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Vista Tala Restaurant

We’ve always had this general notion of restaurants inside resorts to be quite average when it comes to taste, having expensive price, or both. Because of this, we tend to steer clear from them if we have the chance. Such is the case when me, Me-An, our moms and my younger brother went to Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park. We estimated that we will arrive there by lunch time. Thus, we initially planned to have our lunch on a nearby restaurant or eatery hoping to save some cash and as well as try out the local food in the area.  We later found out that there weren’t any places to eat nearby the resort, so we really had to eat lunch at Vista Tala Restaurant.

Vista Tala Restaurant

After placing all of our stuff in our cottage, we requested for the menu so the Vista Tala restaurant staff can start preparing the food right away. My first impression upon looking the menu was that it’s affordable compared to how I imagined it to be. Like with every other restaurant, the price only tells half of the story.

As soon as the staff informed us that our food was ready, we then proceeded to Vista Tala restaurant.



Before entering Vista Tala restaurant, we were immediately greeted by an eagle marble statue. We found out from one of the “kuyas” (older brothers) that this was constructed in memory of the prominent eagle who frequently visited the place.
Vista Tala Eagle


Meanwhile, the whole look and feel of the restaurant matches with their rooms which is mostly white with varnished wood both inside and outside the restaurant.

Vista Tala Restaurant

It reminds me of some American restaurants particularly Chili’s and Racks’.


Lunch Food

Most of the food in their menu is Filipino cuisine although there are a few Asian and American dishes as well. I also have to note that most of their dishes are for sharing which is practical as most guests come in groups.


Cream of Mushroom

For our soup, we got CREAM OF MUSHROOMPhP 183 (or 3.86 USD). Our expectation for their soup was different because of their menu’s description, “soup made up mostly of cream and mushroom.” Although it has a large amount of mushrooms and is creamy, we were surprised to find egg whites, carrots and green peas. We still liked it though since it was very rich in taste.


Fried Rice

No Filipino meal will be complete without rice, so we ordered a YANG CHOW, PhP 220 (or 4.65 USD), Chinese fried rice with ham and shrimps. The staff told us that a serving of this rice is only good for 2 – 3 persons so we were hesitating if we should order one more since there were five of us. Good thing is we didn’t, because their serving was large. When it comes to taste, it was pretty much spot on. There was nothing really bad about it, but nothing particularly special about it either. It has lots of vegetable bits inside it, so if you’re not too fond of veggies, you might want to steer clear of this one.


Braised Vegetables

For our dose of vegetables, we ordered their BRAISED VEGETABLES, PhP 220 (or 4.65 USD). This was easily my most favorite dish out of the served dishes. It’s because the vegetables tasted really fresh, and  its sauce nicely complimented the flavor of the veggies. Overall, the way they sautéed the dish was great.


Fish Sticks

For our seafood, we ordered their FISH FILLET TEMPURA, PhP 280 (or 5.91 USD), deep fried cream dory coated in butter mix and with creamy white sauceThis was perfectly fried with its medium golden brown color and crisped skin. We loved the sauce served and it certainly added creamy flavor to tender fish meat.



Besides the fish sticks, we also ordered their GRILLED BANGUS, PhP 220 (or 4.65 USD). Bangus is also called ‘Milkfish’ and, for our international readers, it’s actually the national fish of the Philippines. We enjoyed eating this one as it was already deboned. Yes, we didn’t had to worry for a fish bone to be stuck on our throat. The fish was also grilled well as the skin could be eaten.


Salisbury Steak

For Me-An’s main meal, she ordered BURGER STEAK, PhP  98 (or 2.07 USD). As it came with rice and the burger patty was small (as seen in the photo above), this was good for a single person and for light eaters. Me-An liked mushroom gravy that came with it as well as the buttered mixed veggies.

Pork Sisig

Last but definitely not the least, we had their PORK KAPAMPANGAN, PhP 244 (or 5.15 USD). Served sizzling hot, I liked how they used more minced meat of the snout instead of just pork fat and skin. It was not crispy though, so depending on the person, he/she maybe disappointed. Crispiness aside, it’s flavorful due to the chicken liver.



Since swimming and playing by the pool made us hungry, we also ordered snacks to chow on.

French Fries

Of course! FRENCH FRIES, PhP 146 (or 3.09 USD) tops the list as it’s Me-An’s favorite snack. I thought it was my first time seeing a crinkle cut french fries, but Me-An reminded me that we’ve already something like this at Cajun Red Rock restaurant. The special dipping sauce was a winner that we ordered another of this.


Club Sandwich

We also had some CLUB SANDWICH, PhP 182 (or 3.85). We thought this one was too saucy. Well, we liked it anyways.



Vista Tala Restaurant

Please take note that we are heavy eaters that is why our bill reached this. However, we had a total of PhP 1,000 (or 21. 21 USD) consumable that came with our entrance fee, so it’s all good.


Vista Tala is Reasonable

Well, first and foremost, I wasn’t expecting our experience with Vista Tala Restaurant to turn out like this. The ambiance was nice. The food generally tasted really well based from all of the dishes we ordered. The service was also very satisfactory with the waiters kind and attentive. Lastly, the food was well worth our money. We enjoyed our meals and we definitely recommend that you try eating here if ever you’ll be visiting Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park  in the future.

Yogo and Cream family
Guess who’s Me-An’s mom and my mom 🙂

Vista Tala Restaurant

2112, Brgy. Tala, Orani, Bataan
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/vistatala/


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  1. With regards to the Pork Kapampangan, it seems like they added pork brains too because it looks creamy! However, I might not like it because I prefer my sisig crispy. 🙂 Anyway, chicken liver makes sisig taste good but the pork brains is definitely the key to the best sisig! 😉


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