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Enjoy Refreshed Filipino Favorites at Woodchuck House in Quezon City

Sometimes a restaurant doesn’t have to be fancy for one to have a good dining experience. There are times that all you want is a really cozy place that offers food that warms one’s stomach and heart like Woodchuck House.

Indeed, Woodchuck House does that with its concept drawn from the burrow of a woodchuck (or groundhog) created for warmth during winter.


Interior/ Ambiance

Woodchuck House

Located in the busiest food street, a groundhog creating a burrow greets customers.


Woodchuck House



Woodchuck House



Woodchuck specializes in Filipino favorites refreshed with their own take. With the main dishes presented in a ceramic bowl (for soup based dishes) and placed on a wooden tray, it definitely enhanced the character of the local favorites.



GYOZA, PHP 48 (USD 0.98)

We were expecting savory pan-fried dumplings because it’s gyoza. However, what we got instead are deep-fried dumplings. So I highly think they should rename the food item if the cheap price prevents them from doing the proper Japanese-style dumpling.


Woodchuck House

MOJOS N’DIP, PHP 48 (USD 0.98)

As the simplest dish to make, we were wondering why this came last. This isn’t crispy as how it should be because of the lack of flour coating and less time of frying. But, at least, it’s still enjoyable to munch with their dip.


Kare Kareng baka


Blanched vegetables ended up in a tasty thick peanut sauce. Instead of the usual beef tripe, they opted for actual beef for its meat. The kare kare, for me, no longer needs the bagoong (sautéed shrimp paste) to taste good.


Woodchuck crispy pork sinigang


Woodchuck House offers a deconstructed version of the traditional sour soup with simmered vegetables and meat. This is actually the first time I tried such with crispy pork and I became an instant fan of it.

It works best as the crispiness of the pork is retained as it’s eaten. If you’re going to eat at Woodchuck House, never miss ordering this.


Pork Sisig Mushroom


The popular Filipino sizzling pork dish is topped with chopped green chili pepper, onions, raw egg, and deep fried mushroom bits. It is then drizzled with mayonnaise. The mushroom taste is faint in the mushroom chicharon but it’s a good healthier alternative from the chicharon (fried pork rinds). When mixed all together, it’s a solid appetizer or even as a viand.


Garlic Rice

GARLIC RICE (pilaf), PHP 88 (or USD 1.76)

Sadly, this is another menu item that is a far cry from what it should be. It’s just steamed plain rice seasoned with dried garlic granules. If they didn’t want to go through the trouble of frying it, they could have mixed it so the flavor is distributed especially that this is for sharing.


Woodchuck House is Reasonable

Woodchuck House

The local favorites may look big in our photos and in their promotional materials but it’s actually smaller in person and is only good for one to two people. But because those are delicious in taste and are presented well to top it off, we definitely think Woodchuck House is reasonable.
Yes! Even if you may feel cramped when the restaurant is fully occupied, it’s truly worth a visit. Just steer clear from the appetizers and the garlic rice that we had mentioned until they’ve improved it provided, of course, you’re particular about food.

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Woodchuck House

162 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 10:30AM to 11:30PM.

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  1. It seems this restaurant is a cozy place to dine in.The interior look is really unique.Food look delicious too.Seems you guys had great time there!

  2. That restaurant looks very cozy! I’d love to try all those foods. I might be visiting Asia for the first time next year and I cannot wait to explore all the different foods and restaurants. European food seems super boring after eating for almost all my life haha!


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