Valero Eat Street 3

Valero Eat Street 3: Holidaze

In case, you didn’t head yesterday (Dec. 6) at Signa Designer Residences, Valero corner Rufino St., Makati City at Valero Eat Street 3: Holidaze from 11AM to 10PM. Here is what you missed!

Our Top Three Picks

The following top picks include only what we’ve eaten:

1) Bao on Crack by Bao MNL

Valero Eat Street 3

This is not the first time we saw a fusion of Chinese and another Asian cuisine. However, for some reason, Bao on Crack was able to deliver it delectably. It’a oven roasted pork belly, greens, Asian BBQ and Sriracha mayonnaise sandwiched betweeen a bao, Chinese bun. We immediately enjoyed eating it at first bite. The crispy, succulent pork and blend of sauces went well with the soft steamed bun. I urge you to try it out should you have the chance.

Bao.MNL is present, Saturdays, at Salcedo Markets.


2) Garlic Chicken by Earthquake Cafe

Valero Eat Street 3

Filipinos are undeniably chicken lovers. The prevalence of  fast food chains can attest to that. Here in Metro Manila, the most popular chickens are the chicken joy of Jollibee and chicken inasal  of Mang Inasal. There is a possible newcomer soon originating from Naga City, Camarines Sur – garlic chicken offered by Earthquake Café.

According to the person that we’ve talked to, their chicken was soaked in brine for 24 hours then fried. It comes with their homemade chili oil with medium spiciness and tawyo (or soy sauce). They provide gloves so one can eat it with one’s hands. The flavorful chicken’s meat is moist. Plus, it’s tasty so it can still be eaten without the condiment.


3) PB Buttercups by Raneese


Have you heard of the chocolate named Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? You know that peanut butter chocolatey goodness that people crave? Apparently, Raneese makes peanut butter cups that taste exactly like Reese’s chocolate. What sets it apart is that the peanut butter cups are homemade and the owner added variations on it. Out of the flavors offered there, we like Oreo and Matcha the most.


What you should check out as well…

Cold brew by Type A

Type A

Owned by cousins, the cold brews are produced in a production facility in Quezon City.

Price list:

  • HOME one 1 liter bottle (good for 18-20 cups of coffee) – PhP 900 (or 18.13 USD).
  • TRAVEL one 200 mL bottle – PhP 250 (or 5.04 USD).
  • HOLIDAY 4-PACK four 200 mL bottles – PhP 880  (or 17.72 USD).


Pepi Cubano by Pepi Cubano

Pepi Cubano

The Cuban sandwiches are normally 7-8 inches and is cut into four parts for easy eating. This Pepi Cubano sandwich in particular has roast pork & ham and is priced at PhP 250 (5.04 USD).

Pepi Cubano Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Salmonette by Eggcetera


It’s simple but it’s really good and there’s cheese. We’re looking forward to trying their eggs benedict next. They’ll be opening soon at Manila Food Park on Dec. 20.


Bite-sized cupcakes by Wea’s Kitchen

Wea's Kitchen

This is awesome for those who cannot consume a whole cupcake and also want to try different kinds of flavors in one sitting.


Torched Cookie by St. Hale

St. Hale

Those with a sweet tooth will absolutely love it. Everything is homemade from the chocolate chip cookie to the marshmallow.


Our Experience

We were actually interviewed by a student who asked about our experience. As mentioned, Valero Eat Street sets itself apart by being solely a food bazaar. It’s a great venue to discover new food merchants and new food from established sellers without going far. What’s also great is that since it’s not regular like a food park, people can really expect new quality offerings. We truly highly encourage you to try it the next time it pops up again even at least once. Bond with your officemates, family, and/or friends. It can also be a good foodie date with your significant other.

Shout out to Dustin Co for seeing us. We feel so happy when someone we personally don’t know recognizes us. Hopefully, next time we get to talk to him in person.


Valero Eat Street 3: Holidaze

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7 Responses to “Valero Eat Street 3: Holidaze”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I would love to check this out since it is very near my place. This is so exciting! I’m squealling right now. Hahaha! I’m particulary excited about the Smoked Pork Ribs and the Kimchi Rice. Are you going?

  2. Wow, everything looks delicious. How I wish I still go to Makati so I could enjoy those tasty food. I guess I can tell my dad to try it instead since his office is along Rufino. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The food here, bale this is organized and ito na ang food na i-serve ano? GREAT CONCEPT! I think this is better so there is no more wasting time getting confused on the food choices. Here it has been chosen already.

    First time to hear of this. Valero… the other side of Makati where I go sometimes to drop by at the office. So I know the location is good too.

  4. It’s interesting because we have similar events here in Australia!

    Your photographs look amazing and there are actually so many choices! Do they have this every year? Perhaps it’s another good reason to visit the Philippines? 😉

  5. Ugh. I wish this place is near my house. Everything looks inviting! The food looks good to see, and I bet that they are good to eat as well. I hope they branch out in Davao.


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