5 Reasons Why We Love Blogapalooza Horizons

Blogapalooza Horizons was actually our second #blogapalooza. Can you believe it?

We unfortunately failed to share our first experience as we needed to be on hiatus for our website development. Just want to share a few photos from our previous blogapalooza experience.

Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza 2015

All photo credits to Blogapalooza.


Anyway, Blogapalooza Horizons was held last May 21 (Saturday) from 10AM to 7PM. I am super delighted to share with you (blogger or not) our Blogapalooza Horizons experience.


5 Reasons Why We Love Blogapalooza Horizons


  1. Discovered New Brands/Businesses
  2. Met Current & New Blogger Friends
  3. Learnings from the Industry’s Brightest
  4. Connected with Future Advertisers
  5. Enjoyed the Entertainment & Games



Discovered New Brands/ Businesses

The following are the brands/ businesses that sparked our interest. We think you’ll find it interesting too that’s why we wrote about them. Truly, as usual, this is not a sponsored post and if we got some samples, it didn’t affect our personal opinion about the product.


– Gold Stax PH: Honey Butter Chips –

I was so delighted with this amazing find that I ended up writing a separate blog post about it. We hope you get to try it too. If you’ve already tried it, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section down below.

Gold Stack PH

Photo credit to Gold Stack.


– Arla –

Finally! We got to try this cream cheese spread that almost all our blogger friends are talking about.

Arla Cheese Spread Philippines

It is apparent from Arla Cheesy Spread’s look that it is different from the usual cheese. Its color is attributed to the absence of coloring agents. We can be assured that they used pure fresh milk which we learned is still from the dairy farms of Northern Europe.

We tried it with plain pandesal (“salt bread”) and with various hearty sandwiches. The cheesy goodness was truly delectable. Its saltiness is mild and it has smooth milky taste. With its balanced taste, we think it can be paired with practically any food.

Arla Cheesy Spread


I want to win their Fly to Denmark with Arla promo as I’ve always dreamt of going to Europe. However, it will also be a joy to us if someone within our circle gets to fly with their companion to Denmark so I’m sharing the easy contest mechanics.

  1. Buy PhP 500 worth of Arla Food Products (Milk Goodness, Cheese Slices, Cream Cheese, and Cheesy Spread) from supermarkets nationwide.
  2. Take a clear photo of the receipt containing the purchase of Arla Food Products.
  3. Send the photo to to Arla’s Facebook via PM (private message).  The message should include the sender’s respective name, address, telephone/mobile number, and e-mail address.

The contest mechanics is easy as 1-2-3. Of course, don’t forget to like Arla’s Facebook page to validate your entry and also to support them for hosting the great giveaway. I’m praying that one of us wins.


– Cocio –

Cocio has a flat lay photo booth which we didn’t let pass by.


We learned that Cocio contains only three ingredients: milk, sugar and cacao. Yes, there is no additives which explains the sediments that can be found in the bottom of the drink.

And after drinking it, I think it’s one of the greatest chocolate drinks ever. Its sweetness is just the right amount. Meanwhile, its chocolate taste is rich. It easily became my favorite chocolate drink.

As a “yuppie” (young professional), I think this is a great alternative to the drink we grew up with, Nestlé Chuckie (formerly Chocolait). I know there is nothing wrong with still drinking Nestlé Chuckie at our age. I also love that drink by the way. However, it feels a bit awkward to be seen in public holding a kid’s drink at our age.

With Cocio’s classic label, Cocio is classier for young people and adults alike. It wards off potential judgmental comments. Not that it matters to some people.


– HappyFresh –

Happy Juan Delivery

Thanks to HappyFresh grocery shopping has become easier and more convenient. Through their mobile and web platforms, they enable consumers to shop for groceries and receive their orders within an hour. And those who utilize HappyFresh’s service will be happy to know that HappyFresh employs “professionally trained” personal shoppers. This means they won’t have to worry about receiving the wrong products.

I think HappyFresh is a reasonable service especially for those living alone or with a household with a fast paced life. Users of the service no longer have wasted time being stuck at a traffic jam just to get to the grocery. More importantly, they can do more important stuff like spending more quality time with their loved ones at home or do their unfinished business. How I wish HappyFresh was already existing when I was still living alone in a condominium.

HappyFresh is currently in partnership with Robinson’s Supermarket for groceries. For more information, check out their site.



By the way, if you’re wondering on what the name of the mascot is, it’s “Freeda” which stands for Free Delivery Agad. What a witty name!


– HeyKuya –

Last, but not the least, HeyKuya is AWESOME. HeyKuya is a virtual kuya (Filipino term for older brother) that acts as a personal assistant to makes one’s life easier.


Hey Kuya

To get to know HeyKuya better, I had a long chat with Ms. Fiona Lazaro, Hey Kuya’s Business Development Officer. She told me that those who avail of Hey Kuya’s service gets free assistance simply through text. Their services range from deliveries, reservations, bookings and many more all without any hidden costs. However, HeyKuya only responds to requests within its operating hours which is 8:30AM to 8:00PM.

Examples of services they’ve done were the following:

  • Reserved movie tickets for the latest show
  • Booked an Uber ride for someone who doesn’t have mobile data
  • Printed documents and delivered it to the user
  • Helped a user look for romantic places for a date

I asked Ms. Fiona on what she thinks is the weirdest request for assistance they had. She told me that she can’t recall a request that was weird. She just stated a memorable one for her which was a user specifically asking for sand from a certain far Philippine province for his aquarium. Did they accommodate that request? Yes, they sure did. Pretty cool, right?

Currently, there are no membership fees for availing HeyKuya’s services. HeyKuya only charges for the expenses incurred related to the request. As for the sustainability of it as a startup, I can’t say for sure. I can only assume that they earn from the discounts given by their trusted suppliers.

HeyKuya offers everyone in Metro Manila a chance to try their service. For more details and to have your own virtual Kuya, simply sign up here.



Met Current & New Blogger Friends

Make sure to also check the blogs of these awesome people. Their links are on the caption.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Learned from the Industry’s Brightest

These are some of our learnings from speakers that held our attention.

-Blogging as a Business by mommy Ginger Aborleda-

Ginger Aborleda

For me, mommy Ginger’s talk was super informative. There were loads of information that I just have to select which I can recall and we can apply to our blogging life right now.

  • If we intend to do blogging as a business, we should do it with everything we’ve got.  We can’t use it as a shortcut to living. It’s a process we all have to go through so we know who we are as a blogger, we know our market and we can define our blogging objective. Only then can we stand out and make blogging as our business.
  • To acquire brands to work with, it’s not enough that we just blog everything under the sun.  Anyone can just blog these days. The right equation is a combination of personal brandrelevant content, and both offline & online interactions.
  • Finally, once we’ve understood and live out our personal brand, we communicate it through our blog. It will make us from bloggers to influencers. Thus, we have to always remember that, “Consistency is the name of the game. Your blog should always be a representation of who you are.


-Content Strategy and Building a Solid Follower Base by Lloyd Cadena-

Lloyd Cadena Blogapalooza Horizons

One of Youtube’s sensations, Lloyd Cadena, was also present at the Blogapalooza Horizons. Indeed, he has the same name with my Lloyd.

You may wonder why a vlogger (video logger) is at a blogging event. We think the Blogapalooza team did a brilliant job in inviting him to the event. We have to recognize that video consumption is fast growing. As aspiring online influencers, we should include videos on our content as a strategy for engagement. It not only creates a better user experience, but it also enables us to have a bigger reach.

We are doing just that so please support us by subscribing in our Youtube channel.

Anyway, in a nutshell, Lloyd Cadena shared that in order to build a solid follower base, it all boils down to three things: content, creativity and connection.


-Panel: How Brands Can Work Best with Celebrities and Influencers-

Blogapalooza Horizons panel

The speakers of this panel from left to right of the photo are the following: Professor Norman Agatep, Professor Michelle Corpuz-Villanueva and celebrities Mikael Daez and Erika Padilla.

These are what they respectively shared during the panel talk.

1) Norman Agatep

  • Bloggers are digital endorsers so they should treat themselves as brands.
  • Bloggers should build connection with people who share the same passion as them. With this, Lloyd and I hope to be able to connect with KTG (Kain Tulog Gang) as we perceive that we share the same passion as them. We just don’t know how we can build a connection with them as we’re newbie bloggers and they’ve been in the industry for so long. #tiwala

2) Michelle Corpuz-Villanueva

  • Do what you love first rather than focusing on the number of followers.
  • Quantity of followers follow after quality.
  • For businesses who focus on quantity, they may still collaborate if bloggers can justify their statistics.

3) Mikael Daez

Mikael Daez Blogapalooza Horizons
  • Despite having digital skills, the playing field is evened out because of the dawn of the internet age.
  • There is so much digital noise around, so one needs a good plan to become an influencer.
  • It is very important to have authenticity and sincerity on the content, so the message won’t get lost.

4) Erika Padilla

Erika Padilla
  • Anyone can start a blog, so scrutinize what you’re passionate about. This will show your genuineness which will then attract followers.
  • Don’t stop believing in yourself. Continuously do what you love. Tap the right people who will support you.
  • The good metric for to an influencer’s success is what made him rich or in Filipino word, anong ikinayaman.



Connected with Future Advertisers

We were able to find businesses that fit our blog’s brand. We’ll just keep this under wraps first until we’ve finalized a collaboration. ***fingers crossed



Enjoyed the Entertainment & Games

The whole program was hosted by Ms. Vannah Pacis, the half of the duo behind ‘Tower Radio’ on Jam 88.3. Her hosting skills was really great. Lots of thumbs up! She really livened up the Blogapalooza Horizons.

Vannah Pacis Blogapalooza Horizons


– Matchmaking Event for a Secret Date with Christian Bautista-

Prior to this game, Mr. Christian Bautista and Ms. Vannah Pacis hosted a Bring Me Game. I, however, wasn’t able to bring the required items such as a pink comb, a PhP 500 bill, and etc. as I don’t have it in my bag.

Good thing there was another event which was this matchmaking event with Mr. Christian Bautista. The prize of the chosen girl was a secret date with Christian Bautista.

I, without thinking, immediately went up on stage to participate. I know Lloyd wouldn’t mind it.

Blogapalooza Horizons

The matchmaking event was fairly simple. Three girls will vie for Mr. Christian’s interest by answering questions which were:

  1. Describe yourself in a creative way.
  2. If you were to date Christian Bautista in any given place, where would it be?
  3. If you were to sing a song or to dedicate a song to him, what would it be?
  4. If he was a food, what would he be?
Blogapalooza Horizons with Christian Bautista


As Mr. Christian Bautista was blindfolded all throughout the game, his choice was purely based on the answers of the girls (and maybe our voices too). Guess who won?

Blogapalooza Horizons

Blogapalooza Horizons with Christian Bautista

Yes, I won. I felt so flustered, but my words really left me.

Me-An Clemente with Christian Bautista

Thank you to BlueWater Day Spa for bringing Mr. Christian Bautista to the Blogapalooza Horizons. I’m looking forward to experiencing BlueWater Day Spa and also going on that secret date.

By the way, Lloyd wasn’t around during this time since he was pre-occupied for a phone interview for a new job. Good thing my new friend took shots. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you, Elaine of for taking photos. Hope to see you again, Elaine, at a next blogger event.


– #MindPlay Performance-

We were surely entertained as individuals from #MindPlay, a group of mentalists and mind readers, went on stage to gave mind blowing performances as they played tricks with our heads.

Kel Fabie Blogapalooza Horizons

This is Mr. Kel Fabie, a comedic mentalist. Know more about him here.


Anthony Andres

Anthony Andres a.k.a. Mentalino with “Blogamomma” Ace Gapuz


More Games –

As Blogapalooza Horizons still have loads of prizes to give away courtesy of its sponsors, more games were held. Another bring me game was held. However, what was supposed to be brought were not things, but rather people.

Blogapalooza Horizons

Several bloggers brought Vince Golangco, founder & president of When In


It was a lot of fun since who would have expected that a dance showdown would ensue after talented people were brought.

Blogapalooza Horizons dance showdown


The last game held was a Breath-Holding Game. Lloyd didn’t let the event pass by without also going up the stage. Ms. Vannah figured out that we were a couple.

Blogapalooza Horizons

She asked Lloyd on how he feels about me going on a date with Christian Bautista. I and the audience found it funny since he just stated that he feels happy since we’ll have more readership after the date. I’m such a blessed lady!


Blogapalooza Horizons

Lloyd was only able to hold his breath for 21 seconds. He didn’t win the game, but he sure had fun and he got to bring home a box of Nescafé Mocha in alumiminum cans.



Blogapalooza Horizons wouldn’t have been successful without, of course, these great people.

Blogapalooza Horizons TeamThank you so much for your hard work, Blogapalooza team, in organizing the event. We certainly got to chart the uncharted. Looking forward to your next events.


Good News

For fellow bloggers who missed the Blogapalooza Horizons, we’ve heard that Blogapalooza will be back around November. Get ready for a bigger Blogapalooza. Hope to see you there!

AND we also hope to hear from you in the comment section below.

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  1. Sabi ko na namumukhaan kita eh! Ikaw nga yung nanalo sa matching game! I was there too! I hope I can have a picture of you too sa 2nd blogapalooza this year! See you there!

    • Yes, hope to meet you in person not in blogapalooza because it’s still far off. I hope to meet you at a next blogger event. Lapitan niyo lang po ako pag nakita niyo po ako 🙂 See you!

  2. So many opportunities in Blogapalooza! I really wanna attend one day when i have time na. Hope to meet you there soon!

  3. It looks like a very interesting and fun event. Arla is a common brand in the supermarkets from the UK and I usually buy it because they are one of the few brands that you find on the shelves that offer diary free options (as I am lactose intolerant but I need milk for my coffee and cooking).

  4. Yay I found your blog! Haha. I really loved how game you two were during the entire event. Will you post about that secret date though? Hihi. Also, I really like your outfit Me-An. ♥ I’m excited for Blogapalooza in November too. Kaya pala maaga this year. Twice na pala. Yaaas! 🙂

    New post on Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles

    • awww…. Thank you ♥ Regarding the secret date, I dont’t know whether they’ll allow me to post about it or not. Anyway, I don’t think the date will happen anytime soon since Mr. Christian Bautista has a busy schedule. BlueWater Day Spa will keep me posted though. Hope to meet you soon at a next blogger event 🙂

  5. So fun! I love being able to go to conferences because you learn so much and make the best connections with people you never would have met in real life. Congrats on winning! That is just the icing on the cake!

  6. So much fun and learning. Its such an awesome thing to attend this event. I just wish such things happened where I live. Everything happens virtually for me 🙁

  7. Looks like I am not missing the 2017 edition because after reading all the great things, I would like to be a part of the next one!

  8. Dpat andto ako eh, kaao mas pinili ko matulog hahaha! I bet it was really fun! I’ll see you guys on the next blogapalooza event!

  9. Simply fun! What an experience indeed. Perfect for networking and eventually makes your blogging world wider.

  10. I think I’ll love blogapalooza too! I just hope I’ll be able to attend one soon. Looks like fun!

  11. I enjoyed that event too. Too good to see you from a far, I am one of your readers (REAL-ationship Goal) , anyways. You really got all the points in joining Blogapalooza. Learned a lot from the speakers.

    • Awww…This means so much to us 🙂 I want to cry with tears of joy. Hahaha! Sorry, I’m that shallow. Anyway, I hope to be able to meet you in person at a next blogging event <3

  12. Looks like you guys had fun! I’m glad you got to meet up with online friends. 🙂 And it’s always good to be able to learn new things!!

  13. So sad that I wasn’t able to come here… I was supposed to, but then my son had fever and there goes all the scheduled events for the day. 🙁 I hope that we can meet sometime soon! 🙂 Horray to blogapalooza and meeting new and old friends :3

    • It’s unfortunate it happened 🙁 I hope your son is very well now. I hope to meet you also in person 🙂 And I hope we can be friends too.

  14. Yeah!! I saw you nga sa Blogapalooza. Hope you will post the secret date with Mr. Christian hihi. The event was really fun and I really enjoyed it. See you soon!

    • Sayang, I still haven’t met you in person. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to or not. But if I am, I’ll surely post about it. I agree with you. It was super fun. Hope to meet you in person 🙂

  15. Thank you me-an for the pic and for mentioning my blog. Congrats again for winning. Truly worth capturing yung moment mo with christian bautista.I will see you on the next event

  16. Oh wow! I was planning to Blogapalooza yet I was stuck with exams. Surely, it looks like you had so much fun! Hope to meet you soon! 🙂

  17. Congrats! You sure had fun! Arg, I wish I could bring my boyfriend to these kinds of events too 🙁
    Good to hear they’re holding a second one this year, I personally learned about it too late. XD

  18. So sad I missed this year’s blogapalooza. I wasn’t paying attention with the countdown and when it was almost near the date, I realized I have a resort review in Tanay. I’ve seen photos from blogger friends and I really liked the Cosco flat lays.

  19. too bad, i missed the event again… it could have been my first blogger event ever haha.. anyway, I hope you guys had a blast.. i have heard that there will be another Blogapalooza event this November and I am crossing my fingers right now that I could make it that time

  20. Yay! I was there too 🙂 I knew you will win the matchmaking game girl! The event was a success and I had fun too 🙂 Hope to see you on the next event *winks

  21. i saw you! you won on the matchmaking game. hahaha. i also love attending blogapalooza. it’s a good event to expand network. 🙂

  22. Haha! I was wondering how Lloyd reacted when you won that secret date with Christian. Hope to bump into you guys again soon and more power to your blog! 😀

    • He found it pleasant as he said that it will help us attract more readers :)) Thank you. And hope to see you too in the future.

  23. Wow congratulations on that date with Christian Bautista haha. I’ve never been to a blogapalooza event before since I just started recently. But I’m looking forward to November. I enjoyed reading your learnings from the speakers. Consistency is the key.

  24. This year’s Blogapalooza is exciting as usual. Looks like every participant had a wonderful time. I sure would love to have a caricature version of me or my little man! 😀 Yey, for winning that Blue Water Day Spa contest! i sure hope I can join all the fun next year.

    • I find it cute that last year, it was Ace Water Spa, now it’s Blue Water Spa. Hahaha! Congrats on winning!

  25. I feel like I was actually there after reading your post. 🙂 I’ve been hearing about Arla from other blogapalooza posts and I did find it in the grocery while looking for cheese. The husband loves cocio drink. Congrats on your win! You must be super excited about it! 🙂

  26. Nice photos! Your post made me interested in trying Arla and Happy Fresh. I hope to join the next Blogapalooza next year. Hope to meet you there, too. 🙂

  27. I’ve heard of Blogapalooza, but I don’t actually know what happens there, so I find this very educational haha! And omg, you got to try Cocio!! I’ve been wanting to try it, but it’s so priceyyyyy. But after reading about it here, maybe it’s worth a try! Thanks for this!

  28. Wow! This post is jam-packed with information and your experiences. I wish to have this kind of event also held here in Cebu. So far, it’s only in Manila where events like this happen. I got an invitation however due to conflict of schedule I didn’t make it.


  29. The event is definitely a great way to network, meet people in the same industry / hobby and also to promote yourselves. They should have one in Cebu too!

  30. You sure had fun! And your BF is so secured in your relationship that he does not mind you going out in a date w/ another one, congrats!

  31. Awwww- i knew it! This Bligapalooza Horizons will turn out to be soooo fun. I didnt go this yeat and my totally panghihinayang is still on 🙁 super love your post, i read it till the end. Congratulations for winning over Christian Bautista, hehe! Hope to see you around- xoxo! -jaimie //

  32. Me-an, beautiful photos you have here! I still envy you from that Christian Bautista moment. HAHA! Anyway, thank you for sharing the talks here because honestly, I didn’t get to hear most of it because we were too busy with the booths. Thank you also for including me in your photo. Super pretty natin. Char! Haha. Hope to be with you again.

    Louise | Tales & Escapades

    • Louise, thanks for dropping by 🙂 No need to envy me. I’m sure you’ll have your time too with someone hotter. Hahaha! And it’s our pleasure to share the talks. Hope we can bond in a blogging event in the future 😀


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