Exploring Taiwan’s Sights to See with UNLTD Travel and Tours

Having grown up in the digital age, we, millennials, are well-equipped in planning and booking our flights, hotels, etc. Travel companies leveraging on mobile apps make booking more convenient for us. Thus, when we see seat sales, we quickly jump on it! We then explore a destination on our own terms.

“Why then do we still need a travel agency to assist us?” 

That may have been a question that lingered on your mind. So we came up with reasons why we still need to seek their help which you’ll find below:


  • Traveling with the barkada or colleagues will become a reality.
UNLTD Travel

D: “Travel tayo sa Taiwan!” [English translation: Let’s travel to Taiwan]
E: “Game!”
A: “I’m not free.”
D: “Guys, sino ng naka-book? Tuloy tayo?” [English translation: Guys, who have booked already? Are we pushing through?]


Friend A and E gets demotivated to travel since no one else wants to come. The other friends, B and C, didn’t even bother to join the conversation. Worst of all is Friend A who dismisses the plan without even suggesting an alternative.

Pushing through with plans really becomes more difficult as we grow older. Everyone is bent on sticking to their respective schedules due to responsibilities.

Availing ready-made packages or having a travel agency arrange the trip increases the chance of making the trip happen. Everyone is kept on the same page with regards to the budget and activities. In addition, several travel expenses are reduced due to group rates and discounts.


  • No sweat on DIY planning.

Those who are focused on career growth may not have the luxury of time on booking at the right time, finding the right place, and so on. Some even find it difficult to avail the coveted seat sale.


UNLTD Travel

As a travel agency already have carefully designed tour packages, you can just focus on having the time of your life and on unwinding after a day of great exploration.


  • Exotic trips are possible.

Off-the-beaten-path destinations contain little information online. On researching it, one would sometimes encounter conflicting information. Therefore, such type of travel certainly calls for professional help from visa assistance to an expertly crafted itinerary.

Nothing beats personal travel experience as a resource. A travel agency we know that is capable of creating the tour that suits your need whether you’re an experienced traveler or not is UNLTD Travel & Tours.


UNLTD Travel
Instagram: @theroamingsim

Their founder, Jason Sim, has traveled to more than thirty countries. Meanwhile, the UNLTD Travel & Tours staff themselves has also traveled extensively.

Thus, whether you want to travel with your barkada; you don’t want to be stressed in planning, or you want an enhanced overall travel experience, UNLTD Travel & Tours can assist you.


more on UNLTD Travel & Tours

UNLTD Travel

Three (3) friends who love to travel saw the potential of improving the quality of travel and tours in the Philippines. They formed UNLTD Travel and Tours with the goal of providing top-notch quality end-to-end travel service.

UNLTD Travel and Tours started its operations in January 2013 and focused on travel packages and arrangements for Group Leisure and Educational Tours.


UNLTD Travel

Some of the notable academic institutions they’ve worked with are DLSU, Mapua, and UST. Meanwhile, they have corporate accounts in the engineering, media, healthcare, and agriculture sectors.

In 2015, UNLTD Travel & Tours eventually expanded its operations to include air ticketing services. The company received its Department of Tourism accreditation from the Region 10 Northern Mindanao division in the same year.

Although the travel agency is based in Iligan City, UNLTD Travel & Tours travel agency has built a network of clients from all over the country. Metro Manila residents can certainly entrust to them their important travels just like how their existing clients do so.


With their passion for traveling and the wealth of travel knowledge they are willing to share, we asked UNLTD Travel and Tour for destinations they can recommend for us, millennials. The destinations they recommended offer a wide array of unique experiences that are affordable.


UNLTD Travel & Tours recommended top three destinations for millennials

#1 The Philippines

 “This may sound trite, but truly, there is no place like home. Even if our team has travelled extensively, we still get excited with (relatively new) island discoveries (such as Kalanggaman and Canigao islands). Still so many places to see and so many activities to experience in the Philippines!”


#2 Japan

“for its cultural quirks and adventure offering, from urban jaunts to nature trips. Although not a top-of-mind affordable destination, there are several pocket-friendly accommodations, meals, and activities that are available in Japan. One just has to be creative and resourceful 😊”


#3 Taiwan

“Taiwan for local cuisine, outdoor adventure, night market shopping, and Instagram-worthy landmarks”


To show us, millennials, how we can have an enjoyable experience that doesn’t break the bank in Taiwan, UNLTD Travel & Tours brought us with them to Taiwan.

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13 Responses to “Exploring Taiwan’s Sights to See with UNLTD Travel and Tours”

  1. Me-An,

    Reading your post brought back memories I had of Taiwan in various stages of my life. I was there at 12, then at 18, and several more times. Last time was a couple of years ago to take care my brother who died there. He had been living there for two decades.

    Seeing the places you have been to, they are all so distant, yet it feels as if they were just around the corner. Nothing much has changed in the last decade there and what they have, has so far been well-maintained. Gotta appreciate Taipei, a metropolis and it is surrounded by parks and geologic formations.

    I thank you for your post and photos for they also made me realize and appreciate the experience I had when I visited the country. For instance, those mushroom rocks? I could not care less back when I was a kid. I mean, what is there to see about rocks? But seeing those photos, I now appreciate how unique and fascinating they are.

  2. Tbh, I am really hesitant in joining group travels because new people are still strangers. And I don’t know who they are or what they do. Yes, I get paranoid sometime and I do not trust easily. But I agree with the point that planning travelling with friends can be difficult because of each other’s priorities. With ready-made packages, it’s just easy to book and complete the specific number of people. Perhaps next time, I would consider it.

  3. Lovely pictures as always! 🙂 i used to join a lot of local group tours when i was younger. It’s an awesome way to meet friends. So jealous that you got to do that overseas! I’ve never been to Taiwan but my husband used to visit often for business. He’s been bugging me to go. Would love to see the night market and the geopark live!!! 🙂

  4. I was able to experience group travel a number of times. It was fun as you get to mingle with strangers until you become friends. You also learn the values of empathy, consideration, and patience. The farthest we’ve been was Hong Kong and again, It was fun.

  5. I haven’t traveled yet, but if I will be given a chance, travelling with a group is a go-go! It is always exciting to try new things! Aside from the experience, you’ll also have new friends! I hope we can travel soon. 🙂

  6. This is very timely as we are planning to visit Taiwan. Your photos are stunning. I would love to visit the Yehlie Geopark and the night market.

  7. I actually (spontaneously) booked a ticket to Taiwan a few months back, but when I found out I was pregnant, I had to cancel the trip. Technically, I could still go, but since it was a delicate period, I decided not to risk it. This just means that I have to go some other time, but with a little one in tow! 🙂 I would still love to visit — it’s cheap, it’s beautiful, and I heard the food is really good! Well, your post just confirms these things! 🙂 UNLTD Travel and Tours did a really good job in creating your itinerary. They took you to the popular must-see places like the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Palace but also to places I’ve never even heard of before! Maybe when we go one day, I’ll use this post as my reference and inspiration. 🙂 I love the Mushroom Rocks! (Well, I love mushrooms, so that’s probably why. Haha!) They’re so fascinating… and you photographed it so well! I thought the rocks were small until you took a closer shot! I was surprised to see how huge they actually are. I love your couple shots by the way! So cute! 🙂 More happy travels for you two! <3

  8. Taiwan seems to be another go-to destination for millennials. What I like about traveling with a group of strangers is that you may end up being friends. Plus, if don’t have someone to take photos for you, they could be your photographers of some sort. But anyway, Taiwan has so much history coming from your post. I would love to visit it and just take Instagrammable photos! 💙

  9. I never tried getting a full package when I travel, however, we tried getting a tour in Palawan where you get to be with different people in one boat. It was an avenue for you to meet new friends. I do the planning if it’s just me and my husband, or if we will be travelling with our friends, we have this friend eho is best on planning at everything! Yes, DIY travel can be a hassle since you really need to have time researching. I haven’t traveled internationally and I guess getting someone who knows the place to arrange your itenerary is a great idea.

  10. Aica Batoon

    Sure looks like an amazing trip! I’ve never been to Taiwan but I’ve always wanted to go there. Your photos definitely captured Taiwan’s beauty!! I am so envious. I’ll recommend UNLTD Travel and Tours to my parents right away~ Or maybe after I graduate, I would love to travel with my friends (Hopefully)! Thank you so much for sharing!!! <3

  11. Congratulations to Jason.
    I wish I had started my travel venture at least 10 years earlier. But, hell, no. I was at that time riding on my corporate career, oblivious to the exciting world of startups. Can you connect me to Jason, please? Maybe we can collaborate so something exciting.

  12. A travel start up like this is my dream too. Jason has done well by assimilating all his experiences and creating something so productive like this. Taiwan and pocket friendly? Makes me curious. Need to follow for helpful tips.

  13. menujubali

    I think its a Very nice tour. and a amazing tips. maybe Next moth i will going to Taiwan and explore this country. thank for your shared information


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