find them so much fun… i had the chance to get on the atv and go kart some weeks ago and it sure was a lot of fun and good memories too

  2. I’ve heard good things about Caliraya. And the photos you’ve shared have validated them. It looks fun and full of adventure! I hope to see more of their glamping site, though. 🙂

  3. So that’s where the missing bloggers are. Congratulations on yet another trip 🙂 You guys have been racking it up this year and there’s a better year ahead. It’s just around the corner. Can you feel it? More bangs coming your way.

    The video is nice too. I was a caught a little off guard with the sound level when I played the video and you know how quiet it is at 2am. LOL. I think this video is the best yet you guys have done.

  4. Opportunities like this is really great, I wish I had courage to submit an entry as well, but I always feel so lazy doing it. Congrats once again for being chosen as one of the bloggers who have experienced this treat from travelBook. The Resort is really cool, will surely include this on my bucket list to see.

  5. What an incredible experience! Seeing things like this that take place in the Philippines, my home country, never fails to make me want to be there! I love how the accommodation was simple yet fitting for the event. I would love to try the obstacle course and be on that hanging bridge.

    Keep up the awesome work, Me-Ann and Lloyd!

  6. This sounds so adventurous and nothing like I would ever do! I don’t know hoe to bike or how to swim, I’m such a chicken really!! I take my hat off for you guys. Well done! Well done indeed! And I loved the vlog. 🙂

  7. Awesome! Looks like you guys have such a wonderful time. Would’ve love come along hehe. Will definitely try to suggest this place to my friends for our Christmas getaway ☺☺☺

  8. wow what a great experience you had… good thing the rain stopped and you managed to enjoy all the outdoor activities hehe
    I would love to try that Pedal boat! Hopefully I can be part of this kind of getaway soon hehe

    • Yes, you can be part of it in the future 🙂 Just make sure to join the TravelBook Affiliate program and to join their contest. They are very active in promoting their contest so, for sure, if there’s one, you’ll hear about it.

  9. Hi Lloyd! Travelbook PH really has a certain importance to me because of the Caramoan getaway in which I also met Me-an. I didn’t join this contest because I won’t be able to make it anyway. But it’s great to see familiar faces like Char-char, Julia, and Allan! Looks like it was the perfect place to bond because of the team building activities. I’m sure you guys are close and tight as we were when we got back from paradise 🙂

  10. The tandem bike looks cute, I would love to try riding one (but first I gotta find someone to drive it with haha..). Anyway, looks like you guys had tons of fun, zipline, ATV, wow! It’s an ultimate adventure. I would love to try the obstacle course, haven’t tried one before. It would make for an amazing teambuilding activity (I might just recommend this to my manager).

  11. So many awesome activities. This is a great opportunity. I love it. The zipline looks amazing. I definitely love those kind of things. I think all these things look like so much fun. I’ve never done such an obstacle course. But I would try it if I would get the chance. Pedal boats bring back good memories. I’ve done that a couple of times!

  12. I forgot to write an article about this. I was invited but then I had to go to another gig. Maybe not meant for me XD Lucky you, guys!

  13. Awwts, this is the first post I encountered where Me-ann is not with you.
    I’m trying to figure out if Mountain Lake Resort is the same place where I gave a talk in one of the training camp of social workers. If it is, it has added a lot of attractions.

    The place is good for team building activities, specially the obstacle course. And good for lovers and family bonding too, with the tandem bike and pedal boats.

    With the pics you’ve shared, it seems all of you had a blast!


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