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Advertising on our social media accounts depends though on what kind of promotion is entailed. Charges are needed for our website maintenance, transportation expense, equipment upgrade, and etc.


Restaurant Reviews

Yogo and Cream accept food tastings, restaurant promotions, and restaurant reviews. Aside from the blog post, reviews will also be posted on Zomato as well as TripAdvisor if applicable.

Please note though that even if you provide the food for us to try, we are entitled to an honest feedback on it. We worked hard in building our reputation in the food industry. Thus, we can’t afford to not to say the truth or even give an undeserved rating.

For restaurants though, we charge for advertising in our social media accounts and for videography service except when we’re absolute fans of your food/ product. Contact us to know if your restaurant is among our favorites.


Familiarization Trips and Hotel Reviews

Yogo and Cream accept media invitations to promote tourist destinations, tour packages, and hotels. Aside from the blog post, reviews will be posted on TripAdvisor. Plus, we can do a full advertising promotion for FREE provided that what you offer is good for two people (Me-An and a companion).

The promotion includes:

  • Curated Instagram Posts
  • Promotion of Blog Posts on Facebook
  • Photo Album on Facebook
  • Facebook Teaser Video
  • Youtube Vlog
  • Blog post link on Twitter
  • Google Plus share
  • Flipboard share
  • Automatic inclusion in newsletters to be sent to our subscribers


Product Reviews

Currently, we accept travel related products, snacks, and clothes.



We do a full promotion with no charge for advocacies. All we ask in return is to be mentioned, be invited to the event, and/or also for our logo to be included in the printed materials.

Of course, we’ll also only be supporting the advocacy if we believe in it.


Advertise on our site

Promote your brand to our loyal readers through banner media (leaderboard ads, sidebar ads, and post footer). Our rates are affordable.