Vista Tala's Room

Vista Tala’s Rooms

After our lunch, we requested for an ocular inspection of Vista Tala’s rooms for you, our reader’s sake. They only showed us two rooms which are their most expensive ones.


VILLA WITH JACUZZI, PhP 12, 300 (or 262.18 USD)

Vista Tala's RoomIt’s good for four (4) persons. The flooring is made of tiles so people can come and go from the pool area or they decide to use the jacuzzi outside. We highly suggest for those who like to stay here to bring rubber slippers/ flip flops to avoid slipping down. The slippers they provide are the thin, hotel slippers which I’ll show later on.


Vista Tala's Room

This the veranda of their luxurious villa. They fill the jacuzzi with water when there are guests. It’s very spacious so there is room for everyone. We just found the table to be inadequate considering the room is good for four (4) guests.


BARKADA ROOM, PhP 27, 500 (or 547.8 USD)

Vista Tala's Room

This room is good for twenty-four (24) guests so it’s PhP 1145.83 (or 24.42 USD) per person. We find this perfect for those who have a big family or a big barkada.

Vista Tala's Room

They also provide enough supplies according to the number of people per room. The only downside of this Barkada room, also known as “MT. MAAGNAW room,” is it has only one comfort room (CR)/ bathroom. That might create a problem especially for twenty four guests staying in one room.


ROW HOUSE, PhP 7, 500 (or 159.86 USD)

Row House

We didn’t get to see the inside of this one. However, we also learned that this is also good for four persons. It’s pretty nice they put a hammock for guests to enjoy.


Other Rooms

The other rooms they offer are the following:

  • NIPA HUT, PhP 3900 (or 83.13 USD) – This accommodation is strictly for two (2) persons only.
  • STANDARD VILLA, PhP 9, 900 (or 211.02 USD) – This is also good for four (4) persons. We hadn’t had the chance to compare the inside of this and the row house. We assumed this is pricier because it’s in stand alone house so there is more exclusivity and privacy in this one.



  • All applicable government taxes.
  • Complimentary breakfast.
  • Free use of swimming facilities
  • River trekking
River Trekking


Vista Tala’s Rooms

All their rooms/ villas are named after mountains so it’s not called per room number. This ignites interest for guests to check out the specific Philippine mountain. And if ask where we’ll stay considering the rooms they offer, we’ll most probably stay at a row house since it’s just PhP 1, 875 (or 39.97 USD). What’s great though is no matter what room is chosen, all has great views which make for a relaxing stay.

Vista Tala's Rooms

For more information on Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park, click here. Meanwhile, if you want to know what the food choices they offer as they prohibit outside food, click here.

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