Traveling Pros and Cons

Traveling in the Philippines or abroad? Pros and cons.

Most of us really like to travel… and by that, I mean that going abroad is always more appealing to us as much as it became a status symbol. It isn’t exclusively Filipino and all of the non-Filipino friends I have value traveling abroad more than domestic travel. However, we should not disregard the benefits of a vacation in the Philippines, and realize that in some instances it’s actually better than a holiday overseas.


What’s your budget?

Traveling in the country is cheaper. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on a ticket, and let’s face it, the Philippines is among the cheaper countries around here. There are always cheaper places but getting there will cost you more i.e. an expensive flight.


Infinity Pool Misibis Bay Resort

That being said, if your budget allows you can have a full board package in one of the country’s 5-star resorts, tours and activities included, for much cheaper than you’ll pay elsewhere for the entire vacation package. Whatever you’ll save on a flight ticket and higher living costs, you can spend it here and enjoy more.


What will you get out of your vacation?

If you care more about the quality of services, the written above is very true. Moreover, the fact that we are part of the culture, and there is no language barrier what so ever, we can feel very much at home. So if the goal of your intended holiday is to relax and charge your batteries, there is added value in doing it in the Philippines.


Taiwan food

Now, if you want to see new things, experience a different culture and try new food, you’ll have to travel abroad for that. It is true that the Philippines is composed of many people and cultures, but these are highly influenced by one another, and, let us face it, the contrast isn’t too much.

Going anywhere abroad will grant you the experience  traveling to a new place and experiencing a different lifestyle and culture. The food, culture, landscapes and everything is different. Even if you’ll travel to the very nearby destinations like Hanoi or Indonesia you’ll notice a stark difference to the Philippines.


We have the best tropical islands in the world

We can say it without a doubt. Palawan and Boracay are constantly starring in all surveys and lists of the best islands in the world. As Filipinos, we know that it doesn’t end in these two, and there are many places one can visit.

I always feel sorry that foreigners usually stick to Boracay and Palawan, and don’t go elsewhere. But I can’t blame them as the infrastructure is usually poor in most places. We face the same trouble when we want to travel to more exotic destinations in the country but don’t want to compromise our standards. Small local agencies such as offer high-quality services in more exotic destinations too and can be a good solution to this problem.


How much time do you have?

Traveling inside the country is usually a time saver. Unless you intend to travel to remote and untraversed places, a short domestic flight or drive, and sometimes ferry (depends on your starting point and final destination), will take you no more than 5 hours from start to end. I know it’s tempting to have a short weekend abroad, but only a selected number of destinations like Hong Kong and Singapore will do the trick.

Otherwise expect to spend roughly one day of your weekend vacation on the road, especially if you don’t live near one of the international airports. Moreover, in many countries, the vacation doesn’t start the moment you land, as it can take you a long time until you reach your desired destination. Vietnam, for instance, is close by, but just too big to tour in two and a half days. But when you do get the chance to take a long leave, traveling abroad makes sense. There is no fun on a stressful short vacation.


Domestic travel helps the economy

This last point isn’t about the immediate satisfaction you get from your holiday. It’s something for the long run, and maybe even a duty, and not about your contentment at all. We are forced to recognize that the Philippines economy isn’t doing that great. Yes, it’s growing rapidly, and it’s Asia’s fastest growing economy.But it’s like so because it’s grown from a very low point and still has so much to go.

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