Launch Event of Yellow Cab @ Solenad 3 Nuvali, Laguna

Last Saturday, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. launched its newest branch located at Solenad 3, Nuvali Laguna which was organized by Legworks Events Management and Consultancy. I’m grateful to be invited to celebrate this event.

Yellow Cab Pizza Solenad 3


Present also at the event were Laguna’s current vice mayor, Mr. Arnel DC. Gomez and his family, Mr. Rey Charles Reyes who is the current National Operations Manager of Yellow Cab, Ms. Karen Tambalque who is the Yellow Cab Area Manager for Laguna, and the rest of Yellow Cab’s bright staff.

Team Yellow Cab Solenad 3
Yellow Cab Solenad 3 Staff


The launch began with the priest blessing the whole place. It didn’t take too long because the place is averagely sized as with most Yellow Cab branches.


There was also a ribbon cutting ceremony headed by Laguna Vice-Mayor Arnel.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Yellow Cab Pizza Solenad 3


After the special ceremonies, the food presented were (you guessed it right!) Yellow Cab’s dishes. Thus, the food that I was able to eat were the yummy Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta, spicy Hot Wings, and of course, their best selling pizza, New York’s Finest Pizza.

We were informed by Mr. Rey  while we’re eating that there are already three (3) branches of Yellow Cab Pizza Co. in the whole Nuvali area and this new Solenad 3 branch is their 125th branch. Now that is a lot of Yellow Cabs!


After lunch, I was really fortunate to try pizza making at their kitchen along with my other blogger friends. The pizza that we tried making was none other than their 14″ New York’s Finest Pizza. We were certainly made to follow their recipe to guide us in pizza making and to ensure that we maintain their pizza quality.

What I learned from this experience is that there has to be certain pattern in putting the toppings on the pizza such as the pepperoni being placed in a cross-like pattern, and the green & red bell peppers being placed alternatively.


After putting all the toppings, we placed the pizza that we created in their special “rolling oven” that bakes the pizza for only 5 mins.

Pizza Making at Yellow Cab


What’s cool with this oven is you don’t need to time it before taking out the pizza. Once the pizza is already on the other side of the oven, it automatically comes out evenly cooked.

Yellow Cab Solenad 3 Pizza


Of course! Pizza making will never be complete without slicing it.

Pizza Making at Yellow Cab Solenad 3


And this caps off my pizza making event experience plus the celebration of the launch of Yellow Cab Solenad 3. I had a great time because I was able to eat my favorite Yellow Cab dishes, try pizza making for the very first time, meet new blogger friends and had the opportunity to learn more about Yellow Cab from their management.

Lloyd at Yellow Cab Solenad 3
Image by Ms. Joy of Joyrney to Life.

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. (Solenad 3 Branch)

3/F Bldg. C, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
(049) 502-9999
Official Website: Yellow Cab Pizza

Last but not the least, a special thank you to Ms. Joy Perito-Peringal of Joyrney to Life for documenting me in making pizzas and also taking solo shots of me. Check her site by clicking the link.

19 Responses to “Launch Event of Yellow Cab @ Solenad 3 Nuvali, Laguna”

  1. So far so Sabine

    congratulations! This looks very fun and the pizza looks delicious. Hope this is gonna be a big succes. All the best!

  2. Prerna Sinha

    Sounds like so much fun. I am on a diet and now you have me craving for a pizza 🙂

  3. One thing I wish the UK would adopt is the one slice pizza for takeaway, Europe seems pretty big on this already and I enjoy it when we go home to Hungary bit the UK needs to do this … Anyway I’m glad you had an awesome time and im jealous that I’m never invited to a pizza place opening because pizza is my favourite!

  4. Milton Coyne

    Congrats for your very own pizza.. i would love to experience it too.. it must be really fun… anyway, i love Yellow Cab pizza… i don’t mind having a long ride (since the nearest Yellow Cab branch here is three or four towns away from us) just to have their pizza and their ice cream hehe

  5. Jennifer Villanueva

    Awesome experience! Looks like you had fun making the pizza! That pizza oven is so cool!

  6. Teresa Dumadag

    I’m not a fan of their pizza but I like their gelato. 🙂

  7. Subha Natarajan

    Sounds exciting to have made your own pizza…wish we had some outlets like these here in India as well ☺

  8. Shannon Mckenna

    I would love to have a professional environment to attempt some pizza making! My boyfriend manages a pizza place actually but he’s never taught me his ways. I’m glad you had a good experience, great post!

  9. Crizzy Kiss

    Omg Yogo! How I miss Yellow Cab Pizza! It’s one of my fave back there in Pinas…It’s still one of the best for me compared to some of the ones we have here in Oslo.. 😉

  10. Emma Haagensen

    Oh my this looks so amazing!! Makes me super hungry just looking at it 🙂

  11. Gecca Francisco

    I wish YellowCab would also have a branch here in Lucena.. I miss their pizza and I’m not to keen on traveling 3 hours to the nearest one.. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Now I know where to grab a good pizza when I’m in Nuvali 🙂

  12. Adina Mera

    This post just made me order pizza! Got hungry just reading. Great article 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  13. I can totally feel your excitement as I also experienced making their NY Finest during the soft opening of their branch in Centennial Rd. Cavite. 🙂

  14. Yay to more Yellowcab branches, especially in the south area! I was also very fortunate to attend one of their launch’ opening which is at Antipolo. Did tried the pizza making and it was hella fun! 🙂

  15. An experience i would like to own as well. We just love yellow cab; i the gelato and the boys the sola (hahhaha, yes because they just collect the sola bottles). Congratulations to Yellow Cab for a new branch.


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