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Real Matcha Experience at Tsujiri Philippines 辻利茶舗フィリピン

For all of the matcha (まっちゃ/ 抹茶) or green tea lovers out there, we’re happy to announce that Tsujiri (辻利茶舗), one of the oldest Japanese matcha brands in the world, is now in the Philippines!

We have to admit that I and Me-An aren’t really big green tea fans but the mere fact that it’s a brand that originated from Japan and is more than a century old is enough for me to give this a try.

Tsujiri was founded by Riemon Tsuji who became known for devising a tea cabinet which allowed matcha to be transported all over Japan. He is also known for innovation of tea. This culture of innovation led to fusion of matcha flavors to well loved Western desserts as well as excellent matcha teas.

As of today, it has become a global brand with 25 branches open worldwide including Tsujiri Philippines located at S Maison, Manila.


Ambiance & Interior

Tsujiri Philippines

Tsujiri Philippines is a pretty straightforward drinks and dessert place. You place your order in the counter, pay for it, and wait for your order to be served.


Tsujiri Philippines

The place itself has a duopoly of brown and green relaxing hues. It is achieved through the use of lightly colored wooden furniture and an upholstered green focal point that also serve as seats for lucky ones who gets dibs on it. You’ll easily notice that it has a modern feel to it.


Tsujiri Philippines

Of course, there are also plants on shelves to make the place refreshing to the eyes.


Cold Treats

Tsujiri Houjicha Milk

This is a personal favorite of the resprentative of Tsujiri Philippines, Mr. Sean Ponce, and he recommended it to us. Me-An chose it and loved it so much.

Houjicha is basically roasted green tea. As it is combined with milk and Tsujiri’s vanilla soft ice cream, expect a light toasted flavored drink that will soothe you.

It was mentioned to us that this has very low caffeine content. Thus, it is safe for pregnant women to drink.


Tsujiri Matcha Sundae


Never leave Tsujiri without trying their signature product and the global brands’ bestseller, the Tsujiri Sundae. You can choose to have the Tsujiri O-Matcha flavor or the vanilla flavor. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to get a premium soft serve ice cream that is smooth and full-bodied.

Tsujiri sundae does not only look aesthetically pleasing and is a head turner amongst ladies. It has layers of texture so it’s more enjoyable than the regular soft ice cream.

It starts with the sakura monaka, a cherry blossom Japanese traditional rice cracker, and the shiratama dango, a fine and chewy rice flour ball. As you dig in further to the strong matcha flavored ice cream, you’ll encounter red bean paste and chestnut syrup. You’ll end the sweet treat witha crunchy roasted brown rice that adds a nutty flavor and is perfect with matcha.

 Uji Sunrise

UJI SUNRISE, PHP 325 (or USD 6.25)

Tsujiri Philippines has two kinds of shaved ice the Uji Sunrise and the Uji Sunset. We opted for this one as we’re fond of condensed milk.

The menu states it’s good for “sharing” but I didn’t expect that it will be this big. In fact, the group of three beside us didn’t even reach the middle where a delicious surprise awaits. That scenario either makes them light eaters or me and Me-An are just big gluttons.


Uji Sunrise

Anyway, as you dig in the the sweet and slight strong matcha flavored iced, you’ll be able to enjoy the red bean paste and fine and chewy rice flour ball similar to what you’ll find in the Tsujiri sundae.

What I dislike about it though is that, at some point, it will be messy. It’s because the bowl can barely hold the towering ice and it takes long to consume as the ice has a fluffy consistency compared to bingsu which is fine ice. We suggest you eat it with the tray in order not to create any mess.


Hot Treats

Tsujiri + Whipped Cream

For my drink, I had a hot Tsujiri latte. It is a modern matcha drink whose base is milk. The layer of whipped cream topping is not just as a visual compliment but it also adds a creamy consistency.

The drink is really pleasing even without whipped cream because it has a soft flavor to begin with. Plus, it is easily a better alternative than coffee in morning warming rituals. It is all thanks to the presence of L-theanine (amino acid) which improves concentration and promotes calmness.

How we wish this is readily available so we can make this our morning habit and we can do away with coffee “jitters.”


Tsujiri O-matcha

If you had been to Japan, you may have seen the original matcha minus the frothy milk to be a part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The good news is that you no longer have to wait very long to get a decent cup of matcha with Tsujiri Philippines around.

You’ll get a distinct rich umami flavor with a sweet aftertaste. Yes, it is not bitter! Only low grade matcha has a strong bitter taste.


Tsujiri matcha
Tsujiri utilizes high grade matcha or ceremony matcha which is produced from only the topmost leaves of the shade-grown plant. It is then processed in a way that ensures freshness.

The actual preparation of this drink takes less time than coffee. The finely ground powder of Tsujiri is placed in a ceramic bowl. Hot water is added then it’s vigorously whisked using a chasen (or a bamboo whisk).

It is ideal to drink it quickly straight from the bowl without any additions. This is because it’s a sensory experience and you’ll get all the health benefits it offers especially anti-oxidants that are cancer fighting.

Now you know why the Japanese people live long.


Tsujiri O-matcha cacppucino

Me-An ordered a cappucino. So frothy milk and a dash of matcha are added to the mix. It was such a delight to drink that Me-An actually can’t stop raving about it.



Matcha Lava Cake

It’s a round delicate cake with a molten matcha center. Topped with vanilla soft ice cream, it is a decadent cake that will easily be a crowd pleaser to both matcha and non-matcha lovers.


Matcha Cake
CITRONNE MATCHA CAKE, PHP 200 (or USD 4) per slice

A light airy matcha cake that has a matcha cream filling. It is generously dusted with matcha bits all over and topped with a bright citrus glaze. How we wish they start selling this by the whole to give as a birthday cake for our matcha lover friends and/or family members.


Tsujiri Philippines Menu

Tsujiri Philippines Menu


Tsujiri Philippines Menu


Tsujiri Philippines is Reasonable

Tsujiri Philippines

After trying out Tsujii, we deem it to be a place that can provide a real matcha experience with their high grade matcha powder. I truthfully never expected that I will like it more than I would. Now that it has captivated our hearts with their excellent drinks and desserts, we can’t wait to go back again to try their other desserts. Tsujiri Philippines should be on top of your list if you want matcha.

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Tsujiri Philippines Giveaway

We are offering you an opportunity to try it as well. We are giving away P400 gift certificates to two (2) lucky winners. Please check our FB page to know more about it.


Tsujiri Philippines

Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City.
Operating Hours: 10AM to 10PM daily.

17 Responses to “Real Matcha Experience at Tsujiri Philippines 辻利茶舗フィリピン”

  1. Carlo

    Thank you for this information. We would love ro taste what thia new establishment can offer.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Matcha green tea, since I’ve tried it in Hong Kong, yes you heard me right, it was in Hong Kong where I got my first try of this tea. Anyway, Tsujiri is really new and I like how they come up with the unique interior design of their tea shop here in the Philippines. I hope they can extend their branch here in Cebu as well. I as well like the name cause it’s really sounds Japanese.

  3. At first I thought Uji Sunrise was like our bigger version of halo-halo. But when I saw your couple photo, I was shocked that it was THAT BIG!! It’s a little pricey than the regular cold treats but of course, what do you expect. It’s matcha anyway! I always love trying matcha in ice cream and chocolates. Would love to visit this store soon.

  4. I love matcha but I have never tried it on cold desserts before and it is making my mouth water just seeing that huge dessert. Were you able to finish it? 😀 Can you imagine all these desserts flavored with green tea? I sure would love to pay this place a visit one of these days to sample them all!

  5. I have to be honest. I’m not much of a fan of matcha but I love drinking green tea. I know people who would go gaga on matcha! But, you’re right, the plating and aesthetics of the food make it so hard to eat. Who would destroy such lovely thing? But, since I saw chocolate on the menu, hopefully I could visit and give this a try. For now, I shall share this to my matcha loving friends! 🙂

  6. Whenever I hear or read the word matcha, I always remember a conversation I overheard at a grocery store. “I like matcha because it tastes like grass”, the lady said to her friend. Tried not to laugh with my sarcastic thoughts, hence, I’m not a fan. But this place looks so amazing I might convert. Because dessert is always a good idea.

  7. I have never tried any of this before and now I’m craving all of this! I’m wondering where I could find a similar place here in Europe. I’m a cappuccino lover and wouldn’t mind experimenting a few variations. Though that lava cake looks heavenly. Yummy!

  8. I love green tea because it is full of antioxidants. I read that matcha is the best type of green tea. And the taste is really good. I want to taste the matcha cake and the shaved iced matcha you showed. They look so yummy. And the place really looks cool!

  9. I tasted green tea ice cream and hot tea before. But that was with another brand. These green tea products look good in photos. It would be interesting to actually taste them. 🙂

  10. Not much of a matcha drinker or fanatic here. But would want to try some of their offerings. I have a best friend who would certainly love these matcha flavored drinks and sundaes. I bet she would make kulit to accompany her.

  11. Waaaaaah! I’ve been drooling over this for the past days! I can see this on my newsfeed day in and day out. I am a big fan of matcha so this new store really makes me excited. I would probably order everything in the menu. Haha!

  12. That Uji Sunrise looks too tempting to try. And the lava cake, too. I often taste matcha with an expected bitter and herbal aftertaste but knowing how Japanese perfected every craft they make, this one will surely pass my discerning palete. *wink* I actually loved shaved ice from Taiwan, perhaps this Uji Sunrise will be like that except its matcha. The only downside is its quite pricey!

  13. I love the health benefits of matcha, actually. I haven’t really ventured into the sweets that are inspired by matcha, though. I’ve only gone as far as using matcha for energy, before a workout! Haha! But this place looks fun. What you say, Me-An, let’s have a blogger meet up here? 😉


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